Monday, December 07, 2015

Funding The Climate Church

Unearthing America's Deep Network of Climate Change Deniers - Bloomberg Business:

Here we have a lot of attention being paid to how scientists that look at climate and weather as an area of legitimate scientific research are funded. ( not accepting that climate is "settled" is labeled as being a "denier" by the Climate Church).

We already know how the high priests of the Climate Church are funded -- through the State, like the Church of England, Church of Norway, etc. ... we don't need to study that, we know how linkage of Church and State works. There used to be a country in N America that had stamped out having a State Church until the Climate Church came along, but I forget it's name. "Obamination" I think.

State Churches tend to have Inquisitions to hunt down and prosecute Heretics that refuse to submit to the authority of the State Church -- which is one in the same as the State, and enjoys the power and the funding of the State.

The State Religion and the State work together to hunt down and remove any opposition -- the purpose of the "research" cited in the linked column is just that. Pointing out that that there are still guys actng like Copernicus out there trying to claim that the Earth goes around the Sun -- rounding them up and maybe burning them at the stake is the sort of thing that State Churches are quite good at.

Money that comes from the State is holy ... money that comes from the private sector is SINFUL! Thus saith the State and it's Church!

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