Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Stab In The Back

Putin calls plane's downing by Turkey 'stab in the back' - CNN.com:

That particular phrase used today by Putin should sound familiar -- it was a common phrase used by Hitler as explaining Germany's loss in WWI, and figured significantly in the rise to WWII.

There is nothing surprising here -- WWI and WWII came about because the "Hegemon" of the 19th century, Great Britain, was fading and losing the ability to be the dominant world power. The greatest navy was no longer the trump card, both the British elites and the people were "tired of leading", or at least more interested in enjoying the fruits of their spoils and "security" than they were in bringing order and peace to the planet.

While the historical understanding of most Americans has sunk so low that even identifying the conditions under which WWI and WWII happened is beyond the education of well over half, even a tiny bit of historical insight shows that "The Age of BO" is likely the culmination of a similar period in the declining of the US and that "changing of the guard" on the world stage. Forbes charitably ranked his odiferousness third behind Putin and Merkel ... I'd put him well down the list, behind at least the leader of ISIS, the Chinese leader, and frankly a number of others -- the leader of Iran, leader of Turkey, for example have more impact on the current world stage which the US has purposely retreated from in disarray. We really no longer even rank as a "decent JV team", and deservedly so --  he was certainly elected by what is left of our tattered and corrupt election system. Remember, you need a photo ID to get a phone installed!

So we wait and see on the sidelines if another world war starts -- we richly deserve it. The last 7 years of the American decline have been beyond stupid -- slipping into the ranks of criminal self indulgence and insanity.

It increasingly looks like BO either already has, or will fully achieve his stated goal of "destroying the colonial powers" before he leaves office -- assuming there is an office left to leave.

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