Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Amerika Gets Schlonged

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'got schlonged' in 2008 - CNNPolitics.com:

Anyone who is even in their 20's knows that our society has become cruder and cruder. Madam Hildebeast's husband put semen stains on dresses, dropping trou and asking a subordinate for "service", "cigars", and a bunch of other things on our front pages. "Shameless" became a concept that no longer had any meaning.

Between the gays, trans, and "????"s, a drunken sailor from WWII would be offended at our current "culture". Any decent person would, but we no longer know what a "decent person" even is -- in fact, what used to be decent people. Heterosexuals, Christians, hard workers, law abiding citizens, etc are now "privileged", "bitter clingers", "bigots" and "racists". What used to be evil is now good and what used to be good is now evil.

So the media is shocked at what Trump says and wants the public to be as well??? What planet have they been living on??? Crude is the order of the day and "The Donald" appeals to it just as he did on reality TV ... yet another sign of the complete destruction of "culture".

It is unclear if they realize what they are doing -- although it is hard to imagine that they don't. The actual overall "front runner" directly lied to the American public and refused to apologize. She said that Trump was featured on an ISIS recruitment video when in fact her husband, "Fornicator in Chief" was!

**IF** the media dealt in any sort of "even handedness or facts", they would certainly report a direct and provably false slander that reeks with irony.

But they don't. Truth doesn't exist for them, and they make it obvious to the vast majority that "there is no such thing as truth"!!! When there is no truth, POWER IS ALL THERE IS!

That is the message they present for BO ... ignore the Constitution, whine, scold, take "executive action", refuse to negotiate, call your opponents names, etc They LOVE it with BO, and they SUPPORT IT!! They establish "the standard" (or lack thereof) and then are surprised when the unwashed masses don't understand that "standard" is ONLY for the "TP approved"!

So Trump is "BO with Balls" ... and they are surprised! The Party seeks to coronate the Wicked Witch as Queen, and they are surprised that she is locked in a battle with a humbug ... "The Great and Powerful Oz"!!!!

We are "through the looking glass", "over the rainbow", but most of all, we are completely "schlonged"! I'm sorry the world is that crude -- but that is the unfortunate reality we live in!

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