Friday, October 30, 2015

John Doe Vs Ultimate Super PAC

John Doe Goes to Washington - WSJ:

In the Republican debate this week the CNBC moderators thought Rubio's Senate voting record while running was a good issue ... Rubio absent 45%, Hilly 83%, BO 89%. We know why how often a Senator votes is important in the case of Rubio, but not an issue in the case of Hillary or BO. Because Democrats have the Ultimate Super PAC -- it is called the Mainstream Media!

What is more, nobody needs John Doe investigations to know if they coordinate with the the Democrats, we had the whole "Journolist" thing in 2010 where they obviously WERE doing coordination, making false charges, trying to find a better way of taking down conservatives, etc -- but nobody really cared.

The left finds it to be a good idea to be breaking down people's doors in the early AM hours, finding lists of donors and investigating them just because they donated to Scott Walker and doing the whole thing under cover of secrecy so strong that the targets are under felony threat to even let people know that they are being investigated.

"McCarthyism" was tame compared to what we have now -- at least the USSR actually WAS a foreign government with real spies in this country! Republicans are just a political party that is not completely in lock step with Democrats ... although sadly, they are not nearly as disagreeable with Democrats as they ought to be from my perspective!

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