Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Paris, Religion, Money and Temperature

Why Scientists Disagree about Global Warming | Watts Up With That?:

The linked article is to a new book by three PHDs that points out what the disagreement on AGW (Anthropogenic ("Human Caused") Global Warming) is and why. In summary:
The authors point to four reasons why scientists disagree about global warming: a conflict among scientists in different and often competing disciplines; fundamental scientific uncertainties concerning how the global climate responds to the human presence; failure of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to provide objective guidance to the complex science; and bias among researchers.
To a normal person, saddled with the burdens of reason and common sense, such conclusions appear obvious, inescapable even. To AGW believers however, the existence of such a book is immediate cause for anger, and quite possibly criminal proceedings to be taken up against the authors. AGW is a religion ... a very dogmatic and jealous one (thou shalt serve no god but government and AGW is it's holy word!).  It proves it's religious vs scientific credentials by falsely (and constantly) asserting the provably bogus religious claim that "97% of scientists agree". (science doesn't make "x% of people" claims, because it relies on experiment not opinion)

The main argument against the book from AGW will no doubt be that it is funded by "The Heartland Institute", a think tank dedicated to finding and implementing free market solutions to problems. Just their mission statement is enough for "The Party" (TP-D) and their media minions to break out the torches and pitchforks for a good witchhunt! Such groups are EVIL first because of the apostasy of claiming that a market might be better than central planning and control for achieving results!  Much like AGW, this has been PROVEN wrong! (see, N Korea is more successful than S Korea, and E Germany was WAY better than W Germany prior to the wall coming down -- oh, and the USSR was so darn successful that ... well, you have to BELIEVE to understand it! )

On top of this, Heartland is FUNDED BY CORPORATIONS! See The New York Times, CBS, NBC, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, etc, might actually BE corporations, have documents that claim they are corporations, etc, but they are just, moral, pure and most of all "Wholly Approved by TP!". They are "good guys" ... white hats, halos, etc.

Heartland is an evil NGO, meaning NON Government Organization! See, the billions of dollars that flow from GOVERNMENTS are like mothers milk ... pure, wholesome completely immune to causing any "bias" on the part of those that receive it! The taking of money by force from evil corporations, "the rich", or printing it on the holy government printing press (counterfeiting)  has the effect of sanctifying it (making it pure, or "laundering" it in coarser terms).

Once sanctified, this holy government money (Batman)! ... has no influence on those that receive it! So they remain completely pure in their "science", having no motivation whatsoever to arrive at conclusions that support increased government funding or adding power to the climate change industry! Note, there are many "corporations" in that industry (Solyndra comes to mind) as well, but just as the left wing media, they too have received the miracle of government sanctification!

This week, the college of climate cardinals is meeting in Paris to decree a new encyclical on temperature. As we know, his Stenchfulness BO has decreed that warming is "THE BIGGEST PROBLEM FACING THE PLANET!" ... yea verily, hubba hubba.

Choose ye which religion you follow, but know thee that no matter how much the oceans rise (or don't) in a century or millennium, the AGW religion will be of no import to you whatsoever when those days come to pass! Even the malodorousness of BO will no longer pollute this mortal plane in those days. Praise be to God!

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