Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hawaii Names Empty Chair for BO?

Hawaii can’t seem to name anything after native son Obama - The Washington Post:

"Like all of the previous Obama naming efforts, however, it has gone nowhere. This week, the first family returned to Hawaii for their eighth straight vacation here since Obama was elected president in 2008. "
What is the matter with Hawaii? Don't they have any prisons, sewer plants or refuse dumps? Perhaps they have a windmill, gasification plant  or an abandoned building somewhere? It sounds like they DID attempt to name a vacant lot after him -- that would have been appropriate.

Perhaps they could create a "Chair" at one of the universities, commonly done at places like Harvard, Oxford, etc  as in "The Lucasian Mathematics Chair" at Oxford, once held by Sir Isaac Newton, currently held by Stephen Hawking.

This could be the "BO Chair" and it would always be empty!

Strange that Kenya is having better success, but they have good reason! They can be thankful that BO was never THEIR leader!

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