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Laughing At AIDs and Abortion

Reagan press secretary laughs about gay people dying of AIDS.:

The Reagan Derangement Syndrome at Slate is definitely clinical ... they need to get back on their meds! The headline is naturally completely wrong (as is pretty much everything at Slate) ... nobody is "laughing at people dying" of ANYTHING in that link!  They don't happen to know what AIDs is, and "Gay Plague" sounds almost Biblical. (and the guy asking is using that designation, not Speakes)

 It is hard for people to imagine today, but I was FAR from the only person that graduated from HS prior to '75 that thankfully didn't even know what "gay" was, and it is completely unsurprising that in '82 somebody bringing up "gay" and "plague" out of the blue at a press conference would elicit uncomfortable laughter. Most of the people laughing were THE PRESS, and in fact the guy that raised the issue in the first place started laughing as well.

And NOBODY laughed at anyone DYING!!

Contrast that with abortion. It isn't hard at all to find "Abortion Humor".  I can guarantee you that **ALL** the victims of abortion are totally innocent.

The victims of AIDs, other than the hemophiliacs or women that discovered too late that their sexual partner either had sex with men or was an intravenous drug user, all made lifestyle choices that turned out poorly. It happens, often tragically -- consider driving drunk.

Perhaps the editors of Salon could just SLIGHTLY understand how people that care about babies in their mother's womb and view life as a gift from God as opposed to a meaningless party in the flesh, feel about abortion ... let alone abortion "humor".  To the extent that the writers of Salon have any grasp of reality at all, EVERY abortion is intended to result in someone dying!  The TOTAL number of AIDs deaths in the US for the LIFE of the disease -- which counts everyone HIV positive that has died of AIDs for ALL CAUSES since it showed up is less than  ONE million.

The deaths from Abortion in the US alone are over FIFTY MILLION, 1.2 million per year -- each year more than  the TOTAL  deaths from AIDs.  People are living with AIDs today, but other than a very few abortion survivors,  every abortion results in a dead victim.

No doubt the hatred of the Salon writers for an abortion survivor knows very few bounds -- the existence of survivors gives the lie to any mythology that it is "not a human life" that is being ended ... Gianna Jessen looks VERY human!

Why don't we get along in this country these days? Because of the kind of extreme dichotomy we see here. Prior to Roe V Wade in '73 (not that much before '82) people had freedom in states to protect the lives of the child in the womb, or to allow them to be slaughtered -- and those that approved of the slaughter could go to a state where it was allowed and kill their infant.

Those who believe that the right of slaughter is "basic" would likely be nearly as unhappy as those who believe in life today if Roe v Wade had declared that abortion was not allowed in ANY state. Perhaps they would have been angry enough and determined enough to get a Constitutional Amendment decreeing abortion as a basic right like the right to bear arms or to free speech -- but the evidence is otherwise.

We don't get along because we are lawless, and conflict is the state of lawless nature, trending life to become "poor, nasty, brutish and short" in the words of Hobbes. (the Constitution is the base of our law, ignoring it and failing to amend it in order to make change means we have no law at base)

For the aborted, it is VERY short, but it is certainly becoming poorer, nastier, etc for the rest of us, and increasingly short for broad groups of people like whites of high school education .

One might have a bit of a gallows chuckle at that last link. The article linked there says this is the worst "death bump" since AIDs (ha, ha, irony ...). So how much does the left enjoy laughing over "Red State Republicans", "Bitter Clingers", etc. ?? Certainly there were those that felt that gays and drug users "got what they deserved", but they were FAR from the dominant!  Does ANYONE on the TP side care AT ALL about high school educated whites dying earlier?

No, "The Party" (TP-D) has reached the level of power where laughter and derision of the poor rubes that are against abortion, or red state white voters is completely in the open and completely acceptable in media, entertainment, politics and even on campuses that are "safe spaces" for the left version of thought.

America aborted itself -- and most of the country fails to get the joke.

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