Thursday, December 17, 2015

Let It Burn

Jeb is not the most important Bush in the 2016 campaign - The Washington Post:

I look at the disarray in the world, the country, and the Republican party and the emotional response is definitely "let it burn". The use and reuse of the "Mission Accomplished" picture, when the banner was FOR THE SHIP, which they put up when they came back from one of the longest deployments in recent history is a mark of what passes for "journalism" in The Party (TP-D) controlled media, but is really just partisan propaganda.

 It's from OVER A DECADE AGO ... back then, both BO and Hillary were committed to being AGAINST gay "marriage", and BO was AGAINST raising the debt ceiling! But "old positions" for TP members are down the memory hole instantly, and propaganda pictures against the opposition are FOREVER ... embalmed and on display like Stalin in the old USSR.

We could take all sorts of FACTUAL things relative to BO ... like his voting against raising the debt ceiling as a senator and then his castigating Republicans for their concerns with his MUCH bigger deficits and "rub them in over and over" (if we had a conservative MSM), but the fact is that the majority of this country just doesn't care. They bleat to the TP drum and they will continue to do so until it gets REALLY bad -- and even then, my sense is that the will to "something better" if it involves work, risk, commitment, principles, etc as opposed to "give me free stuff and blame others" is that we no longer have what it takes to compete in the real world.

My summary of the BO debacle is this video:

When there is no such thing as "truth" or "responsibility" and a nation abandons its Constitution, there is simply nothing worth saving left.

We are still yammering about decisions and events of '03 ... that war was won, and then lost by BO in the meantime, and TODAY IS TODAY -- yet the sort of abject hypocrisy on display in the video is ignored and the MSM continues to focus on a moment that they actually know to be completely FALSE from 2003! It is what happens when nobody cares about their country -- only about "their side winning".

At some point if we were to still have a nation, we would have to go FORWARD toward "something" that a large majority of people would actually believe in! Something like a Constitution, or "self-evident TRUTHS", or actually being "under God" or "endowed by our Creator" ... something more than "give me my free stuff RIGHT NOW!".

But apparently, like the 1930's is it going to take  something BIG in our face like WWII --  9-11 to a 10, 100 or 1000x before either we capitulate for good or pull up our panties and DO SOMETHING!

I don't think we have a choice at this point but to just watch the current world and country burn, and then hope that something arises from the ashes. It may not, but it is clear that we are going to have to fall a LONG way more before a significant number of people face the reality of today.

I've never cared so little for politics since I got out of college. Perhaps a vote for Trump "gets it over with quicker" ... which unfortunately seems like the best of the very bad alternatives!

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