Wednesday, November 04, 2015

28 Year History of Conservative Media

Rush Limbaugh & National Review -- Conservative-Media Revolution | National Review Online:

We often forget just how short a time there has been any sort of a conservative "popular media" answer to the massive amount of left wing outlets. National Review was around as a magazine, but with a very small readership ... it peaked at just over 250K readers an issue in '94.

So Limbaugh came on the national airwaves 28 years ago in 1988, Fox News showed up in 1997, not quite 20 years ago.

Would there have been a 50 year period with no Republican control of the House of Representatives if the American people had been able to listen to conservative mass media over that time? How much did Rush Limbaugh have to do with the Republicans finally taking the House in '94?

I know that when Jimmy Carter convinced me that there HAD to be a different and better way to look at the world than he espoused, I had to SEARCH to find National Review. I've certainly "converted" more than a few people to at LEAST QUESTION what it is they hear drummed into their heads each day by the standard left wing mass media -- "The Mainstream Media" or MSM. Rush definitely allowed millions more to be aware that pretty much all issues have AT LEAST two sides -- if not many more.

Sadly, at nearly 30 years into a major revolution of choice in media, conservatism is LOSING -- badly, and along with it, the ability to maintain anything recognizable as "America" --  God, Family, hard work, delayed gratification, personal responsibility, thrift -- all those "old time" values.

It isn't hard at all to see how the conservative light could be easily extinguished -- a return to a government administered "fairness doctrine" where the FCC decides what is "speech", and what is "propaganda" and has to give the other side "equal time".  Citizens United being overturned -- so the NYTs, NPR, Michael Moore, CNN, etc can say all they want, but conservative political speech is strictly controlled. "Net Neutrality" -- where blogs that are considered "biased political speech" (in the eyes of the government) are blocked, slowed, sanctioned, removed from search, etc. ... the list could go on.

The calls for "doing SOMETHING about the disruptive right wing media" by the left are fairly constant. The hatred of "Faux News" oozes from those who lean left -- and when those from the left hate something, it is not enough to turn the channel, it means that what they dislike should be destroyed!

A lot of prayers and a lot of hard work will continue to be needed to at a minimum slow the leftward slide as much as possible -- and to hope against all odds, the tide will yet be turned!

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