Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Raising The Crime Rate

Heather Mac Donald Explodes Criminal Justice Myths | Power Line:

As I've posted previously, Congress is busy trying to raise the crime rate by releasing many thousands of convicted felons. The narrative on this one is:

1). We have too many in prison due to drug laws that are too strict

2). Since too many prisoners are black, the system must be racist.

The 5 min video in the attached is worth watching -- Heather McDonald is very impressive.

Violent crime is already on the rise, the police are more regularly under attack than they have been since the '70s -- seems like an odd time to release a bunch of felons.

Why is this legislation being considered?

1). Democrats need to energize their Black Voters -- "Black Lives Matter" and this legislation work well together.

2). The fact that Democrat welfare policies clearly destroyed the black family in the '60s and that the eruption of the drug and criminal culture is an outgrowth of that is an inconvenient truth that needs to be suppressed. Blaming racism in the criminal justice system is a better narrative for Democrats.

3). The water on this bill has already been carried by the MSM. It generally doesn't affect the Red States represented by Republicans that much, so there is a large temptation to give the D's what they want.

Other than the fact that it is likely to make our major cities into increasingly violent hell holes which is terrible for those that live there -- especially poor inner city minorities, my largest concern is that this bill is likely to put gun violence back on the increase which will then be used to make the claim that "more guns create more violence", a statistic that has stubbornly gone DOWN while the number of guns has gone up in the last 20 years.

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