Sunday, October 18, 2015

Obama Supporter Dislikes Republicans

Sweet Jesus, David Brooks is finally making sense: How Fox News & the GOP insanity caucus pushed him over the edge -

Finally? The man wrote multiple columns in support of Obama. He did EVENTUALLY have a bit of "buyers remorse", but seriously. If you are as far left as he is, it takes someone as far left as the NYTs or Salon to consider him a "conservative".

So he is worried about the "Freedom Caucus" in the house because it is "too extreme". Really. Has he ever looked at the Black Caucus? Is he aware that there is an avowed socialist running on the Democrat ticket for President and doing pretty well?

Apparently it is all "Rush Limbaugh's fault".

What David Brooks apparently liked -- if he actually as ANY "conservative" bones in his body is the old Pre William Buckley, Goldwater, Reagan, etc "Rockefeller conservatism" of green eyeshade balanced budgets and isolationism. A few "tokens" in office from time to time that couldn't get anything through congress because the Democrats held it for 50 years was the kind of "healthy opposition party" that they liked.

A toothless old lion kept sedated in it's cage that they could poke with a stick now and again.

Now this Republican party is supposed to be "revolutionary" -- they can't even put up a bill to defund the government paying half a billion a year to kill babies so BO can veto it !

Wow, "revolutionary" is a hard word to attach to that kind of spinelessness!

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