Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Oppressed Missouri 1%er

Blog: Mizzou hunger striker protesting 'white privilege' has a father making $6 million last year:

Turns out the father of the black "hunger striker" who took down the university head makes $6 Million a year and is worth north of $20 Million.

The mainline media doesn't report it, and Snopes says "doesn't matter".

Indeed, if it didn't matter what income people make, "income inequality" wouldn't be much of an issue, would it?

As you know -- I'd be fine with that. The Koch brothers have a right to their opinions as does George Soros, the New York Times, etc -- people at lots of different incomes have lots of different opinions. As long as income level isn't an issue for the Koch brothers, then it ought not be an issue for this young "oppressed" protestor either.

I'm sure that we won't hear any more about the Koch brothers income! -- and pigs are sure to fly very soon!

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