Friday, December 11, 2015

Creating Racists and Hate Crimes

Scalia and the MSM — a mismatch [UPDATED] | Power Line:

TP (The Party-D) needs lots of demons to keep its masses fired up. It is easy to see that they operate this way because the idea of Republicans using "fear" (as in "Homophobia", "Islamophobia", etc) is a daily staple of the MSM news feed and TP party Talking Points.

The linked article covers tarring SCOTUS Justice Scalia as a racist because he discussed "mismatch" -- the situation where you bring an unqualified student into an Ivy League school through affirmative action and they don't do well.  The left DEMANDS that the world operate as they want, so to point out that when students don't have the preparation needed to compete and are shoved into an environment due to a preferential treatment, they often fail.

The core of TP doctrine is established by the average 2-year old -- "The world MUST conform to MY view ... NOW"!!! Full stop, end of story ... "Make it so".

So when little things like reality get in the way, the problem must be IGNORED ... and anyone that points out the nakedness of the Emperor needs to be labeled with a nasty name, in this case RACIST!

Once you are established as a Racist, the next step is to catch you in a "Hate Crime" ... and the definition of that is ALSO conveniently whatever TP deems it to be ... as we see in the recent case of the lawyer being asked if he was a "refugee" at a Vikings game.

TP understands this pattern VERY well, it is THEIR PATTERN ... it has been used before, once specifically from "the right", "McCarthyism" is the horror of a case where for a short time it was almost somewhat effective using the definition of "Communism" and then attempting to criminalize Communists.

TP didn't like their favorite technique being used against them very well, and the term "McCarthyism" is still trotted out when someone asks them a question. Meanwhile,  for TP it is "Standard Operating Procedure" (SOP)  ... Racist!, Sexist!, Homophobe!, Islamophobe! ....

We live in a world where things are precisely what TP says they are ... no more and no less!
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