Monday, December 14, 2015

Clinton's Love Child -- Rubio!

The Half-Hearted Case for Rubio - The Daily Beast:

I'll admit it, I really like Scott Walker, and I HOPED (too much) that he would be the candidate. I also held out some lesser hopes (very faint) that there was some TINY shred of decency and character left in "The Party" (TP-D), and that the combination of a sneering, arrogant, unlikeable, congenital liar, felon, idiot,  combined with what used to be the biggest political sin of being completely unlikeable and a terrible campaigner, would give us an easier TP candidate -- BS is as good a designated initial as one could imagine for a TP candidate!

But no, it is Hildebeast, and it looks like Trump will be hanging around for awhile yet. I still REFUSE to believe that I will have to choose between Trump and just staying home -- which is probably not going to happen, so in that universe that I refuse to visit yet, I will vote for Trump -- BECAUSE, we have SEEN how bad Hildebeast is at merely being Secretary of State! At least we haven't SEEN Trump as president (not that I want to) ... but in a world of picking between a "likely disaster" and a "KNOWN disaster", I have to go "likely". Besides, there were Top Secret e-mails on her private server, which is a FELONY ... and I still believe in laws even if the rest of the country does not.

It is what it is ... which means that LAUGHTER is even MORE critical, so thusly I encourage you to go read PJ and get used to the idea of Rubio. I find the assertion that Rubio was fathered by Bill Clinton to be pretty much a certainty next to "there were no classified documents on my e-mail server" (which we KNOW to be false, and disqualifies her all by itself!) !

So I guess I'm a Rubio guy ... maybe a little more tepid than PJ, but he makes a "good case" ...
Rubio was born in May 1971. Do the math. 
In September 1970, where was Bill Clinton? 
Maybe in Miami on Yale Law School’s extra-early Spring Break? 
You heard it here first. It’s the kind of news that will get Marco the media attention he needs. He’ll be on all the morning talk shows and Ellen and The View talking about overcoming emotional obstacles in his journey to reach closure with his personal issues and accept himself for who he really is.
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