Sunday, December 20, 2015

Affirmative Racism

President of Minnesota's Rochester College faces backlash in her first year | Inside Higher Ed:

The current president of the local community college has managed to create a local debacle to compete with BO nationally on the local scene. Naturally, the "cause" of this is assumed to be "racism" -- Rochester is just too lily white and definitely needs to "get it's mind right". It got to be too much for even MSCU, and she was forced to resign -- too bad BO could not be forced out!

This isn't the first case here in Rochester. We had a black superintendent of schools here for 3 years named Romain Dallemand who caused lots of problems and left under a cloud for Macon Georgia -- the message from many at the time was as well, "Rochester is racist". He ran up 26+ million in Macon and fled to Haiti rather than face prosecution -- I'm guessing that his choice of hiding locale was "racially motivated"!

It is clear that the community has a problem ... students of color in our schools are being disciplined disproportionately as well! The problem is at least statewide -- Minneapolis is taking steps to INSURE that less blacks are disciplined their ratio is 10 to 1, and we KNOW that it CAN'T be the case that black students commit more infractions than white students!

I know this will come as a SHOCK to you, but BOYS are commonly greater discipline problems than girls to tune of 2x - 5x! It is CERTAINLY impossible that boys could actually cause that much more disruption, so the ONLY possible explanation is anti-male bias. Right?

We hear the same discussion on incarceration rates -- but as I've pointed out before, the homicide rates for young blacks are HORRIBLE! But that can be blamed on "racism" as well.

The base problem is that the left believes that ALL situations that they want to "fix", CAN be "fixed" by government action, WITHOUT any bad effects. Since in the real world, those assumptions are provably not true, they create a huge number of problems and cost A LOT of lives, but since their belief in "positive social change through government" is a RELIGIOUS BELIEF, not subject to modification by factual information, the deaths and large community problems have to continue and be made worse so liberals can "feel good" about all that they have done and continue to do!

There is the old joke of the Republican who can't swim that walks by a dock and sees a person drowning 100' out. He picks up a rope, ties it to a float, ties the other end to the dock and throws it out as close to the person as he can and encourages them to swim for the float.

A Democrat comes along on the same scene -- throws a bunch of ropes and floats out randomly, tying them to nothing and heads off to do their next good deal of the day!

In fact, that is generous -- the Democrat would blame some previous administration for there not being better swimming lessons, no signs up to "don't go in the water if you can't swim", and no public paid minority lifeguard earning a "minimum wage". Taxes must be raised on the "wealthy" to insure that nobody else drowns! (never let a crisis go to waste!).

The Democrat policies of the '60s ... "urban renewal", welfare, aid to dependent children, etc have destroyed the black culture and emasculated the black male to where a life of substance abuse, crime, violence and incarceration is the norm. Putting a few people of color in positions they are not able to succeed in makes the situation worse, as does not providing discipline and standards in the school systems, but TP **CAN'T** admit that they have created a horrible mess -- that "mess" is a core of their voting base, and even more important, it is the core of their vote fraud machines in large US urban areas!

As abortion shows, if millions have to die so TP can maintain and gain power, TP sees that as a SMALL price to be paid!

So the only path is to "double down" -- more programs, more people of color in jobs they can't handle, less discipline for blacks in schools. The nation is heading for a brick wall -- FLOOR IT!

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