Monday, November 30, 2015

Nativists -- Strangers In A Strange Land

The linked article dissects this article, which attempts to make the case that Trump is "all about nativism", people that feel that they are "strangers in their own country", BECAUSE, they are racist Republicans.

The main linked article from "Best of the Web" at WSJ gives the lie to that right off, as any of us could using various people writing that "they felt like strangers in their own country" when Republicans took over the House in '94, when we invaded Iraq, when a mother that lost a son in Iraq is faced with someone who is against the war and thinks it is a "failure" to lose a son in Iraq. We could go on ... plenty of folks felt like this was no longer "their country" when  Reagan was elected and re-elected, same with W.

So,  it MIGHT be that Republicans feel more alienated because there is a hyper partisan far left wing guy in the White House that is CONSTANTLY maligning anyone who disagrees with him in as noxious a manner as he can ... the example from the article:
Inasmuch as such sentiments have political content, it’s hardly surprising that Republicans would feel them more keenly right now, when an especially partisan Democrat occupies the White House. Headline from the Hill yesterday: “Obama Says GOP Doing the Terrorists’ Work for Them.” When the president accuses you of being in league with America’s enemies, you might feel like a stranger in your own country for reasons having nothing to do with immigration.
Ya think?

The point here is that Trump is certainly appealing to the DISAFFECTED -- and there is no shortage of those. Sure, some of them may be racist, but the polling of the article BoW takes apart here certainly doesn't give any evidence of it!

Why do **I** feel I'm a stranger in this area of N America that used to be my country?

  • No more "American Dream" or even any thought of what such a thing would even be. What is it that is "special" (let alone "exceptional")  about this area of N America today?
  • America is no longer "#1" in anything (other than debt) ... and is sinking rapidly in everything. 
  • No space program, can't put a man in space anymore ... big deal to me. 
  • gay "marriage", BOcare, stagnant bad economy for 7 years
  • "Black Lives Matter" ... but police lives, unborn lives, Christian Lives, White Lives, etc do NOT! 
We could keep going, but I'm not so sure there even is any "country" to believe that you are part of anymore. 

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