Friday, December 18, 2015

Allah Praised, Christ Removed

Virginia district cancels school over Islamic lesson anger - The Washington Post:

Imagine people being offended by their kids copying "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his  messenger"? How backward. How non-inclusive. How "un-american" -- or at least in opposition to what WaPo and TP have decided is supposed to be the "creed", "high mindedness" or "sophisticated educated thinking" of today.

Had somebody put up a Christmas Tree, had a Christmas Program, or (horror!) said "Merry Christmas" to their class, the ACLU would be involved, teachers and administrators would be being fired, sued, etc, and the national media would be screaming about Separation of Church and STATE with extreme umbrage and in total support of even a single complainer who was forced to (gasp) view a Christmas Tree!

As it is, WaPo is disappointed that people took offence in something as non-offensive (to them) as repeating what millions of Christians over the centuries  have died rather than repeat, and even today at least thousands are being beheaded, burned, stoned, etc for failing to comply with.

We have been treated to supposedly "righteous" outrage over manger scenes, The Ten Commandments, silent prayer and yes, even  "Merry Christmas" on a frequent basis, and especially in this season, for decades now.

Not ALL the sheeple appear to be completely ready for the next phase beyond the removal all connection to Christ in anything public, and replacement with "whatever", including Allah or Santa.  So WaPo is disappointed they have more "education" to do!

Every human has a religion. What is yours? Do you worship the State? Science? Money? Mother Earth? Your own ego? (I think they are trying to decide if that is called "BOism" or "Trumpist")

Here yet again, we see that it all comes down to Christ -- the ultimate divider and uniter. He divides the ages into BC and AD, and he unites mankind into Blood Brothers in Christ, or divides to all the various "doers" working to gain some sort of afterlife or to distract themselves to the belief that this is all there is. Not even the WaPo is offended by Allah or Mohammed ... they know they are dead and imaginary and so the idea of someone copying a statement of faith in them gives no offence.

But "Merry Christmas"? Or very recently even "Thoughts and Prayers" uttered by Christians is enough to bring out the torches and pitchforks and go on a hunt. Much fear in their reaction I sense! (it is Star Wars day ;-) )

TP hates Christ, so they hate Christmas.  It seems that the chief TP sacrament of abortion is their ritual of "remembrance in death" of the one infant that made it to the manger and to the cross that they would have MOST liked to abort. With each of the millions of deaths of the most innocent, their hearts quiver with renewed hatred for the spirit of that one babe they most wanted extinguished and they still fear above all else.

There is another way ... it is the best of seasons to allow that spirit to enfold you. It isn't just "captive Israel" that longs for his return in glory!

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