Monday, October 19, 2015

Sex, Drugs and Socialism

Can the Democrats Mainstream Socialism? | Power Line:

Can the Democrats Mainstream Socialism?

Of course -- they have been doing it for about 100 years now, lately they haven't even been very incremental about it. The really unfortunate fact is that unlike at least the population effects (though not the individual) of drugs and free love, Socialism tends to leave a very permanent mark -- like a 100 million+ dead kind of mark.

I found these paragraph to be the top from the linked article:
One lesson we have learned over the years is that the Left never gives up. No defeat is permanent. Alger Hiss was convicted of perjury. He was innocent! The Rosenbergs were executed. They were framed! Mary Mapes and Dan Rather were fired. Their Texas Air National Guard story was a model of investigative journalism! Socialism has killed more than 100 million people, and impoverished countless more. Let’s give it another try!
Christians are the same on Christ as Socialists are on their preferred system of eventually totalitarian government. The difference is that Christianity generally works well in even THIS world!

Big redistributive government is the Socialist RELIGION and they are TRUE BELIEVERS! It doesn't make any difference how many times they have been wrong, they believe that they are SURE to be right THIS time! Utopia is at hand!

Hollywood just tried another Peter Pan movie ... "Pan". It failed miserably, but the idea of "never growing up and facing reality" is as old as man. New generations, and even people that should know better try to live lives based on "Sex, Drugs and Socialism" (Rock and Roll and Socialism go together pretty well too).

They end up with diseases, rehab, near death or death experiences -- Lamar Odom / Jimmy Hendricks, etc, broken lives, damaged children, etc like day follows night.

Socialism takes a bit longer, but the damage is deeper and wider. The belief in Socialism is a religious belief -- it doesn't succumb to mere fact.

But it always ends when the money runs out -- other peoples, borrowed, ALL OF IT! Then somebody picks up the pieces (and usually the bodies) of another broken utopian dream.

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