Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vote Sanders -- But Stockpile Toilet Paper

Laughing in the Face of Despair - WSJ:

PJ O'Rourke has a new book out ... no doubt I'll need to read it, but the column is worth the read for a little entertaining wisdom. The paragraph that led me to the title:
... His fellow travelers, on the other hand, were fans of the Soviet state, then under the enlightened leadership of longtime KGB thug Yuri Andropov. Yet Mr. O’Rourke, exercising profound investigative skill, spotted the chink in their ideological armor. These “were people who believed everything about the Soviet Union was perfect, but they were bringing their own toilet paper.” Small details reveal large truths.
Here is a little bit of insight as to why Socialism fails ...
... Then, one day, I found myself beached on the shore of jobs and responsibilities and I was a Republican again.” His hippie friends, he adds, had become parasitical. “They continued to be convinced that everything was going to be shared soon, so they hadn’t gotten jobs.”
Humans are very adaptive -- give them an environment where being the best deadbeat allows them to flourish the best, and you get a lot of excellent deadbeats! It's adaptive! I'll close with the wisdom the column closes with -- a small item that is often forgotten by many!
“Jesus said ‘love your enemies.’ He didn’t say not to have any.”
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