Sunday, November 29, 2015

Abortionist Lives Matter, Colorado

GOP candidates condemn Planned Parenthood shooting but dismiss link to antiabortion rhetoric - The Washington Post:

Look into the eyes of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter and the predominant thing you see is the same thing you see in most of the mass shooters eyes of this day and age -- insanity. It is unsurprising because insanity is really the only consistent element in the modern Statist directed narrative.

Abortion may well be the root of at least a major part of the loss of sanity and it's close friends reason and consistency. We certainly know that the lives of the most innocent of all -- babes, that used to be "safe in their mother's womb",  DON'T MATTER to the tune of 50+ million of them, with their body parts being sold over wine and salad.

The abortionists lives however DO MATTER -- so much that videos of babies that might live outside the womb being dismembered alive for their parts need to be suppressed, because they may "set someone off".

In Roseburg Oregon we have a shooter as black as Obama (Obama's mother was white, father was black. Shooter's father was white, mother was black). Strangely, the race of the shooter was barely mentioned -- neither was the fact that the shooter singled out Christians.  Very little was said of this at all, and in many cases it was "softened" to being "he was against organized religion", or "he was troubled".  Indeed, and the PP Colorado shooter was not?

How frequently do we hear about how "hateful, hypocritical, etc" Christians are for not supporting gay "marriage", maybe in some cases not supporting Syrian refugees (although that case is pretty much just an extrapolation from the stereotype of "Red States being Christian", etc.

We see that many cases of anti-Christian rhetoric from all sorts of groups in the US is not linked in the least to a shooter in Oregon that EXPLICITLY selected Christians -- therefore we know that Christian lives DON'T MATTER.

We have covered the Black Lives before -- the ONLY case when they matter is when they are shot by police. There are big demonstrations in Chicago over a police shooting now -- not so much over gang bangers killing a 9 year old boy. Innocent lives tend to matter less and less -- the more innocent, the less they matter.

If you are high on PCP, breaking into trucks and carrying a knife and resisting arrest, you are NOT "innocent" -- it may not deserve to be shot and killed, but you are a LONG way from "innocent". Same thing up in the cities -- if you beat your girlfriend bloody, decide to interfere with the paramedics so they call the cops and then resist arrest, you are NOT INNOCENT ... again, you being shot may not be what you "deserve", but you deserved it much more than a 9 year old boy or a baby in it's mother's womb.  Making innocence murky is a consistent part of evil.

Besides, I'm guessing they don't make deals to sell the body parts of young black men shot by the police over salad and wine -- I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Just to be clear -- if the insane guy in Colorado really was targeting people because of abortion, he was wrong to do so. To a Christian, ALL LIVES MATTER -- eternally!

The insanity is that a culture can start explicitly deciding that some lives matter not in the least -- as in babies in the womb. They may be killed for convenience and their parts sold, and anyone that questions that is going to be called out as almost an accessory to murder if some nut happens to kill an abortionist. The babies lives matter so little that protecting them can't even be DISCUSSED, lest some abortionist be injured or killed.

Meanwhile, people can be marching down streets saying "What do we want, DEAD COPS!" or "Pigs in a blanket, Fry-em like bacon!" and there is no connection whatsoever according to the media and the left when a cop gets killed in cold blood. It drops off the news in a day.

When it comes to life, the gross inconsistency of the left wing ideology is corrosively corruptive. It eats through morality and reason like acid through metal -- leaving behind the putrid sludge of evil insanity.

We live in the land of consistent unreasoning insanity.

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