Monday, November 30, 2015

Nativists -- Strangers In A Strange Land

The linked article dissects this article, which attempts to make the case that Trump is "all about nativism", people that feel that they are "strangers in their own country", BECAUSE, they are racist Republicans.

The main linked article from "Best of the Web" at WSJ gives the lie to that right off, as any of us could using various people writing that "they felt like strangers in their own country" when Republicans took over the House in '94, when we invaded Iraq, when a mother that lost a son in Iraq is faced with someone who is against the war and thinks it is a "failure" to lose a son in Iraq. We could go on ... plenty of folks felt like this was no longer "their country" when  Reagan was elected and re-elected, same with W.

So,  it MIGHT be that Republicans feel more alienated because there is a hyper partisan far left wing guy in the White House that is CONSTANTLY maligning anyone who disagrees with him in as noxious a manner as he can ... the example from the article:
Inasmuch as such sentiments have political content, it’s hardly surprising that Republicans would feel them more keenly right now, when an especially partisan Democrat occupies the White House. Headline from the Hill yesterday: “Obama Says GOP Doing the Terrorists’ Work for Them.” When the president accuses you of being in league with America’s enemies, you might feel like a stranger in your own country for reasons having nothing to do with immigration.
Ya think?

The point here is that Trump is certainly appealing to the DISAFFECTED -- and there is no shortage of those. Sure, some of them may be racist, but the polling of the article BoW takes apart here certainly doesn't give any evidence of it!

Why do **I** feel I'm a stranger in this area of N America that used to be my country?

  • No more "American Dream" or even any thought of what such a thing would even be. What is it that is "special" (let alone "exceptional")  about this area of N America today?
  • America is no longer "#1" in anything (other than debt) ... and is sinking rapidly in everything. 
  • No space program, can't put a man in space anymore ... big deal to me. 
  • gay "marriage", BOcare, stagnant bad economy for 7 years
  • "Black Lives Matter" ... but police lives, unborn lives, Christian Lives, White Lives, etc do NOT! 
We could keep going, but I'm not so sure there even is any "country" to believe that you are part of anymore. 

The Regensburg Lecture, Benedict / Schall, Book

I first read this book in February of 2013 and read it again in the face of attempts by Muslims, media, Obama and others to claim that "Islamic terrorism is not Islamic" after Paris.

Such claims of course fly directly in the face of history, the Koran, Islamic tradition, and numerous events and discussions, including the response to Pope Benedict's Regensburg lecture covered in this book, which I consider to be extremely important for the trinity of faith, reason, and truth in our time -- both relative to Islam and secular attacks on that holy trinity of meaning.

The proximate reason that the political left and Islam reacted to the speech was Benedict's use of a QUOTE from a 14th century dialogue between Byzantine Christian emperor Manuel II Paleologus and a Persian scholar relative to violence in Islam which reads:
“Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached,”
That was a QUOTE, used to point out that violence being associated with Islam is very old -- as old as Islam actually, and that there are many verses in Islamic texts, especially LATER ones that indicate that use of violence against "infidels" is actually commanded by Islam in a number of cases. The "religion of peace" only becomes operative when the entire world is unified in an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law in the most recent Islamic texts .... some of the oldest ones are less violent, because at that time Mohammad was powerless to act militarily.

As is often the case -- as in the Charlie Hebdo killings, the Danish Cartoon killings, etc, ... after the Pope's lecture, churches in the West Bank were attacked, an Italian nun was killed in Somalia and a priest was beheaded in Iraq. "Moderate Muslims" claimed to be terribly offended (with the Pope, not the violence), and many on the left were offended as well -- as Kerry intimated after Paris, even he -- and Obama who declared that "the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet", find such attacks and certainly "outrage" to be as Kerry put it "legitimate".

The alignment of the left and Islam is not accidental from the point of view of the book.
Moreover it is a difficult thing to understand, state, and accept the truth, however much these efforts constitute the real purpose of our minds. We can see both in our revelational and in our philosophic traditions that truth is not always or even often accepted and kept. But truth is never rejected without proposing a counter-theory or proof that would justify this rejection. That is, we can ironically not be "unreasonable" without, at the same time, being reasonable, without giving reasons for our deviation from reason. Such counter theories in the form of ideologies or myths, become themselves aspects of understanding the whole truth about something. To understand truth, it is necessary to understand the plausible errors surrounding it and arguments against it. 
As Benedict pointed out in the lecture, Islam teaches that God is not bound by rationality ... unlike the Christian God, the God of Islam is NOT a "God of order". So Islam, like much modern thought rejects reason in favor of "other means" -- whatever those may be!
“God is absolutely transcendent. His will is not bound up with any of our categories, even that of rationality.”
This is much the same as modern leftist liberal thought -- "post modern", "deconstructivist" which find the idea of "truth" to be no longer operative -- the truth is VERY relative, and in fact can be pretty much whatever the left decides it to be. Clearly, without truth, there is no reason -- and there is no consistency, and THAT is exactly the kind of universe that the Islamic god rules over -- and strangely, where the modern US left lives in as well!

The lecture points out, what Socrates said to Phaedo on the loss of truth --  "It would be easily understandable if someone became so annoyed at all these false notions that for the rest of his life he despised and mocked all talk about being -- but in this way he would be deprived of the truth of existence and suffer great loss".

The lecture itself is not very long, but it is very deep. The essence of the Catholic Faith the synthesis of the Greek Mind with Christian Revelation, through Augustine and Aquinas.  The assertion is that has been happening since the Enlightenment and Reformation is the "de-Hellenization" of faith -- which Benedict argues is destroying the university and civilization with it. This de-Hellenization  is in danger of converting Protestant Christianity to being "irrational", as the secular and Islamic worlds are forced to be since they lack the "logos" (Christ ... logic, reason).

We are vulnerable to the illogic of Islam because we have lost our spiritual Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and our intellectual trinity "Faith (revelation/insight), Reason and Truth".

It is a VERY worthy read -- and re-read a few times. The whole book is only 160 pages, and the lecture itself is only SIXTEEN! They are however "a bit high octane" -- maybe like trading in your glass of beer for a glass of 190 proof Everclear!

Minneapolis -- Met All Demands, Still Demanding

Hodges, Ellison call for an end to 4th Precinct protests:

Used to do a lot of phone calls with a woman that quieted down here little dog by giving it a treat when it started barking when she was on the phone. Guess what. The dog started barking every time she was on the phone! Imagine that

So Mayor Betsy Hodges up in Minneapolis has met all the Black Lives Matter protesters demands -- but guess what, they still have more demands and continue to occupy the 4th Precinct! Imagine that! Give them everything they want and they want more.
She went on to say the city has met all the demands the group has made -- even as they continue to be posed. 
A federal investigation was launched into the death of 24-year-old Jamar Clark, who was shot and killed by police, the identities of the officers involved in the shooting were released, grief counseling was made available to witnesses of the shooting and an investigation has been called into any civil rights issues that may have occurred. 
"Many people have done a great deal to be responsive to the requests and the demands that are on the table," she said. "Even so, we know there's more to be done."
Hodges said she does not have a deadline for protesters to leave.
Met all the demands ... would really like the protesters to stop occupying the 4th Precinct, but doesn't have a deadline. Must be leadership school from BO ... doesn't like ISIS but has no strategy to deal with them, wants Assad to leave, but has no deadline or strategy there either. Met all Iran's demands, not sure why they seem to keep arming terrorists and saying "Death to America".

I may just be unlucky, but every time I've put MPR on the last couple weeks it is all Minneapolis shooting / protesters / NAACP all the time.

Wow, we gave them everything they wanted and they just want more and don't want to do anything we want them to do!

For the liberal brain, this is all so confusing!
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Fauxahontis Brave Squaw Warrior

The very bitter debate over Planned Parenthood, in 6 moments - The Washington Post:

Pronounced "Fo-ca-hontis"!

The Colorado shooting is just the latest excuse from the left to use their main argument on killing babies at whatever age they see fit ... SHUT UP (the polite version), more generally SHUT THE F**K UP!

Why oh why is it that conservatives just can't get that "argument" through their heads?

The legislation was "just one more piece of a deliberate, methodical, orchestrated, right-wing attack on women's rights. And I'm sick and tired of it," Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says after the vote, according to Reuters. "... I want to say to my Republican colleagues, the year is 2015, not 1955 and not 1895."
Fauxahontis heap pissed off! She brave squaw warrior ... gettum white male baby scalp! Sell parts, get much wampum!

Anyone not wanting to have their tax dollars fund the mass murder of 50+ million babies is stuck in "1895".  Why not "1941?" That was the peak year of the German Holocaust ... they did a mere 6 million, we are headed quickly to 10x that number! Who says "progressives" don't make "progress"!

Not even the most ardent gun rights supporter really expects the government to buy them their gun (like they do in Switzerland), but abortion supporters have the moral certainty that demands that their opponents provide them FREE ABORTIONS! ... if not via Federal funding of Planned Parenthood, then via BOcare or some other means. (and they demand they be QUIET while they fund them!)

You WILL agree with their position and you WILL assist them in carrying out their murder, parts selling, or whatever they want! What part of POWER do you fail to understand?  If they happen to have the wine and salad covered in the "cost" of the baby parts (wink, wink, nod, nod) ... well, they might "apologize" if they are videotaped! ... because they are really nice, and anyone that opposes them is ..., well, in their own words.
"The folks behind this are part of the most militant wing of the antiabortion movement that has been behind the bombing of clinics, the murder of doctors in their homes and in their churches."
Damn, abortionists and parts sellers are such nice folks, and they never argue with any "bitterness" ... they just want to save that baby from a painful life! (being born will make you cry, so we are kind and rather you die ...) Oh, and do I need to remind you, you **WILL** SHUT UP! Because you not shutting up makes this SETTLED ISSUE "bitter". Why are "liberals" forced to resort to totalitarian suppression measures when people are too stupid and obstinate to bow to what the "liberals" have decided is SETTLED AND RIGHT?

Because the stupid and obstinate people that want a child to be safe in it's mother's womb just refuse to SHUT UP! Some of them even claim it is for "religious reasons" ... how quaint! Don't they realize we have STRICT separation of church and state? The fools! They WILL send their tax dollars to pay for abortions, and they WILL shut up! Doesn't the taking of their taxes by force clue them in that we MUST use force to shut them up if they continue to refuse to "listen to reason"?

I can see the "hate speech" cummin,
It's cummin round the bend, ...

Oh ... Black Lives matter chanting about killing cops and then cops being killed? Why do you ask? Completely different issue ... did you get the mistaken idea that the left cared about consistency?

Silly conservatives! They need to get it through their thick skulls that once consistency is removed, "reason" is SO much more "reasonable"! ... can I pour you some more cabernet?

Oh so civil ...

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reflections On Starr, Favre, Loss To Bears

For 90% of WI the only other team that matters is the hated Bears! GB has been playing them since Ft Snelling was the biggest thing at the confluence of MN and Mississippi rivers. Lots of Packer Fans had high hopes to even the million game series ... but not to be. The Strib article is like the girl the guy never noticed feeling all puffed up because he got dumped by the class vixen for most WI fans ... I'm different, I live here and have for nearly 40 years.

Seeing the two SB winning HOF QBs on the field at the half and the other on the field in a losing effort was less than perfect, and fortunately and unfortunately, GB fans have had so much success that many are definitely spoiled. Even storied Chicago only has one Lombardi ... and McMahon doesn't' really have the stature of Favre or Starr in the QB ranks.

The "can't score in the red-zone" goes back to the end of last year -- had we been able to do so, there would nearly certainly have been another trophy in GB. Had Seattle been able to do so after they beat us, it would be in Seattle.

I thought the issue was Rogers mobility at end of last year. Now, as an old O lineman, I blame the O-line losing the battle frequently, and almost never moving the opposing D back down the field -- but there is no doubt there is also a receiver - Rodgers issue or issues.

IMHO, fans need to appreciate how high the level of competition is in the NFL and how truly impressive it is to win ANY Superbowls, let alone back to back or numbers over a lot of years. If you have ANY weakness in the NFL, it WILL be exploited -- and that is how it should be. One might THINK that Vikings fans and their newspapers would get that REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY well ( note the FOUR REALLYS) ... but apparently not!

The Lombardi / Starr Pack was one of the historical great dominant teams -- and because they were the first in the SB era, they hold a special place and always will. Dallas, SF, Steelers and now the Patriots are certainly in that class and likely better (more dominance in tougher era). Neither the Favre Pack nor the Rodgers Pack has reached that level -- but naturally, fans can always hope -- and struggles like the last 5 weeks show that it will take a MIRACLE at this point for this team to make it to the top this year. 

Naturally, the pure fan part of me really hopes for a miracle -- maybe it is named Jeff Janis? He has had a couple of major runbacks and a few routes that looked good. Being a Packer Fan means never giving up! 

My memory is too good to get way carried away with wistfulness for Favre. Yeah, I loved the "gunslinger" ... but part of it is was that I expected that as he aged, he would mature and force in a low percentage pass ONLY on downs where it made sense -- 3rd downs when not in FG range, rather than first play from scrimmage in OT in a divisional playoff! 

Had Favre been able to tame the interception demon, GB would likely have beaten Denver in the 2nd SB ( he threw one that put Denver in position to go ahead, which they did), and who knows what else ... the Eagles game in 2002 was nearly as bad as last years Seattle game. **ALL** they needed to do was stop THE 4TH AND 26! ... a play so infamous it has it's own Wikipedia page! ... stop that and Favre never has to go out and throw the infamous 1st down duck in OT! 

That is the past. What the heck they need to do in the PRESENT is the greatest mystery of my football fandom. Ever since Favre, the Pack has always had a potent pass attack ... heck, they put up massive numbers against Detroit in 2012 with Matt Flynn playing rather than Rodgers -- in fact, he holds the single game passing record for the team with 480! It seemed that you could plug darned near any receiver into the Green Bay system and passing yards were pretty much a GIVEN! 

Until now ... broken routes, worst number of dropped passes in the league, INCREDIBLE ... "looked good in practice" seems to be the mantra since the first 3 games of the year. The O went bad in SF, and they have been basically bad (compared to normal FOR THEM) since. 

I suppose I could keep writing, but I doubt I'm shedding any light on anything even in my own mind. 

It is STILL great to be a Packer Fan ... there are really no other teams with anything like the history of the Pack, and the last nearly quarter century since Favre arrived has been pretty darned good as well. It is a DAMNED SHAME that GB couldn't punch it in from the 8 yard line and win that game with Starr and Favre in attendance, but it is what it is. Being grateful for what **IS** an often difficult but very worthy lesson! 

Abortionist Lives Matter, Colorado

GOP candidates condemn Planned Parenthood shooting but dismiss link to antiabortion rhetoric - The Washington Post:

Look into the eyes of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter and the predominant thing you see is the same thing you see in most of the mass shooters eyes of this day and age -- insanity. It is unsurprising because insanity is really the only consistent element in the modern Statist directed narrative.

Abortion may well be the root of at least a major part of the loss of sanity and it's close friends reason and consistency. We certainly know that the lives of the most innocent of all -- babes, that used to be "safe in their mother's womb",  DON'T MATTER to the tune of 50+ million of them, with their body parts being sold over wine and salad.

The abortionists lives however DO MATTER -- so much that videos of babies that might live outside the womb being dismembered alive for their parts need to be suppressed, because they may "set someone off".

In Roseburg Oregon we have a shooter as black as Obama (Obama's mother was white, father was black. Shooter's father was white, mother was black). Strangely, the race of the shooter was barely mentioned -- neither was the fact that the shooter singled out Christians.  Very little was said of this at all, and in many cases it was "softened" to being "he was against organized religion", or "he was troubled".  Indeed, and the PP Colorado shooter was not?

How frequently do we hear about how "hateful, hypocritical, etc" Christians are for not supporting gay "marriage", maybe in some cases not supporting Syrian refugees (although that case is pretty much just an extrapolation from the stereotype of "Red States being Christian", etc.

We see that many cases of anti-Christian rhetoric from all sorts of groups in the US is not linked in the least to a shooter in Oregon that EXPLICITLY selected Christians -- therefore we know that Christian lives DON'T MATTER.

We have covered the Black Lives before -- the ONLY case when they matter is when they are shot by police. There are big demonstrations in Chicago over a police shooting now -- not so much over gang bangers killing a 9 year old boy. Innocent lives tend to matter less and less -- the more innocent, the less they matter.

If you are high on PCP, breaking into trucks and carrying a knife and resisting arrest, you are NOT "innocent" -- it may not deserve to be shot and killed, but you are a LONG way from "innocent". Same thing up in the cities -- if you beat your girlfriend bloody, decide to interfere with the paramedics so they call the cops and then resist arrest, you are NOT INNOCENT ... again, you being shot may not be what you "deserve", but you deserved it much more than a 9 year old boy or a baby in it's mother's womb.  Making innocence murky is a consistent part of evil.

Besides, I'm guessing they don't make deals to sell the body parts of young black men shot by the police over salad and wine -- I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Just to be clear -- if the insane guy in Colorado really was targeting people because of abortion, he was wrong to do so. To a Christian, ALL LIVES MATTER -- eternally!

The insanity is that a culture can start explicitly deciding that some lives matter not in the least -- as in babies in the womb. They may be killed for convenience and their parts sold, and anyone that questions that is going to be called out as almost an accessory to murder if some nut happens to kill an abortionist. The babies lives matter so little that protecting them can't even be DISCUSSED, lest some abortionist be injured or killed.

Meanwhile, people can be marching down streets saying "What do we want, DEAD COPS!" or "Pigs in a blanket, Fry-em like bacon!" and there is no connection whatsoever according to the media and the left when a cop gets killed in cold blood. It drops off the news in a day.

When it comes to life, the gross inconsistency of the left wing ideology is corrosively corruptive. It eats through morality and reason like acid through metal -- leaving behind the putrid sludge of evil insanity.

We live in the land of consistent unreasoning insanity.

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Keeping US Comforatble At End

Experts Say Best Option Now Is Keeping Nation As Comfortable As Possible Till End:

OK, it is the Onion ... but it is worth reflecting on a bit.

WASHINGTON—Saying there were no other options remaining and that continued intervention would only prolong the nation’s suffering, experts concluded Tuesday that the best course of action is to keep the United States as comfortable as possible until the end.
That is what America is about these days, right? Comfort, ease, security, entertainment, feeling good about ourselves ...

Since I'm a broken record on the Moon Landing, I really liked this section:

“We just need to remember all the good times we had,” Fischer continued. “Like the moon landing—that was really nice, wasn’t it?” 
Many of those with close ties to the United States said they were having difficulty coming to terms with the country’s imminent passing, but that letting it go peacefully was ultimately for the best. 
“At one point, I would’ve done anything if it meant having America around for just a little longer, but I can’t watch it slowly waste away like this anymore,” said Tampa, FL resident Kathy Muniz, adding that it “breaks [her] heart” when she sees how hard the U.S. struggles to put on a brave face and pretend that everything is fine. “The kindest thing now is to just do what we can to keep the nation’s spirits up while nature takes its course.”
“Really, I think any country in America’s position would want the same,” Muniz added.
It seems like this may be the best theme for elections in 2016 ... Trump vs Sanders, get this over in a hurry!

One way or another!

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spying On Iowa Shed

My set of readers is small enough that I'm trying an experiment. If you go to ip address and use ID "guest" and PASSWORD "xyz", you may be able to bring up something like the following. It's a Dlink DCS-5010L if that helps.

Since it is unoccupied most of the time, in general you should see nothing too interesting, but if you have the proper technical inclination, camera viewer software, or are just handy with browsers and such, you can even move the camera around. It is IR, so things show up ghostly at night. The main purpose is to be able to read the big thermometer on the wall pretty must usually "dead ahead" of the camera to make sure that the place isn't freezing up ... but I like playing with internet cameras. I have a couple around the house here as well so I can look in on my kitties, get e-mail if there is motion around my gun safe, etc. 

My plan is to remember to kill the "guest" connection when we are down there as a public service -- seeing me running around in my undies would be hard to unsee! 

The connection down there is DSL, so I'm pretty sure the IP will stay fixed ... I did set up a remote Dynamic DNS URL ... "", that ought to work as well, but it has failed me a couple times -- might be propogation.  I'm pretty sure the IP is static on DSL anyway. 

Naturally, if you see like masked men, water running across the floor, are looking in the daytime and are able to see that the thermometer is pointing "straight up or trending leftward", an email to would be really nice! 

A small tech note for anyone trying to set up on at least Windstream or possibly any DSL, ** APPARENTLY ** ... my experience, and I've seen a couple posts to this effect, UNLIKE cable modem, if you try to access your internet IP from INSIDE your local modem firewall, you just get the modem / router no matter what you do! I wasted A LOT of time on that! 

My inside IP for the camera was a static using port 81, and the modem/router was usign port 80, and NO MATTER WHAT I DID, I could not get to the camera using the outside IP adress that I listed. 

FORTUNATELY I have a Verizon 4G data account, and thought "what the heck" and just gave it a try .. WALA, instant picture! ... we DON'T really want to talk about how much time I wasted trying to get at it using the Windstream DSL account at the shed ... yet another case where "the way it has always worked" on cable modems DID NOT work on at least the Windstream DSL connect. 

Our speed SUCKS ... like 384K up and 1.2 Mbits down, but "it works" ... hopefully speeds will be improving. "The plan" is to get two outside cameras ... one pointing at the lake, one pointing at the road in front ... those ought to be more interesting at least sometimes.  Is the lake frozen? Is the lake stormy? Is there snow? Is the farmer doing field work across the road? etc ... 

Anyway, that is the future ... for now, be a spy if you like! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Liberal T-Day Fight Plans

Dreams From My Uncle - WSJ:

Amazingly, the D's and the left at least CLAIM to think it is a "good idea" to attack known conservatives at the T-day table, and as liberals are wont to do, they figure that just a few "talking points" will utterly amaze the targeting conservative with their trenchant brilliance.  Their people all need "talking points" -- unfortunately for them, so do the people that write the talking points!

If all it took to convince everyone was reading talking points off a teleprompter, ISIS would have surrendered by now, BOcare insurance providers wouldn't be dropping like MN flies in November, the economy would be humming not sputtering, and gas would be at $10 a gallon where BO wanted it -- oh, and "Climate Change" would be solved -- whatever THAT might mean!

As it is we have this quote from the article to keep in mind ...
" Liberals have no monopoly on truculence, but the need to be told what to think does seem to set them apart. The left today is both doctrinaire and capricious; political correctness is unsparing in its demand for conformity to an ever-changing set of dogmas that frequently contradict each other, not to mention reality. "
The smart idea is to deflect the weasels as much as possible and treat them as the crazy or drug addled relative that has no grasp on reality --  hmm, maybe I repeat myself there! When you have to be told what you are supposed to say/think and what that is consists of a self-inconsistent set of beliefs that fail to match with reality, then what are you?

A liberal! ... but at least those that are crazy, drug addled or senile have an EXCUSE!

Ever since the older lefties had to deal with the death of the USSR, I've tried to be gentler with them -- it is pretty much similar to my view of Vikings fans after the Atlanta Metrodome debacle in the NFC Championship in '99 ... they have just never really been the same since then. Some pieces of reality just impinge on even the foggiest for outlooks.

It is tough when you can't think for yourself and reality doesn't match with your contradictory beliefs -- but to a true lefty, to learn and change is just WAY too painful to their shallow follow the crowd psyche.

So if attacked, smile warmly and treat the onslaught in the same manner as the 80+ year old relative telling you of their health issues or musty tales from the faded files of their memory. Humor them!

.... "How sweet! You are all grown up and have all sorts of new political thoughts.  I just agree with Monica in wishing Hillary luck this year -- "Don't blow it!".  "

Please pass the cranberry sauce.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BO Has Just Begun

Obama's Most Dangerous Year | National Review Online:

The most damaging figure in American and quite possibly world history so far is just getting warmed up. A worthy read as the potential for Russia and Turkey to square off rises with the downing of the Russian fighter, and here close to home, "Black Lives Matter" fills at least the MPR airwaves 24x7 here in good old MN.

The times, they stinketh of BO. Read it and weep,

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Government In Action, The Criminal Neglect of Heather Curtis

Child's 'worst case of neglect' prompts $27M claim against DSHS:

Read it all if you have a strong stomach.
"I saw a young girl, thought she was a child, so small, skeletal like. And she was in nothing but a very, very soiled diaper," said Paredes-Garrett. "And she was wailing and moaning a sound I've never ever heard and the only thing I could compare it to would be a wounded animal."
Want to have the government in charge? Well, "Heather" could be an elderly you or someone that you love.

Break up families, churches and communities and then put a unionized government bureaucracy in charge, and Heather is what you get! We KNOW this ... USSR, National Socialist Germany, N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela ... don't avert your eyes! THIS is where we have descended to already, and we are hitting the accelerator for MORE!

Yes, socialists really really "care" ... about removing money from earners and transferring it to "whatever" to  increases their power. Anything else? Just imagine all the Heathers that aren't lucky enough to have someone call the cops and just die in filth and pain waiting for DSHS.

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Vote Sanders -- But Stockpile Toilet Paper

Laughing in the Face of Despair - WSJ:

PJ O'Rourke has a new book out ... no doubt I'll need to read it, but the column is worth the read for a little entertaining wisdom. The paragraph that led me to the title:
... His fellow travelers, on the other hand, were fans of the Soviet state, then under the enlightened leadership of longtime KGB thug Yuri Andropov. Yet Mr. O’Rourke, exercising profound investigative skill, spotted the chink in their ideological armor. These “were people who believed everything about the Soviet Union was perfect, but they were bringing their own toilet paper.” Small details reveal large truths.
Here is a little bit of insight as to why Socialism fails ...
... Then, one day, I found myself beached on the shore of jobs and responsibilities and I was a Republican again.” His hippie friends, he adds, had become parasitical. “They continued to be convinced that everything was going to be shared soon, so they hadn’t gotten jobs.”
Humans are very adaptive -- give them an environment where being the best deadbeat allows them to flourish the best, and you get a lot of excellent deadbeats! It's adaptive! I'll close with the wisdom the column closes with -- a small item that is often forgotten by many!
“Jesus said ‘love your enemies.’ He didn’t say not to have any.”
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The Stab In The Back

Putin calls plane's downing by Turkey 'stab in the back' -

That particular phrase used today by Putin should sound familiar -- it was a common phrase used by Hitler as explaining Germany's loss in WWI, and figured significantly in the rise to WWII.

There is nothing surprising here -- WWI and WWII came about because the "Hegemon" of the 19th century, Great Britain, was fading and losing the ability to be the dominant world power. The greatest navy was no longer the trump card, both the British elites and the people were "tired of leading", or at least more interested in enjoying the fruits of their spoils and "security" than they were in bringing order and peace to the planet.

While the historical understanding of most Americans has sunk so low that even identifying the conditions under which WWI and WWII happened is beyond the education of well over half, even a tiny bit of historical insight shows that "The Age of BO" is likely the culmination of a similar period in the declining of the US and that "changing of the guard" on the world stage. Forbes charitably ranked his odiferousness third behind Putin and Merkel ... I'd put him well down the list, behind at least the leader of ISIS, the Chinese leader, and frankly a number of others -- the leader of Iran, leader of Turkey, for example have more impact on the current world stage which the US has purposely retreated from in disarray. We really no longer even rank as a "decent JV team", and deservedly so --  he was certainly elected by what is left of our tattered and corrupt election system. Remember, you need a photo ID to get a phone installed!

So we wait and see on the sidelines if another world war starts -- we richly deserve it. The last 7 years of the American decline have been beyond stupid -- slipping into the ranks of criminal self indulgence and insanity.

It increasingly looks like BO either already has, or will fully achieve his stated goal of "destroying the colonial powers" before he leaves office -- assuming there is an office left to leave.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Reagan, Sanders, Learned Helplessness

America has never recovered from Ronald Reagan. That’s why Bernie Sanders is so important. -

In my brain book reading, one of the big guns is Martin Seligman, whose concept of "learned helplessness" was one of big factors that destroyed at least the scientific basis for Behaviorism -- the idea that humans operate largely like Pavlov's dogs and all of our life is merely "response to stimulus".

Here is a link to an article on some of the base of Seligman's critical work, but here is the definition that counts for now:

[Learned Helplessness] "is being repeatedly exposed to an uncontrollable event, such as going on interviews or auditions and not getting called back. After many repeated and failed attempts to accomplish something while in an uncontrollable event, your brain "learns" that success is beyond your control, that you cannot affect the outcome. Once "conditioned" to this belief, the individual gives up hope and effort, even when later exposed to an event where control is possible. In effect, you've learned to become helpless."
The Salon article is eminently skippable ... "We have never recovered from Reagan, the Koch brothers are evil, corporations are evil, the free market is a disaster, government is great, government is good, we thank it for our daily bread, Republicans forebears are "fascists" (actually the Fascists were National SOCIALISTS!), etc, etc.

EVERYONE knows what the Salon article says -- it is the core dogma of "The Party" (TP-D), drilled into every school child from day 1 of nursery school until they graduate from state sponsored indoctrination at the end of their education, and reinforced in the mainstream media and entertainment every day. It is the dominant social message -- everyone is soaking in it 24x7 and 90% are not even aware that there may be an alternate message.

I submit that Learned Helplessness has become the dominant state of the vast majority of Americans of any age. We are nearly ALL convinced that we are completely helpless against the direction the country is headed -- constant vast increases in government programs, intrusion, debt, regulation, taxation, control of speech, religion, etc. The continued destruction of individual rights, responsibility, freedom and independence.

Now a little more than half of the population including Salon, TP, the media, the educational system and the legal system, finds this massive swing to government control, incentives, payments, regulation, etc to be POSITIVE -- but nevertheless, they certainly find it to be INEVITABLE -- as do I, and AFAIK pretty much anyone including the Koch Brothers. We dissidents may have hopes that it might be SLOWED to some small extent, but even the much demonized Reagan never REDUCED any of the government takeover -- at the very most, he only SLOWED THE RATE OF GROWTH.

We know how much the left has won when Salon is still gibbering about "not recovering from Reagan" nearly 30 years since he left office, having never managed to even gain ANY reduction in government, and only VERY slight reduction in the rate of growth that didn't last.

While science gave up on behaviorism by the late 1970's, Socialism, Communism and Fascism are behaviorist ideologies -- they assume that large masses of people can be controlled by "carrots and sticks". Typically, they start with more carrots (welfare, medical care, "free stuff"), and when the population is nearly universally impoverished by those efforts (other than the elites) and becomes peevish, they move to "sticks" -- locking dissidents up, sending more and more to the gulag, starving ethnic groups that "don't seem to get it", and often mass "purges" like Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc where millions are slaughtered -- if you kill enough people, behaviorism is BOUND to be declared correct! Even Global Warming can be a fact if you kill everyone that dares point out things like Antarctic glaciers growing and temperatures failing to rise.

The 2nd Amendment remains the last real obstacle to ultimate lefty victory -- an armed populace, even though beaten down by decades of socialist propaganda and policies is not TOTALLY helpless as long as they have their arms. It is the only exceptional ace that the Founders left us that keeps some dim spark of hope alive.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

BO "Betrayed Deepest Refugee Values" In 2011

Obama Admin Paused Iraq Refugee Program In 2011:
When "The Party" (TP-D) is talking, they make it up as they go and rely on the Sheeple having short memories. Given the constant media propaganda and most people's desire to be "in with the crowd", facts and even very recent history are completely absent.

Six month pause for IRAQI refugees ... many of which helped the US cause? NO PROBLEM!

Moral high horse if anyone suggests any delay now for Syrian refugees that are far more suspect? "Betrays our deepest values".

There is only one "deep value" for TP -- * * P O W E R ** !!!!!

Everything else is purely situational. In order to actually betray any values, you have to actually have some ... the left has ONE ... power.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Trigger Warning, Packer Lives Matter

I was forced to lodge a complaint with the local health club today, as when I went in for a workout I was faced with an employee of the club in an Adrian Peterson jersey! After 3 straight losses, including losing to Detroit in Lambeau since before the holy Cheesehead was invented, I desperately need my safe space!

I've got a number of other local Packer fans to go along with me and we intend to go out looting, blocking highway 52, and turning over a few cars if the league and the Norse don't do their job and let the Pack win on Sunday!

Sure, officials have provided some key roughing the passer and defensive holding calls at points that were helpful, and Detroit played with their usual recognition of Packer entitlement (missed extra points, recovered onside, etc), but that just isn't enough this year. It is RESULTS that matter!!

The Pack **IS** football -- Lambeau, Lombardi, the Frozen Tundra! To suffer the disappointment of the Seattle game last year and to now try to "soldier on" (he he) with three straight losses is simply grossly UNFAIR beyond any reasonable level that we as entitled Packer Fans should be forced to bear (or Bear even)! We are VICTIMS and we demand justice!

I can't imagine any decent unbiased human being not seeing this my way, but I'll leave you with this demand for justice. If the Pack doesn't win on Sunday, we will burn Lambeau, most of the city of Green Bay, and loot all of the big box and liquor stores of malt liquor and flat screen TVs! Nothing screams INJUSTICE like people destroying their own neighborhoods and looting these important items!

You have been warned! My anger at the health club knows no bounds. If their manager does not immediately resign, I will be forced overeat and skip workouts all next week to protect my fragile emotional state!

*** Notice, neither the Green Bay Packers or the NFL are responsible nor the content of MooseTracks. All opinions expressed are solely owned and the responsibility of the large land mammal known as "The Moose". ***

Arland , Slaughterhouse Five (Vonnegut)

This post may or may not be the start of my book and my blog becoming one. It's 3:15 AM ... the spirits that wake old men and speak to them in the middle of the night are at best untested.

As over 3K blog entries might tell you, I love to write ... or maybe more precisely, I HAVE to write. I also love to read ... as much as I love to write, I love to read far more. If I just wrote from now on I would never come close to writing as much text as I have read. Which is good I believe.

I don't like to proofread my own work, nor coherently organize disjoint chapters of it nearly as much.

I've read Vonnegut before. I find him cranky,  nihilistic,  disjoint and iconoclastic. I believe I share all of those save the nihilistic -- and that I fight with a passion because I believe that question of meaning or no meaning to be the true ultimate question of "Life, The Universe, and Everything", to quote Douglas Adams.

Vonnegut was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and ended up in a basement slaughterhouse numbered five in Dresden as a POW. Allies firebombed Dresden, killing 130K people ... the highest bombing total in history. More than Tokyo, more than either of the A-bombs, and likely more that both -- supposedly the A-bomb total for Hiroshima and Nagasaki together was 129K. In the book, Vonnegut would now say "and so it goes" ... because he decided to say that over and over after recounting death or deaths.

The slaughterhouse was basically an underground bunker, so the prisoners survived and ended up digging out bodies for days, and when that got too putrid to accomplish, digging holes and using flamethrowers to incinerate the corpses. Such things often have strong effects on people. In my universe, they are a message from God to "be ye not of this world", but to Vonnegut it seems to have explained this world as random, meaningless, and utterly lacking in even free will.

Part of his conception of the universe however weirdly lines up exactly with mine, which is the result of both imagination and actual physics. Vonnegut's main character, "Billy Pilgrim", travels through time and space randomly ... partially he exists as part of Vonnegut's group of prisoners in WWII, partially he is a man living a life in Illium NY at various points from his birth, marriage, life as an optometrist to his murder in Chicago IL after giving a speech. He also was kidnapped by aliens -- "Tralfamadorians" who explain one way that physics (and I) see space and time as "everything that happens has always happened and always will be happening". You can visualize it as your consciousness moving through a 3D movie, where your consciousness moving from moment to are the "frames" and which you see as "time".

Vonnegut stops there, but Hugh Everett, quantum computing, and myself believe that not only "everything" is happening always, but a very great number of options at every "decision point" are now, have always, and will forever be happening. For a programmer, what happens at these decision points is "simple" -- the Universe "forks", like a form of Unix process creation, and "everything is the same ... only different" in each of the now multiple universes ... as in different in that "both", or "N" of the "decisions" have ALL happened and are expressed accordingly in the now multiple universes.

This theory "explains" quantum effects because rather than there being "spooky effects at a distance" (which Einstein loathed) when there is a quantum "entanglement" (superposition) which "collapses", or "resolves", in the Many Worlds view, the apparent instantaneous effects that violate the speed of light limit are not needed ... at the "slight cost" of the creation of another universe where any set of entangled potentials have each happened accordingly!

From a philosophical POV, the single universe theory negates free will -- everything just IS, always has been, and always will be. We are, always have and always will be doing whatever -- it just "is that way", and it could be no other way. We have no "free will".

In my universe(s), our decisions create new universes, including new copies of us.  I believe our consciousness "forks" along with the universe -- and that is a base premise of MY book, and to some degree starts to make me a philosophical anti-Vonnegut.

Anyway, back to Billy Pilgrim ... he keeps popping back and forth in time in his life, including being mated to a porn star also kidnapped by the Tralfamadorian aliens in a "Zoo" on Tralfamadore. The tale is full of gallows humor and dark satire as Vonnegut is wont to be. I find him moderately entertaining ... as a "guilty pleasure" when I was younger, and with a decent amount of pity for his soul now that I am older.

So what woke me up is that the working title of my book is "Arland" ... as in a play on "Our Land" and "Are Land", and also because it is the name of the Township I grew up in, as well as that of tiny town that used to be a church or two, couple bars, store, etc, but is now very close to being a sign on  county trunk "D".

PERHAPS I will have the "courage, gall, stupidity, "testicular capacity" to start dumping snippets of what bangs around in my head with dreams to be a book out here tagged as "Arland" to be "assembled later". Or probably not ... the whole thing seems to be less "stunningly brilliant" than it was an hour ago when the muse told me I was not getting back to sleep until I wrote it down.

I'm tired now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syria, Obama Lying, or Just Wrong?

President Obama’s Cynical Refugee Ploy - The American Interest:

The linked column  is a good one, but I'm not going to talk about it much -- I'm stealing Mead's thesis and clothing it with somewhat different support. His thesis is that if BO and his Sheeple were REALLY the "caring, virtuous, brave, etc" folks that they are now proudly strutting about as, we would have seen a bit of evidence A LOT earlier! Remember this picture that I blogged on in March of 2014? What we see now is a distraction, that is taking us deeper into the destabilization of the whole planet, rather than "merely" the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

When your ideology is firmly based on hubris, then truth, reality, reason, common sense, etc all dissolve in the fog of rhetoric, propaganda, scapegoating and wishful thinking. Like the adult that "blames their parents" for their ills, the majority of the population behaves as fake adults who are really stuck in childhood, "blaming Bush", or "corporations", or "Capitalism" or some other bogeyman, while they ignore even the most basic of facts passing by their closed minds on a daily basis in favor of the utterances of their "messiah", now plainly fallen to all who retain any independence of thought.

The bulk of the US media however is still primarily in thrall to BO, so the number of people that might otherwise have figured out that this emperor is not just naked, but also either a raving lunatic or megalomaniac, is large!

Taking in 10K, a 100K, or even a million refugees from Syria at this late date is a laughable measure -- "pissing in the ocean" of a US and global foreign policy disaster on the scale of foreign policy mistakes that caused World Wars I and II. The idea of "having a discussion" about refugees is a smokescreen like discussing "saving" (slowing the rate of growth) a few tens of billions on a now nearly $20 TRILLION US debt. It is the equivalent of a magician's scantily clad assistant -- such diversions scream to free people that still retain independent thought to WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION!

Pulling the troops out of Iraq, destabilizing Libya, Egypt, Syria and giving $100 billion+ and the bomb to Iran are all part of either the most gross string of incompetence barely imaginable since at least the fall into WWI, or part of the plan of a madman intent on restructuring the world so that it is more "fair and equitable" to "proud Luo tribesmen from Kenya" (being "from Kenya" at least spiritually as stated by what he claims to be his own words ... assuming you can trust him on ANYTHING).

If anyone had any desire to help "ease the Syrian refugee crisis" they would have been setting up safe zones, feeding stations and driving back ISIS **LONG** ago. They would in fact never have pulled troops out of neighboring Iraq when Syria was already in chaos in 2011 due to the "Arab Spring". They would have had some sort of coherence relative to Assad.

To those of us that still use our minds, the spectacle of the very same people who wistfully pine away for the "peaceful, better days" when the glorious Saddam Hussein and his benevolent sons presided over a "much better" Iraq, now demanding petulantly that "Bashar Assad must go!" is surreal.

Indeed. Is not the entire thesis of the BO and leftist thinking that "W made a "GRAVE mistake" by removing benevolent and just Saddam and destabilizing Iraq? Pray tell then, why was not aiding in the destabilization of Libya with ZERO attempt to re-stabilize it, cheering the destabilization of Egypt and assisting in the destabilization of Syria by arming rebels against Assad NOT a "mistake" of much much greater import? Can one really make any sense of this other than either; A -- insanity, B - an interest in seeing the world re-structured through regional and likely global destabilization? The old leftist view of "blow it up and something better MUST arise from the ashes"!

Again, the BASE of this whole charade is the idea that "It was W's fault". However, in December of 2011, Mr "If you like your healthcare you can keep it" said this:
It’s harder to end a war than begin one. Indeed, everything that American troops have done in Iraq -– all the fighting and all the dying, the bleeding and the building, and the training and the partnering -– all of it has led to this moment of success. Now, Iraq is not a perfect place. It has many challenges ahead. But we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people. We’re building a new partnership between our nations. And we are ending a war not with a final battle, but with a final march toward home.
Was he lying, or was he just wrong? With BO, those are really the only two choices nearly all the time. I don't know how any sane person can at this late date not wonder about which of those two options we are hearing every time he opens his arrogant trap.

We EITHER are witnessing a level of incompetence in the creation of regional and possibly global instability equal to or possibly greater than the descent into WWI, **OR** we are witnessing the acts of a madman intent on avenging the "dreams of his father" on a naive and willfully ignorant world.

Paris and an airliner in the last couple weeks. Mere snippets of the noxious fallout of the disaster that is BO.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not As Legitimate As Hebdo

John Kerry’s Freudian slip | Power Line:
There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo [and what happened in last week’s Paris attacks], and I think everybody would feel that. [In the Hebdo case] [t]here was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.
When Republicans say something off the cuff that can be taken out of context and misconstrued, it is a done deal that the slip was the "real truth", and no apology or explanation can recover the situation. The recent Kevin McCarthy "everyone thought Hillary was unbeatable" or the classic of Trent Lott making an offhand unscripted remark at a birthday party for an old man about "the country being better off if Thurmond had been elected president" come to mind. The comparison to the national firestorm when Todd Akin talked about "legitimate rape" is just a bit too close to "even a legitimacy" from Kerry, but let's be realistic -- nobody in national party controlled media is interested in taking down John Kerry. He is one of their own ...

I'm sure that if it was a written speech, Kerry would have worded it differently, but when BO said "the future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam", it WAS in a prepared speech! I think the situation is a bit worse than the analogy given in the linked piece; "rape of a woman in a short skirt is understandable, but not a pants suit". "Infidels" are an abomination to strict Islam -- as are non-theocratic governments, voting or even RECOGNIZING governments that are not the Caliphate. If you are not one of them, you are better off dead -- you don't have to be a cartoonist, just not in support of the Caliphate to be a "legitimate" target for them!

As Golda Meir put it -- "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us."

One doesn't need to listen to BO, Hillary, Kerry or a whole lot of Democrat elite to realize that they see Republicans as their real enemies and Muslims as their friends. They believe that by controlling speech -- labeling it "hate speech" --  putting the guy who made a movie that want to use as cover for their Islamist friends killing the US Ambassador to Libya in jail, having NY State prosecute Exxon for not agreeing with Global Warming, harassing people in WI that had the gall to contribute to Scott Walker ... the list is already very long ... they and their Islamist friends can have centralized power states that will work out just fine. At least they think that ... but then as Reagan said : “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

The left tends not to think very much about "unintended consequences", "collateral damage" in destroying the existing western culture, nor in embracing other cultures that they find "stylish". So it causes them some confusion ... and often lots of deaths. Like WWII, China, Pol Pot, etc ... Paris and 9-11 are just tiny things compared to Iranians with nukes and ICBMs. They are sure that Islamists are "reasonable people" -- Islamists like to run tightly controlled totalitarian governments, so they have a lot in common with "liberals".

Good luck to Lurch Kerry in figuring out how to appease Iran so they don't get "really angry" with us when they have the bomb. If you have a little time, Rubio puts it pretty succinctly without notes or a teleprompter.

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A Sowell of Great Price

Just read it, ALL OF IT! Thomas Sowell is a voice of wisdom that gets my respect, awe, envy and a few other choice feelings and thoughts. The fact he happens to be black is a wonderful icing on the cake, but most of all he is a erudite voice of common sense, morality and reason crying in the current wilderness that was once the great nation of America!

Only one little teaser, but it is ALL worthy of reading and RE-READING!!

"Our situation today reminds me of what Winston Churchill said to his bodyguard, after the king appointed Churchill prime minister in the darkest days during World War II: "All I hope is that it is not too late. I am very much afraid it is. We can only do our best." He had tears in his eyes."
I wish I knew him, because his name brings to mind this ...

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Minnesota Is #1 !

Minnesota leads U.S. in recruiting ISIL terrorists, federal report finds -

... in exporting ISIL terrorists. We even beat out New York and California!

That #1 rating is one that the state richly deserves and is not at all unexpected to me. "Stupid is as stupid does".

Unfortunately, the Vikings being #1 in the NFC N is also very deserved -- they have been playing well, and the Pack has imploded.

I fervently hope that Wisconsin will rise again in the NFC N this weekend, but I definitely lack confidence at a level even worse than when the Favre Pack would journey to the confines of their nemesis the Humpty Dome.

I do agree with Dayton though -- I'm on the path to getting out of this landlocked swamp that wishes it were one of the lefty coasts. I expect MN to continue to excel in leftism, terrorism, violence and general cultural decline.

I pray they fail to continue to excel in football, SHORTLY!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Hillary Age / Health Not Issue

New Email: Hillary Clinton 'Often Confused' as Secretary of State | National Review Online:

So she is "frequently confused" according to her own aides and she will be 69 when she takes office if she wins -- same age as Reagan was.

Never mind -- she has a "D" next to her name, issues are well ... NOT ISSUES!

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ISIS Will Sell Your Children Into Slavery

I had a good long time to mull the state of the crazy world yesterday on the way back from Denver as the Packers were losing to Detroit at Lambeau for the first time since 1991, the surrealism mounts.

It seems very clear that Paris wasn't caused by some film or Global Warming.

Obama has called Global Warming the greatest threat to our future 22 times now ... apparently Bernie Sanders did the same in the Democrat debate over the weekend. Last Friday AM on ABC, BO said that "ISIL is not getting stronger, we have them CONTAINED". Often one has to a wait at least a couple days for the idiocy of BO's statements to be completely clear ... not in this case.

I read the linked article prior to Friday, it is from the Atlantic, a "near left" publication, on par with the NYTs in left tilt, and was published in March of this year. Nothing surprising to me about Paris other than the fact that such attacks have been as infrequent as they have been -- anyone paying any attention has known what we were up against since at least the first World Trade Center bombing in '93. The choice is a very simple one "us or them" -- if we want to keep following the way of BO, they intend to have our women as concubines and our children as slaves ... but Global Warming is a bigger threat. Thus sayeth BO!

Everyone decries the violence in Paris, but am I the only one that remembers that if the "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey's" had given even MINIMAL support back in '03, we wouldn't have this problem? Anybody paying attention knew who we were fighting in Iraq back in '03 -- the linked article covers it thusly:
In November (2014), the Islamic State released an infomercial-like video tracing its origins to bin Laden. It acknowledged Abu Musa’b al Zarqawi, the brutal head of al‑Qaeda in Iraq from roughly 2003 until his killing in 2006, as a more immediate progenitor, followed sequentially by two other guerrilla leaders before Baghdadi, the caliph.
The left in this country sold the masses on the idea that "al-Qaeda was not in Iraq" -- and continues to uphold that claim if it breaks into the popular consciousness, as it did with "American Sniper", but buried in an article like that linked, they do let the truth slip from time to time. It is interesting to see what W said back in '05 on the subject of what we were and are fighting
 In fact, we're not facing a set of grievances that can be soothed and addressed. We're facing a radical ideology with inalterable objectives: to enslave whole nations and intimidate the world. 
No acts of ours involves the rage of killers. And no concessions, bribe, or act of appeasement would change or limit their plans of murder. On the contrary; they target nations whose behavior they believe they can change through violence. Against such an enemy, there is only one effective response: We will never back down, never give in, and never accept anything less than complete victory. (Applause.) 
But, those in the thrall of "The Party" and it's media KNOW that Bush was all wrong and stupid, while BO is an infallible genius. We DID back down -- BO ceded Iraq to "The JV Team", destabilized Libya and weakly intoned of "Red Lines" in Syria. Without BO, ISIS would never have gotten territory and as the linked article points out, the doctrine of ISIS is the doctrine of returning the Islamic Caliphate and it **REQUIRES** territory --
To be the caliph, one must meet conditions outlined in Sunni law—being a Muslim adult man of Quraysh descent; exhibiting moral probity and physical and mental integrity; and having ’amr, or authority. This last criterion, Cerantonio said, is the hardest to fulfill, and requires that the caliph have territory in which he can enforce Islamic law.
The article does a good job in general of pointing out the obvious VERY "Islamic" roots of ISIL and the fact that their doctrines are very much in keeping with fundamental Islam -- and their goal is clear, they mean to defeat us and enslave us.
...  the caliphate has continued to embrace slavery and crucifixion without apology. “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women,” Adnani, the spokesman, promised in one of his periodic valentines to the West. “If we do not reach that time, then our children and grandchildren will reach it, and they will sell your sons as slaves at the slave market.”
The article gets a little long, but the important things for people that don't want to see their children and grandchildren as slaves of an Islamic Caliphate is that:

  1. Their goal is VICTORY, and unlike us, they believe in it enough to die for it. Do we care enough to die to prevent their victory and our grandchildren as slaves? Guess not. 
  2. They are VERY MUCH Islamic, and THEY DON'T NEGOTIATE -- they don't send "ambassadors" nor even recognize other governments. Their motto is "win or die" -- even voting is a sin worthy of the death penalty. 
  3. While they are certainly still a minority of Muslims, there are A LOT of Muslims that find their doctrine appealing -- the author tries to assert a non-violent fundamentalist version of Islam as an alternative, but one wonders if he was ever a young man -- the ACTION of ISIS is way too appealing for his alternative to win out. 
I especially liked these two as telling on the fact that what ISIS is doing and the general reaction of scholars in trying to downplay it as similarly meaningless as what most of the doctrinal disputes of modern Christianity have degenerated into. 

But Muslims who call the Islamic State un-Islamic are typically, as the Princeton scholar Bernard Haykel, the leading expert on the group’s theology, told me, “embarrassed and politically correct, with a cotton-candy view of their own religion” that neglects “what their religion has historically and legally required.” Many denials of the Islamic State’s religious nature, he said, are rooted in an “interfaith-Christian-nonsense tradition".
“Slavery, crucifixion, and beheadings are not something that freakish [jihadists] are cherry-picking from the medieval tradition,” Haykel said. Islamic State fighters “are smack in the middle of the medieval tradition and are bringing it wholesale into the present day.”
I found his closing paragraphs familiar to a lot of my thinking, and chilling. Contrast the meaning of being "personally involved in struggles beyond their own lives" with "voting to redistribute other people's money, or voting to force others to bake cakes for gay "weddings", or "voting for hope and change". "Especially when it is a burden" -- the essence of "having skin in the game", rather than voting to force others to do what you want.
I could enjoy their company, as a guilty intellectual exercise, up to a point. In reviewing Mein Kampf in March 1940, George Orwell confessed that he had “never been able to dislike Hitler”; something about the man projected an underdog quality, even when his goals were cowardly or loathsome. “If he were killing a mouse he would know how to make it seem like a dragon.” The Islamic State’s partisans have much the same allure. They believe that they are personally involved in struggles beyond their own lives, and that merely to be swept up in the drama, on the side of righteousness, is a privilege and a pleasure—especially when it is also a burden.
The author didn't think that ISIS was likely to execute terrorist attacks in western lands -- Paris seems to show that he was wrong on that.

All of a sudden, BO seems much happier "leading from behind" as France steps up attacks in Syria. Like a dog chasing a car, it is much more than a bit unclear what the objectives of France, the US, or Russia really are in Syria. France probably wants to kill ISIS and is largely OK with Assad ... which would seem to align with Russia. The US has declared that we want Assad gone, but how we prevent ISIS from filling that void is a mystery. It is obvious at this point how huge a mistake BO made in pulling the troops out of Iraq -- so even if Syria "miraculously" stabilizes under Assad or someone else, ISIS has a home in Iraq for the foreseeable future.

Once we were "One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for all". We saw ourselves as standing for important ideals -- a Flag, a Republic, a Constitution, we were exceptional, and hundreds of thousands died in preserving those ideas, because we knew they were not free -- from the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. We answered the call again after 9-11, but the corruption in the soul of America that first reared it's ugly head in Vietnam came back with a vengeance.

We are no longer a nation under God. We no longer respect a Constitution, nor even generally realize the difference between a Republic and a "democracy". To the extent we have any ideals at all, they are those of Mizzou -- declared by some majority or court decree, and not to be questioned under threat of state or institutional sanction. The young of university age expect their views to protected from even discussion -- they have no interest in defending them verbally, let alone on a battlefield.

Those that have nothing to live and die for eventually find that someone else will tell them if they live, and exactly how they will live, because their masters don't share their lack of commitment.

The human condition is slavery -- to the Devil, the State, addiction, money,  etc.  I'm a slave too -- to Christ, praise be to God!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

20% of Americans Still Believe We Have Freedom of Speech

Little Support for Punishing Global Warming Foes - Rasmussen Reports™:
But only 20% of Americans think they have true freedom of speech today. Seventy-three percent (73%) think instead that Americans have to be careful not to say something politically incorrect to avoid getting in trouble.
I'm hoping that the 27% that haven't figured out "hate speech" are black, in nursing homes, or some other "special class" (gay, transexual, muslim, etc), because if you accidently say "niggardly", or something else in total innocence in the wrong crowd, you can at the very least lose your job if not be actually prosecuted.
Just over one-in-four Democrats (27%), however, favor prosecuting those who don’t agree with global warming.
So ONLY 1 in 4 Democrats are willing to say to a pollster that they believe those willing to present evidence contrary to Global Warming doctrine ought to be PUNISHED -- as NY State is doing with Exxon. They may not want to admit it to a pollster yet, but I'm sure the real numbers have to be a LOT higher or there would be some outcry in favor of that tired old concept of freedom of speech.

This column doesn't go into campaign finance laws directed at stopping conservative speech, anti-Chrisitian laws relative to praryer, crosses, ten commandments, etc.

Free speech was never free -- but we failed to pay the price to keep it, and now it is GONE -- the only thing going on now is "how big is the punishment" for "unapproved speech" -- loss of job, boycotts,  being arrested, jail, or eventually death.

The 20-27% need to get their minds right -- before somebody else makes their minds right by some level of force! Freedom of speech is HISTORY.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Oppressed Missouri 1%er

Blog: Mizzou hunger striker protesting 'white privilege' has a father making $6 million last year:

Turns out the father of the black "hunger striker" who took down the university head makes $6 Million a year and is worth north of $20 Million.

The mainline media doesn't report it, and Snopes says "doesn't matter".

Indeed, if it didn't matter what income people make, "income inequality" wouldn't be much of an issue, would it?

As you know -- I'd be fine with that. The Koch brothers have a right to their opinions as does George Soros, the New York Times, etc -- people at lots of different incomes have lots of different opinions. As long as income level isn't an issue for the Koch brothers, then it ought not be an issue for this young "oppressed" protestor either.

I'm sure that we won't hear any more about the Koch brothers income! -- and pigs are sure to fly very soon!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

White Officers Shoot and Kill 6 Year old Autistic Black Child

2 Louisiana Officers Charged With Second-Degree Murder in Killing of Boy, 6 - The New York Times:

Think my headline would be a bit more newsworthy? Oh well, it was two BLACK officers that shot and killed a 6 year old autistic WHITE boy, and shot his father -- who according to some film actually DID have his hands up and was unarmed.

I almost missed this story, it is pretty much already gone from the news. Doesn't fit the narrative, no story here, move along.

I have no idea what the circumstances really were -- it is a terrible tragedy, it APPEARS like the officers MAY have been in the wrong, but there is no drumbeat for their hides -- as there should not be! Let it be investigated, and if they are guilty of "whatever", even racism (it IS possible for blacks as well!), then they pay the price. Even if two black cops turn out to be racist it DOES NOT mean that "lots", "a majority", are as well.

Maybe they are guilty of nothing -- but low light, mistaken identity, poor but understandable decision making, being afraid, etc ... it is all possible. Humans DO make errors, sometimes grievous ones and then we all move along.

One thing is clear however, in America today what we are shown is very carefully controlled by THE PARTY -- we see the narrative that they want us to see. The real world is largely invisible.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black and White, United In Death

White Working Class: Rising Death Rate| National Review Online:

A good angle from Victor Davis Hanson on the shrinking lifespans of working class white Americans, a subject that I covered here. I believe there are lots of reasons for what has happened -- I tend to focus on religion and culture, but in reading Hanson, a couple other major items came to my mind, both of which can fit under the heading "America Gave Up".

Up through the 60's, we were certainly THE "exceptional nation" -- the land of the free and the home of the brave. A nation specially blessed by God. A nation with liberty and justice for all. We were that shining city on a hill that Reagan invoked in our memories during the 1980s.

While we reached one of the greatest triumphs in the history of the world in the late '60s, the Moon Landing, we also lost a war, saw racial strife spill onto our streets, had two leading figures assassinated, had riots on our campuses, and saw morality publicly decline precipitously with the "sexual revolution" and the rapid rise of divorce and welfare.

We began to lose our way and with it our confidence in the '60s, in the seventies we lost more -- Watergate, inflation, Americans held hostage by Iran, the Carter malaise. The '80s brought a lot of re-birth, but an awful lot of it was consumption and even worse, debt based. We might have taken pride in the end of the USSR, and some of us did, but the message from the elites was muted -- the end of the USSR kind of "just happened" as far as we were told.

We could go on, but the bottom line is that being a part of something bigger than oneself -- say an exceptional nation with a God-given purpose is MOST important to those people to whom individual recognition of a public sort, great wealth, or other external validation is not likely to happen. Being a part of a great nation, working toward a better tomorrow for their children and grandchildren with the idea that what they are doing is unique, moral, and exceptional in the world is most important when you are "just plain folks" -- not "thinkers", elite, wealthy, highly educated, etc. Those are the people that most need to wave the flag on the sidelines of the 4th of July parade -- the ones that BO calls "bitter clingers".

Turns out that neither being bitter nor clinging -- as in just barely hanging on, is conducive to a long nor healthy life. America lost it's way -- and it lost it's soul, and those people that are not "special" in the sense that they are called out positively by those in power in media and government feel that loss the most.

We also decided that we could not or at least would not compete on the global market in the area of relatively unskilled labor. We declared what a "living wage" was and was not, and decided that jobs that didn't pay more than that were best done overseas or by illegal aliens. "We can't compete with "less than a dollar an hour" -- or some such figure, so we stopped trying to compete. The sad part is that "living" becomes a lot too optional when one's labors are declared and forced by government policy to not be worth even going through the motions of. You have been declared "not competitive" -- sit back and take your check.

Better to not work at all and draw welfare and assistance than to have a job that doesn't provide a "living wage" -- only nobody really ran any "studies" to decide if that is in fact true. Perhaps it is better to work for even a very low wage than it is to fall under dependence to the very elites that have declared you to be "not worthy to compete in the world market".

In any case, what was there to do? Consumption is bad ... not sustainable, the planet has a fever! We seem to have no more exploration or expansion desires -- not looking to exploit more land here, in Alaska or anywhere around the globe -- who knows, if the US was still into expanding, we might have companies trying to "exploit" Siberia, parts of Africa, parts of the oceans, or who knows what? We used to be innovative! But now it is settled that the greatest problem facing the US and the planet is "Global Warming"!

To even consider old terms like "expansion", "development", "advancement", "exploration" is positively immoral -- we are back to the 1970's. America needs to lie low -- to be a "leader" in reducing! Our malaise is so universal that nobody seems to notice -- very few see any potential for recovery.

I've been talking about this for 10 years in this blog -- there really wasn't a lot of "prediction" involved, it has been happening all along, but now the pace is accelerating and some things like the cost in human lives is becoming more obvious. It is also obvious, as it is with the cost in thousands of black lives lost each year because they shoot each other, that to the elites that are running the country, THESE LIVES DON'T MATTER!

Except for those at the very top of the Fascist connection between "The Party" (D), the elite universities, media and corporations, NO LIVES MATTER! In a Godless nation, all that ultimately matters is POWER, and all the rest is just a matter of how to best consolidate that power -- no matter the cost in the loss of a once great culture and the lives destroyed along with it.

Black and white, we are united in death as TP destroys even the desire to live.

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Carson, Character, Consistency, Caring, Contrast

Ben Carson and West Point, another look | Power Line:

"In general" (always a dangerous statement), people of a conservative bent care deeply about character and consistency. Liberals at least say that they "care about caring" -- they say they want to have a belief that their candidates "care", although from a conservative perspective the fact that they have no concept of consistency in the sense of any general application makes it hard to even understand how they can support their oft repeated "we care" claim.

The problem seems to be desires vs results. They at least claim to believe that their government programs "help", although the facts show that among the groups targeted by those programs, families have been destroyed, poverty, substance abuse and crime have risen, and thousands of young black men shoot each other each year. They claim that they fervently desire to help black families, their programs demonstrably destroy those families consigning the vast majority of them to poverty, substance abuse, despair and early often violent deaths.

But liberals FEEL good about their programs, so the programs continue.

Conservatives actually have feelings as well -- no matter what liberals say. A person like Ben Carson, a child of poverty, who lived the dysfunction of the liberally imposed system in Detroit, rose to be the pre-eminent brain surgeon in the nation, is a Christian and a conservative, brings a shiver of pride to our spines and maybe a bit of a tear to our eye. While we know in our hearts that he is "just a man", our tendency is to love him and idolize him. A guy like Carson makes conservatives FEEL really good!

I've said before, I have doubts about him as a presidential candidate -- he is brilliant, but he has no executive experience nor political experience, and being president is BOTH -- big time. But I'm human too ... he is a symbol of what I believe many more black men could be if their culture were recovered from the clutches of The Party.

I also knew that the left must HATE Carson! They have no choice -- in their world model he is Satan. A successful "real black man" ... of the inner city, of a single mother and according to his genesis story, even angry enough to try to stab someone until he found Christ. If Ben Carson is real, then at least a significant amount of what liberals feel good about is a lie -- which if they looked at data, they would already know to be true, but humans need stories and liberalism depends on mythology. If Carson and his story are true, then what liberals feel very good and completely smug about is at least significantly false -- not just statistically, but in terms of a real human narrative.

So Carson must be destroyed -- and since he is human, we know he has flaws, so the likelihood is that he will be. Since conservatives DO care about character and consistency, the liberal onslaught tends to have the desired effect on us  -- like Nixon swearing on the tapes, or W Bush's DUI, conservatives can't help but feel bad when flaws are pointed out in leaders that we had hopes were at least closer to "perfect".

I thought the linked column was a great example of the effects of media attack on even those that are among the most intelligent in the conservative camp -- the universal human tendency to write our own stories with an eye to positive mythology is of no concern from the left, it is almost "endearing" (eg. Hillary named after Edmund Hillary, etc, etc), but from the right it is immediately translated as a disappointing "lie". It isn't "all politicians" that have a life story that is somewhat mythological, it is ALL HUMANS,  ME! -- but for those of us not in public life, our friends and family share in the covering of the secrets and the celebration of the triumphs -- both the embellished "real", and the very nearly entirely myth.

Conservative Christians aren't allowed to hate anyone -- BUT, we certainly can hate policy and sin -- as in abortion, gay "marriage", single parenthood, etc, and feel bad when they win and lives are destroyed. Being Christian and conservative often means feeling sorry for our own sins and the sins of those of like belief in this world as well as those who war against belief itself. We have the hope in Christ of ultimate victory, but we deal with the knowledge that in our walk through this very imperfect world, we will often be disappointed in both our own feet of clay, and of those who take on the mantle of leadership for our cause.

The left has no admonition against hate -- and we can observe that they hate Ben Carson as they must, and have great joy in attacking him with abandon. He makes them feel bad -- and one of the big reasons to be liberal is that you desire to feel GOOD ... superior, smart, just,  powerful (at least as a group), self righteous, proud and smug -- the fruits of the left. Conservatives trade some good feelings for virtue in this world and the promise of the next, for liberals, this life is it, and they are willing for others to pay ANY price so that they can feel good! (we Christians can't brag -- Christ paid even more for our hope than the millions of dead babies, tens of thousands of dead young black men, and now rising death toll of lesser educated whites sacrificed on the altar of liberal good feeling)

Such is the shape of the battle that will continue until the day Christ returns -- we often need to prayerfully "let go and let God", because how the manner in which the victory is to the righteous often seems very well shrouded.

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Losing Gender, Losing Life

This Isn't A Culture War. It's A War On Culture:

Houston has decided that male and female should continue to have separate bathrooms and locker rooms -- and so it is now is some hick backwater with a three term lesbian mayor, worthy of being boycotted and pilloried.

What part of THOU SHALT completely follow and bow to today's aggrieved group is it that they failed to understand? As the linked article put it:
Yet, progressives are so wrapped up in the notion that social change can only be achieved through politics and regulation, that when they do lose a vote, they act like the social order is crumbling and the nation is careening towards a theocratic nightmare.

Boycott Houston!
After gay "marriage", I no longer predict how far the destruction of culture will go, I only know that it will continue. We lost marriage, a cornerstone of culture, it would be no surprise to lose gender next -- ALL culture must be destroyed, and that does mean ALL!

 For a "progressive",  there is nothing that is sacred except today's hot new idea of "progress". In a world of complete moral relativism there can be no culture, because culture must endure from generation to generation to exist. Fads, fashions, memes, mass movements, manias, causes, etc are not culture unless they take hold and survive for multiple generations. We have lost our culture and gained a lot of "flavor of the day".

When  "progress" is primary, culture cannot endure, and since human reality is one of living in a working culture, there is no human reality of existence and life slides to the abyss. So more and more people simply pass away -- naturally as a result of their actions, in killings as they rebel against the meaningless world, or by their own hand, alone in their despair.

In the real world, our sex is determined at conception. Females have two x chromosomes, males have an x and a y. While there is something less than 1% of the population that have somewhat ambiguous sex organs (formerly hermaphrodites, now supposed to be called "intersex"), even the vast majority of THOSE are properly wired prior to birth to one sex or the other. Females  and males have major differences in the brain (the human difference), not just sex organs. One of these differences is the corpus callosum which connects the right and left halves of the brain. In computer terms, men have a dial-up connection, women have a terabit bus. Girls interact earlier and more with others ... we could go on and on.

Once, all  this was completely known to science, like the Vostok ice cores that clearly show four previous warm periods like our current now 10K year old period in the last 500K years. However, like the ice cores, something even as basic as our gender is now on the path to being hidden away in the name of "progress" so a another harmful scam can be perpetrated.

Jeremy Bentham, a founder of "Utilitarianism" ... "the greatest good for the greatest number" assumed that doing away with class distinctions and religion to focus on what he saw as a very simple and easy "moral" (in his mind) of the "greatest good" would clearly produce a wonderful utopia. As all attempts to ignore the wisdom of the ages and God, it has produced a hellish chaos.

Why? A very significant problem with the definition of "good" -- science can say nothing at all of a value judgement like "good". The Bible ... and really Buddhism as well, make "humility" the greatest good -- "the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God". People might like to think it is "happiness" -- as in the "pursuit of", but if we still believe in science at all, pursuing happiness for yourself guarantees that you will not find it. Happiness is what sometimes happens when you follow the purpose for your life -- but in a random universe, life is purposeless, so there is no happiness.

Humans only live in the context of a culture. We have destroyed ours, so death is winning -- in abortion, in drug and alcohol addiction, mass killings, suicides ... the list will just keep growing. We gave rejected God, and therefore rejected wisdom -- and we are dying.

Our confusion clearly knows no bounds.

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