Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Government In Action, The Criminal Neglect of Heather Curtis

Child's 'worst case of neglect' prompts $27M claim against DSHS:

Read it all if you have a strong stomach.
"I saw a young girl, thought she was a child, so small, skeletal like. And she was in nothing but a very, very soiled diaper," said Paredes-Garrett. "And she was wailing and moaning a sound I've never ever heard and the only thing I could compare it to would be a wounded animal."
Want to have the government in charge? Well, "Heather" could be an elderly you or someone that you love.

Break up families, churches and communities and then put a unionized government bureaucracy in charge, and Heather is what you get! We KNOW this ... USSR, National Socialist Germany, N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela ... don't avert your eyes! THIS is where we have descended to already, and we are hitting the accelerator for MORE!

Yes, socialists really really "care" ... about removing money from earners and transferring it to "whatever" to  increases their power. Anything else? Just imagine all the Heathers that aren't lucky enough to have someone call the cops and just die in filth and pain waiting for DSHS.

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