Friday, October 23, 2015

Politics vs Football

Benghazi and Character - WSJ:

I'm a Packer Fan -- but I have been accused on occasion of not being "true enough" when it comes to some of the officiating calls made. Often I can see how some call could have gone for or against the Pack, but for "true fans", the Pack receiver was always "mugged" even though there was no call made, but when it goes the other way, the Packer defender "never touched him" ... everything is perceived through the eyes of being fan.

In Football, that is fine -- the fans are the fans and the game is the game. There are no "votes" on calls, how the fans happen to see it affects the game not one bit. But Politics was not SUPPOSED to be a game! It is supposed to be an example of how large groups of people can have REASONABLE input to the governance of what used to be a great nation.

From my perspective, Watergate was a turning point. Plenty of Politicians did things worse than Watergate prior to Nixon, but media had grown more powerful and biased, Nixon was hated by the left, and the Democrats were licking their wounds after being so completely in charge of government from '64 - '68 that the Republican Party was irrelevant. It was their time and Republicans thought "it was for the good of the country". It was only good for the rise of "The Party" and a more leftist media.

In the '80s, political attack became a way of life for the left -- Iran Contra and the electronic lynching of Clarence Thomas were the biggest examples. In '88, Rush Limbaugh went on the air nationally, and in '96, Fox News joined the right side of the fray, and the perspective of the right was covered for average Americans. Issues developed two sides -- which the leftward establishment and those that cheer for the left has never really come to grips with. To the American intelligentsia, there is left -- which is CORRECT, and right, which is evil, misinformed, dishonest, dangerous, and needs to be SILENCED!

As the linked article laments, even in the case of the completely obvious -- Hillary knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, not an uprising due to a film, yet she, Susan Rice, and even BO spouted a lie for a number of days because they saw it as politically prudent.

Prior to Watergate, one might believe that "reasonable God fearing Americans" of EITHER PARTY would not put up with such mendacity and would NEVER consider someone involved for president, and would likely even seek to have BO removed. Nixon's greatest sin was supposed to be "He lied to the American people".

I would like to believe that we were better once, but it is absolutely clear we no longer are. Is there a lot of "political motivation" in the Benghazi hearings? Absolutely -- as there was in Watergate, Iran Contra, the Clarence Thomas Hearings, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Valerie Plame, etc, etc.

THE ISSUE is if there are any political RULES, or if unlike Football, politics can be played with "The Party" being the rules committee, officiating staff and calling the games. As if the NFL was controlled from Green Bay (or some other franchise), and everyone else had to be happy with that.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of the media and well over half the country really don't care that Hillary ... and BO for that matter can lie right to their faces for political purposes. The Party is "their team", so they want everything called in favor of The Party. The Party gives them Free Stuff, assures them that things can keep going on with 10's of Trillions of debt and more in unfunded liabilities, a sputtering economy, and a third of the people not working with more not working every day, and "it will be fine".

So democracy has failed. We no longer care if leadership has even the most basic element of character, that of truthfulness. We are a nation of fans for a political point of view, and the only interest is in "winning" even if we can be completely assured that we can't trust a single thing that our "leadership" utters.

We definitely have got the government we so richly deserve!

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