Monday, November 30, 2015

Minneapolis -- Met All Demands, Still Demanding

Hodges, Ellison call for an end to 4th Precinct protests:

Used to do a lot of phone calls with a woman that quieted down here little dog by giving it a treat when it started barking when she was on the phone. Guess what. The dog started barking every time she was on the phone! Imagine that

So Mayor Betsy Hodges up in Minneapolis has met all the Black Lives Matter protesters demands -- but guess what, they still have more demands and continue to occupy the 4th Precinct! Imagine that! Give them everything they want and they want more.
She went on to say the city has met all the demands the group has made -- even as they continue to be posed. 
A federal investigation was launched into the death of 24-year-old Jamar Clark, who was shot and killed by police, the identities of the officers involved in the shooting were released, grief counseling was made available to witnesses of the shooting and an investigation has been called into any civil rights issues that may have occurred. 
"Many people have done a great deal to be responsive to the requests and the demands that are on the table," she said. "Even so, we know there's more to be done."
Hodges said she does not have a deadline for protesters to leave.
Met all the demands ... would really like the protesters to stop occupying the 4th Precinct, but doesn't have a deadline. Must be leadership school from BO ... doesn't like ISIS but has no strategy to deal with them, wants Assad to leave, but has no deadline or strategy there either. Met all Iran's demands, not sure why they seem to keep arming terrorists and saying "Death to America".

I may just be unlucky, but every time I've put MPR on the last couple weeks it is all Minneapolis shooting / protesters / NAACP all the time.

Wow, we gave them everything they wanted and they just want more and don't want to do anything we want them to do!

For the liberal brain, this is all so confusing!
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