Monday, December 14, 2015

Gender Is Fluid, Orientation is Fixed

Why I Won't Label My Sexuality:

OK, COSMO was the ONLY article that I could find to anchor my "random neural firing of the day". On my way home from workout and running a couple errands ... a little slowly as the rain changed to snow during my workout and it is white now, I was treated to a conversation on NPR about how racist MN is.

Turns out it is MORE racist than Mississippi and Alabama BECAUSE, some of the statistics -- like gap between white / black on test scores, gap in income, prison population, getting arrested, etc are WORSE in MN, but PR believes that CAN'T be true, because MN is "progressive". I'm not going to spend time on this (little things like if MORE white people are earning more and there is a LOWER percentage of black people, it seems like the numbers might be skewed), but "whatever". For the blacks in the conversation it was ALL due to white racism, and to the progressives, it HAD to be something else, but they were at a loss to explain it ... such is the left.

Somebody commented on a post on FB that "gender is fluid, and it is WRONG to try to make it fixed", and my brain fired, did a Google, and here I am.

Is it not ALSO wrong to try to assert that sexual orientation is "fluid"? Is not the idea of counselling to change from gay to straight one of the "new abominations" (the old ones are all now legally protected classes!) I could swear that in the same universe that I'm currently occupying people recently said things like "a person that is gay is exactly the same as people that are heterosexual, only with the orientation to being gay -- and it is ALWAYS going to be that way for them! It is COMPLETELY FIXED and they MUST act on it, or they are not true to themselves!

NOTE:: This is completely different for alcoholics, who we are told also are "made that way", but for them, nobody that I know suggests that "They MUST drink, to not drink would be a LIE!  They would not be being true to their NATURE!" ... Just for the record, my belief is that we ALL have "tendencies", to A LOT of stuff, good, bad, or indifferent. Our genetic tendencies, our upbringing, our choices, chance, etc and a whole set of factors make for "behaviors" to arise from "tendency". While some tendencies are VERY strong, "compulsions" even, WITH THE HELP OF GOD (or "higher power" it you must), we all have hope of being "more than our tendencies".

We used to have "GLBT" ... which was Gay, Lesbian, BI-sexual, and Transvestite ... and they have completely the same "rights" as the tired old "H" for Hetero ... and boring "He made them male and female". (although exactly what "Bi-sexual marriage" was or is (since it IS a "right"), is not really defined).

But already we now have "GLBTQ" where "Q" is typically either "Queer" or "Questioning". A "definition from proximate link:
"Queer retains that critical edge against regimes of the normal of assimilation and privilege," Octavio R. González, an English professor at Wellesley College told USA TODAY Network.
I'd have to say they have possibly arrived at the best "definition" of what it means to exist in the broad swath of N America between Mexico and Canada today. "Critical edge against regimes" -- I certainly feel that against the TP (The Party-D)  regime of BO! ... "the normal of assimilation and privilege". Hmm, I'm guessing he doesn't mean "the normal" of universities, the MSM, entertainment, government bureaucracy and the domination of TP, but what does he mean? "White people"? or just heterosexuals? I'm not in favor of the current regime, and I definitely don't want to be assimilated into TP, so maybe I'm "Queer"??

As you might guess, Q is not likely to be the last letter ... "A" is either "asexual" as in not having any, or "allies" meaning whatever someone comes up with (assuming it isn't something weird like Christian heterosexual), you are "allied". There is also "I" for "intersex" which at one time covered the tiny percentage of people who really do have crossed sexual organs, but now apparently includes people like "Bruce/Caitlyn" Jenner who are modifying themselves ... as opposed I ASSUME to "transvestite" who are dressing only, or "Queer" which is "defined" above  ??? ... I think I'll go with Young Frankenstein on what it actually means.

There are a lot of letters left in the alphabet ... when there is no truth, only relative opinion, then truly none of us can "know" anything relative to the ever changing "culture". There are a lot of letters left in the aphabet and we will probably run out, or have to use each for multiple meanings like we already are for the A and the Q. Your first reaction might be that I'm being facetious here, but remember, Facebook has 51 genders!

The words of Lewis Carroll explain it well:
"‘When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.'
‘The question is,' said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things."
‘The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master—that's all.'"
Consistency is not an issue, WHO IS MASTER is the issue! So there are more genders than letters in the alphabet, and they are FLUID, but sexual orientation is FIXED ... genetically, and it CAN'T BE CHANGED! Thus saith "the masters".

Wonderland was a very reasonable place compared to whatever the current madhouse we exist in might be called!


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