Monday, December 07, 2015

Due Process of Insanity, Convertibles

Obama: It's 'Insane' That People On A No-Fly List Can Legally Buy A Gun In The U.S.:
"That is insane. If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun." 
So this is being said by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, a man SWORN to uphold the Constitution of the United States. He even claims to be a "constitutional scholar"!!

Therefore, **HE** has got to be INSANE to utter those words!!!!!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO DUE PROCESS AT ALL to get on the "No Fly List" ... I had a friend on it that grew up in Austin MN, went to the UofM and worked at IBM for nearly 30 years. At the time he was on the list he didn't even own a gun. He didn't even know he was on it until they started delaying him at every flight!

The Huffington Post covered how easy / random / etc it is to get on the list. It's a bureaucratic CYA list, there is NO PROCESS ... "due" or otherwise.

Are we REALLY so Constitutionally illiterate as a people that we don't realize that "Due Process" as specified in the 5th and 14th has been stretched to include "rights" to busing, affirmative action, equal access for the handicapped, gay rights including "marriage", voting with no ID and through the vaunted "penumbra" (legal term for "made up"), abortion.

We have the President of the US asserting that an enumerated right, the 2nd Amendment, SHOULD be denied to people on a list that has no due process relative to one being added to it! Btw, not only no process to get ON it, but no process to GET OFF IT either!

Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard is on the list, as are 72 DHS employees !!

We actually might be able fire anyone from DHS that is on the list, however, I suspect that THAT might well run afoul of some "due process right" relative to equal treatment as a Federal Employee.

How can a sitting president POSSIBLY make such a claim for restricting an actual Constitutional right?? If he is THAT incompetent, then he certainly can't fulfill the oath of his job. If he does understand what he just said, he must be IMPEACHED -- because he completely broke his oath of office on TV!

But we live in an insane world, and we as a people are clearly no longer capable of even having an IDEA of what America at least USED to be!

Naturally, in the real world, the San Bernardino shooters were not on the No Fly List.

So why is this being proffered as a solution after San Bernardino? Simple, because we no longer live a world that is real or sane.

I am reminded of a friend (a different one) who tends to buy cars without a lot of rational justification. Showing up with an expensive sports coupe, and being accused of "purchasing on a whim", he got a bit flustered and exclaimed; "But I've always wanted a convertible"!

To which the reply was, "But that's not a convertable".

It was however a "car", so we are talking rationality FAR greater than that used by BO on TV last night!

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