Friday, November 20, 2015

Trigger Warning, Packer Lives Matter

I was forced to lodge a complaint with the local health club today, as when I went in for a workout I was faced with an employee of the club in an Adrian Peterson jersey! After 3 straight losses, including losing to Detroit in Lambeau since before the holy Cheesehead was invented, I desperately need my safe space!

I've got a number of other local Packer fans to go along with me and we intend to go out looting, blocking highway 52, and turning over a few cars if the league and the Norse don't do their job and let the Pack win on Sunday!

Sure, officials have provided some key roughing the passer and defensive holding calls at points that were helpful, and Detroit played with their usual recognition of Packer entitlement (missed extra points, recovered onside, etc), but that just isn't enough this year. It is RESULTS that matter!!

The Pack **IS** football -- Lambeau, Lombardi, the Frozen Tundra! To suffer the disappointment of the Seattle game last year and to now try to "soldier on" (he he) with three straight losses is simply grossly UNFAIR beyond any reasonable level that we as entitled Packer Fans should be forced to bear (or Bear even)! We are VICTIMS and we demand justice!

I can't imagine any decent unbiased human being not seeing this my way, but I'll leave you with this demand for justice. If the Pack doesn't win on Sunday, we will burn Lambeau, most of the city of Green Bay, and loot all of the big box and liquor stores of malt liquor and flat screen TVs! Nothing screams INJUSTICE like people destroying their own neighborhoods and looting these important items!

You have been warned! My anger at the health club knows no bounds. If their manager does not immediately resign, I will be forced overeat and skip workouts all next week to protect my fragile emotional state!

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