Monday, November 09, 2015

Losing Gender, Losing Life

This Isn't A Culture War. It's A War On Culture:

Houston has decided that male and female should continue to have separate bathrooms and locker rooms -- and so it is now is some hick backwater with a three term lesbian mayor, worthy of being boycotted and pilloried.

What part of THOU SHALT completely follow and bow to today's aggrieved group is it that they failed to understand? As the linked article put it:
Yet, progressives are so wrapped up in the notion that social change can only be achieved through politics and regulation, that when they do lose a vote, they act like the social order is crumbling and the nation is careening towards a theocratic nightmare.

Boycott Houston!
After gay "marriage", I no longer predict how far the destruction of culture will go, I only know that it will continue. We lost marriage, a cornerstone of culture, it would be no surprise to lose gender next -- ALL culture must be destroyed, and that does mean ALL!

 For a "progressive",  there is nothing that is sacred except today's hot new idea of "progress". In a world of complete moral relativism there can be no culture, because culture must endure from generation to generation to exist. Fads, fashions, memes, mass movements, manias, causes, etc are not culture unless they take hold and survive for multiple generations. We have lost our culture and gained a lot of "flavor of the day".

When  "progress" is primary, culture cannot endure, and since human reality is one of living in a working culture, there is no human reality of existence and life slides to the abyss. So more and more people simply pass away -- naturally as a result of their actions, in killings as they rebel against the meaningless world, or by their own hand, alone in their despair.

In the real world, our sex is determined at conception. Females have two x chromosomes, males have an x and a y. While there is something less than 1% of the population that have somewhat ambiguous sex organs (formerly hermaphrodites, now supposed to be called "intersex"), even the vast majority of THOSE are properly wired prior to birth to one sex or the other. Females  and males have major differences in the brain (the human difference), not just sex organs. One of these differences is the corpus callosum which connects the right and left halves of the brain. In computer terms, men have a dial-up connection, women have a terabit bus. Girls interact earlier and more with others ... we could go on and on.

Once, all  this was completely known to science, like the Vostok ice cores that clearly show four previous warm periods like our current now 10K year old period in the last 500K years. However, like the ice cores, something even as basic as our gender is now on the path to being hidden away in the name of "progress" so a another harmful scam can be perpetrated.

Jeremy Bentham, a founder of "Utilitarianism" ... "the greatest good for the greatest number" assumed that doing away with class distinctions and religion to focus on what he saw as a very simple and easy "moral" (in his mind) of the "greatest good" would clearly produce a wonderful utopia. As all attempts to ignore the wisdom of the ages and God, it has produced a hellish chaos.

Why? A very significant problem with the definition of "good" -- science can say nothing at all of a value judgement like "good". The Bible ... and really Buddhism as well, make "humility" the greatest good -- "the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God". People might like to think it is "happiness" -- as in the "pursuit of", but if we still believe in science at all, pursuing happiness for yourself guarantees that you will not find it. Happiness is what sometimes happens when you follow the purpose for your life -- but in a random universe, life is purposeless, so there is no happiness.

Humans only live in the context of a culture. We have destroyed ours, so death is winning -- in abortion, in drug and alcohol addiction, mass killings, suicides ... the list will just keep growing. We gave rejected God, and therefore rejected wisdom -- and we are dying.

Our confusion clearly knows no bounds.

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