Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Redford, Rather, "Truth"

Dan Rather, Still Wrong After All These Years - WSJ:

While BO's "Dreams" book in which he makes it clear that he identifies as a Luo Tribesman carrying on the "Dreams from his father" to take down the Western Colonial Powers -- primarily Britain and the US, remains nearly "top secret" to official mediadom and really all but certifiable idiots like me, W's National Guard record is STILL of interest to the left wing!

There is no need to read the attached -- the summary is that Robert Redford plays in a new movie "Truth" that paints Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes as being heroic victims of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Never mind that the documents they based their "story" on were REALLY bad and proven forgeries, the story was TRUE!

It's a level of bias in thought that is still hard for my brain to conceive. Does ANYONE that talks about that story have a remote idea how hard and dangerous it is to even fly a fighter plane at all? Bill Clinton avoided service by staying in college -- and nobody cares, nor really should they. John Kerry served, but had himself filmed doing it, managed to get 3 purple hearts without spending a night in a hospital, testified against fellow servicemen calling their actions "reminiscent of Genghis Khan", then HE wanted to be seen as a "war hero" .... "reporting for duty".

The fact that the left STILL wants to tell the story that W was somehow a "bad fighter pilot", when he never made his guard service a significant part of his campaigns seems beyond crazy. The very same people who are obsessed with what he did in the TX National Guard care less about BO's past, a never ending litany of Hillary scandals, Bernie writing about woman's rape fantasies, or basically anything relative to their own candidates histories.

It is just the way it is -- consistency doesn't register at all from the left, and any old story can be called truth or fiction to suit the purposes of the left wing narrative.

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