Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Minnesota Is #1 !

Minnesota leads U.S. in recruiting ISIL terrorists, federal report finds -

... in exporting ISIL terrorists. We even beat out New York and California!

That #1 rating is one that the state richly deserves and is not at all unexpected to me. "Stupid is as stupid does".

Unfortunately, the Vikings being #1 in the NFC N is also very deserved -- they have been playing well, and the Pack has imploded.

I fervently hope that Wisconsin will rise again in the NFC N this weekend, but I definitely lack confidence at a level even worse than when the Favre Pack would journey to the confines of their nemesis the Humpty Dome.

I do agree with Dayton though -- I'm on the path to getting out of this landlocked swamp that wishes it were one of the lefty coasts. I expect MN to continue to excel in leftism, terrorism, violence and general cultural decline.

I pray they fail to continue to excel in football, SHORTLY!

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