Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Jews Shall Be Silent in MN!

Israeli Speaker Shouted Down at the University of Minnesota | Power Line:

A professor of Jewish thought and philosophy from Hebrew University was shouted down at the UofM Law School yesterday PM. The WaPo reported on it, but according to PL, the Strib has failed to do so.

Christians, Jews, those that disagree with Climate Change being our largest problem, those that believe in some restraint of government, etc -- all are treated to the only left wing argument that really works. SHUT UP! Disagreement with leftist dogma is a "trigger" -- our tenderly wrapped university law students must be spared hearing opinions not in line with left wing diktat!

As always, if the left's view of winning arguments -- intimidation! -- fails, then sterner types are chosen. Have the IRS investigate them, pass some bogus "campaign finance law", call what your opposition has to say "hate speech" and make it illegal. Or, in the case of Israel, just arrange for their enemies to gain nuclear weapons.

Left is control -- right is chaos, but just to the right of center there was LIBERTY ... what America once had. As we skid, slide, slouch and tumble down the left ditch, the day where the argument is won by herding those who refuse to bow to the will of the left into chambers where the "ultimate truth" of the left is exposed in the belching smoke rising from the ovens.

Why do people not figure out what Fascists are about before it is too late? Ask the Star Trib.

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