Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Liberal T-Day Fight Plans

Dreams From My Uncle - WSJ:

Amazingly, the D's and the left at least CLAIM to think it is a "good idea" to attack known conservatives at the T-day table, and as liberals are wont to do, they figure that just a few "talking points" will utterly amaze the targeting conservative with their trenchant brilliance.  Their people all need "talking points" -- unfortunately for them, so do the people that write the talking points!

If all it took to convince everyone was reading talking points off a teleprompter, ISIS would have surrendered by now, BOcare insurance providers wouldn't be dropping like MN flies in November, the economy would be humming not sputtering, and gas would be at $10 a gallon where BO wanted it -- oh, and "Climate Change" would be solved -- whatever THAT might mean!

As it is we have this quote from the article to keep in mind ...
" Liberals have no monopoly on truculence, but the need to be told what to think does seem to set them apart. The left today is both doctrinaire and capricious; political correctness is unsparing in its demand for conformity to an ever-changing set of dogmas that frequently contradict each other, not to mention reality. "
The smart idea is to deflect the weasels as much as possible and treat them as the crazy or drug addled relative that has no grasp on reality --  hmm, maybe I repeat myself there! When you have to be told what you are supposed to say/think and what that is consists of a self-inconsistent set of beliefs that fail to match with reality, then what are you?

A liberal! ... but at least those that are crazy, drug addled or senile have an EXCUSE!

Ever since the older lefties had to deal with the death of the USSR, I've tried to be gentler with them -- it is pretty much similar to my view of Vikings fans after the Atlanta Metrodome debacle in the NFC Championship in '99 ... they have just never really been the same since then. Some pieces of reality just impinge on even the foggiest for outlooks.

It is tough when you can't think for yourself and reality doesn't match with your contradictory beliefs -- but to a true lefty, to learn and change is just WAY too painful to their shallow follow the crowd psyche.

So if attacked, smile warmly and treat the onslaught in the same manner as the 80+ year old relative telling you of their health issues or musty tales from the faded files of their memory. Humor them!

.... "How sweet! You are all grown up and have all sorts of new political thoughts.  I just agree with Monica in wishing Hillary luck this year -- "Don't blow it!".  "

Please pass the cranberry sauce.

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