Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black and White, United In Death

White Working Class: Rising Death Rate| National Review Online:

A good angle from Victor Davis Hanson on the shrinking lifespans of working class white Americans, a subject that I covered here. I believe there are lots of reasons for what has happened -- I tend to focus on religion and culture, but in reading Hanson, a couple other major items came to my mind, both of which can fit under the heading "America Gave Up".

Up through the 60's, we were certainly THE "exceptional nation" -- the land of the free and the home of the brave. A nation specially blessed by God. A nation with liberty and justice for all. We were that shining city on a hill that Reagan invoked in our memories during the 1980s.

While we reached one of the greatest triumphs in the history of the world in the late '60s, the Moon Landing, we also lost a war, saw racial strife spill onto our streets, had two leading figures assassinated, had riots on our campuses, and saw morality publicly decline precipitously with the "sexual revolution" and the rapid rise of divorce and welfare.

We began to lose our way and with it our confidence in the '60s, in the seventies we lost more -- Watergate, inflation, Americans held hostage by Iran, the Carter malaise. The '80s brought a lot of re-birth, but an awful lot of it was consumption and even worse, debt based. We might have taken pride in the end of the USSR, and some of us did, but the message from the elites was muted -- the end of the USSR kind of "just happened" as far as we were told.

We could go on, but the bottom line is that being a part of something bigger than oneself -- say an exceptional nation with a God-given purpose is MOST important to those people to whom individual recognition of a public sort, great wealth, or other external validation is not likely to happen. Being a part of a great nation, working toward a better tomorrow for their children and grandchildren with the idea that what they are doing is unique, moral, and exceptional in the world is most important when you are "just plain folks" -- not "thinkers", elite, wealthy, highly educated, etc. Those are the people that most need to wave the flag on the sidelines of the 4th of July parade -- the ones that BO calls "bitter clingers".

Turns out that neither being bitter nor clinging -- as in just barely hanging on, is conducive to a long nor healthy life. America lost it's way -- and it lost it's soul, and those people that are not "special" in the sense that they are called out positively by those in power in media and government feel that loss the most.

We also decided that we could not or at least would not compete on the global market in the area of relatively unskilled labor. We declared what a "living wage" was and was not, and decided that jobs that didn't pay more than that were best done overseas or by illegal aliens. "We can't compete with "less than a dollar an hour" -- or some such figure, so we stopped trying to compete. The sad part is that "living" becomes a lot too optional when one's labors are declared and forced by government policy to not be worth even going through the motions of. You have been declared "not competitive" -- sit back and take your check.

Better to not work at all and draw welfare and assistance than to have a job that doesn't provide a "living wage" -- only nobody really ran any "studies" to decide if that is in fact true. Perhaps it is better to work for even a very low wage than it is to fall under dependence to the very elites that have declared you to be "not worthy to compete in the world market".

In any case, what was there to do? Consumption is bad ... not sustainable, the planet has a fever! We seem to have no more exploration or expansion desires -- not looking to exploit more land here, in Alaska or anywhere around the globe -- who knows, if the US was still into expanding, we might have companies trying to "exploit" Siberia, parts of Africa, parts of the oceans, or who knows what? We used to be innovative! But now it is settled that the greatest problem facing the US and the planet is "Global Warming"!

To even consider old terms like "expansion", "development", "advancement", "exploration" is positively immoral -- we are back to the 1970's. America needs to lie low -- to be a "leader" in reducing! Our malaise is so universal that nobody seems to notice -- very few see any potential for recovery.

I've been talking about this for 10 years in this blog -- there really wasn't a lot of "prediction" involved, it has been happening all along, but now the pace is accelerating and some things like the cost in human lives is becoming more obvious. It is also obvious, as it is with the cost in thousands of black lives lost each year because they shoot each other, that to the elites that are running the country, THESE LIVES DON'T MATTER!

Except for those at the very top of the Fascist connection between "The Party" (D), the elite universities, media and corporations, NO LIVES MATTER! In a Godless nation, all that ultimately matters is POWER, and all the rest is just a matter of how to best consolidate that power -- no matter the cost in the loss of a once great culture and the lives destroyed along with it.

Black and white, we are united in death as TP destroys even the desire to live.

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