Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moral Ecology, Naming Disaster


The linked column chooses to name our moral decline as "Moral Ecology" based on an article from David Brooks. As "Closing Of The American Mind" might say, the morals you make up are a lot less likely to be really believed than the ones that are a few thousand years old. Make it so nearly nobody believes that how they live has the potential to affect how they spend eternity, and "morals" become "suggestions".

"Suggestions" to the real "god" of the modern world, and especially America -- **ME**!!! David Brooks identifies the problem in this following quote, but unless people have been totally asleep or so far into denying the obvious to miss that BO is a narcissist beyond previous imagination for an American President, this isn't very newsworthy. Sure, "The Donald" is another of the species, but in a nation that gets all thrilled over the Kardashians, the person formerly known as Bruce Jenner, etc, etc, the cult of me is considered to be high moral fiber, so who can really be surprised?
Over the past several decades we have built a moral ecology around the Big Me, around the belief in a golden figure inside. This has led to a rise in narcissism and self-aggrandizement.
So we have shooters that "just want to be famous".  When there are no morals or even standards, fame is just about all their is. Wealth is bad if you aren't famous -- but fine if you are.

At one time kids wanted to be astronauts, now they want to be mass killers. For "progressives", that must be progress. The latest is always best -- or is it possible that "progress" sometimes isn't?

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