Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dreaming Of Equally Lawless Destruction

Obama Power: Cruz or Trump Can Use It Too:

The main topic of the column is the old playground ethic of "anything you do to me I will do to you twice has hard and twice as nasty!" -- revenge, as the Klingon's say, "Is a dish best served cold" (so does "The Godfather" BTW).

The thing is, that conservatives tend to be aware that the ethics of the playground, as understood at least since ancient times, as in an "eye for an eye" needs to be LIMITED. You don't understand "an eye for an eye" as being limited? Oh, it IS ... VERY ... compared to "kill them all -- women, children, oxen, slaves, ....) People like BO ... who proudly claims that the true identity of being a Luo Tribesman, subscribe to the "law of the jungle", that of "tooth and claw", that which Hobbes claimed we created Leviathan with it's "law" to make more just, thus trading some of our freedom for the benefits of law.

Law found it's power in ancient things like "The Ten Commandments", or "Hammurabi's Code", and demanded to be revered -- but reverence is unknown on the playground, in the jungle, or with the tribe, so we have returned to our "roots" -- meaning NO LAW!

I really don't think it is very likely that ANY Republican will be elected next year, and I firmly believe that if that unlikely event happens and it is anyone other than Trump, the playground ethic of revenge from this column will hold no sway. Conservatives believe in not just the rule of law, but even in divine power beyond law,  precedence even, as in not overturning things like "Roe v Wade", even though they are noxious usurpations of the rule of law.

HOWEVER, if Trump is the whirlwind that we reap, then absolutely -- all bets are off, and our new King will behave much like BO. I'd see him as "better" than BO since a lot of what he might do would at least be AN ATTEMPT to "Make America Great" rather than "Attempts to make America Like Greece" as we have seen BO doing, but lawless just the same.

The sad thing is that once law is traded for power, we live in the jungle -- the path of restoration of law is very unclear at best, and most likely goes through things getting MUCH worse, followed by one or more revolutions, after which MAYBE our people come to their senses and realize that LAW means "agreed to LIMITS for ALL", not "if I can get MY judges, bureaucrats, lawless president, etc elected, then I will run roughshod over YOU with impunity".

TP (The Party) DID get all that, and they HAVE been running roughshod -- but at some point, it always slides into Totalitarianism. Trump may be that point, or it might be delayed a bit -- or Hillary may well be that point. She has declared that she will do "something about guns" via "
executive order", which means that she has promised to take an explicitly unconstitutional action, thus violating in advance the oath she would take if she won the office.

The "round up the guns" might bring on the war that officially ends the America that has already ended as a culture and an ideal.

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