Friday, December 18, 2015

Auto Deaths Down, Give Us Your GUNS!

Guns are now killing as many people as cars in the U.S. - The Washington Post:

In this age of the sound-bite, "Guns Kill As Many as Cars!" is no doubt what we will see often repeated. It is a tiny bit more "accurate" than "97% Of Scientists Agree on AGW!", but then "accuracy" isn't what matters today.

Highway deaths have been dropping -- less drunk driving, better safety features, better roads, etc. SO ... since highway deaths DROPPED, let's report the equivalence to guns! Simple!

But wait, SUICIDE accounts for more than half of the "gun deaths", and suicide is rising SO FAST that total suicides ALONE are a larger cause of death than  car crashes! But that isn't so much of a headline is it? "The Party" doesn't gain power by reducing suicide deaths -- in fact, TP is the party of death -- making suicide easy / assisted / etc is something they FAVOR!

While TP may occasionally try to correlate suicide with guns, they won't spend a lot of time on it since such gun happy locales as South Korea (#2), Japan(#17), Finland, Belgium, Iceland (#33-35) appear before the US at #50. We are however rising fast as TP rapidly sucks all meaning from life. They would be HAPPY with whatever suicide rate we ended up with as long as they could get the damned guns off the streets so their path to total power was at least cleared of that hurdle!

But no doubt we will get to hear about this "startling statistic" that "Guns kill as many people as cars!" ... possibly even MORE as suicides continue to rise and car deaths hopefully continue to fall.

No reason things have to make sense if they support the TP agenda!

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