Wednesday, November 11, 2015

White Officers Shoot and Kill 6 Year old Autistic Black Child

2 Louisiana Officers Charged With Second-Degree Murder in Killing of Boy, 6 - The New York Times:

Think my headline would be a bit more newsworthy? Oh well, it was two BLACK officers that shot and killed a 6 year old autistic WHITE boy, and shot his father -- who according to some film actually DID have his hands up and was unarmed.

I almost missed this story, it is pretty much already gone from the news. Doesn't fit the narrative, no story here, move along.

I have no idea what the circumstances really were -- it is a terrible tragedy, it APPEARS like the officers MAY have been in the wrong, but there is no drumbeat for their hides -- as there should not be! Let it be investigated, and if they are guilty of "whatever", even racism (it IS possible for blacks as well!), then they pay the price. Even if two black cops turn out to be racist it DOES NOT mean that "lots", "a majority", are as well.

Maybe they are guilty of nothing -- but low light, mistaken identity, poor but understandable decision making, being afraid, etc ... it is all possible. Humans DO make errors, sometimes grievous ones and then we all move along.

One thing is clear however, in America today what we are shown is very carefully controlled by THE PARTY -- we see the narrative that they want us to see. The real world is largely invisible.

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