Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Sowell of Great Price

Just read it, ALL OF IT! Thomas Sowell is a voice of wisdom that gets my respect, awe, envy and a few other choice feelings and thoughts. The fact he happens to be black is a wonderful icing on the cake, but most of all he is a erudite voice of common sense, morality and reason crying in the current wilderness that was once the great nation of America!

Only one little teaser, but it is ALL worthy of reading and RE-READING!!

"Our situation today reminds me of what Winston Churchill said to his bodyguard, after the king appointed Churchill prime minister in the darkest days during World War II: "All I hope is that it is not too late. I am very much afraid it is. We can only do our best." He had tears in his eyes."
I wish I knew him, because his name brings to mind this ...

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