Friday, December 04, 2015

Prayer Goes The Way of "Merry Christmas"

Prayer-shaming isn’t about attacking prayer. It’s about calling out empty platitudes.:
Until now, “thoughts and prayers” has been a bipartisan cliché, and a harmless one. Going forward, it seems the phrase will become a politically inflected dog whistle in some quarters in the vein of Chik-fil-A and “Merry Christmas.” That’s a loss. But it’s nothing compared to the losses we endured this week, and last week, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that.
They don't really mean it is a "loss" -- to them it is a GAIN. They also have no trouble with killing innocents -- see abortion. What they want is POWER and guns in the hands of people are a problem on that front, as is prayer, so they want them both gone! The god of government is a VERY jealous god, and it demands direct and ACTIVE control over ALL of life. Certainly including anything said, but to the extent possible, even "thoughts and prayers".

In the Totalitarian States of America (TSA ... good acronym), behavior formerly private, like sexual preferences, MUST now be public and celebrated! Behavior formerly public, and explicitly protected like religion, MUST be closeted "in the bedroom", and ANY use of language associated with religious belief must be suppressed ... with the current focus toward moving "prayer" into the same closet as "Merry Christmas".

The idea of ANY power beyond government, or even the idea of things beyond human power -- say life and death for example, is an idea that a jealous government god seeks to suppress and hopefully remove from the mind.  The State wants its minions to believe that through the State, ALL things are possible. It jealously seeks to remove all competition in the hearts and minds of those under its dominion.

Government can't give life, but it certainly can take it away, or allow it to be taken away by the many 100's of millions in the case of abortion and war. Leviathan however would like to hide the "little" secret that for all it's supposed power, it is unable to prevent the death of even a single human. It works constantly to focus the minds of all under its sway on temporal existence being "all there is" and seeks to promise as much earthly pleasure as it can to those that worship it.

Those that bow at the altar of government have a fervent belief that DOING **SOMETHING** ... ANYTHING! is certain to "help". Evidence of the fact of many past "actions" being counter productive, costing much more in lives and treasure than the original problem, having all sorts of negative side effects, etc does nothing to cool the fervor of the confirmed government congregant. MORE controls, more laws, more programs ... more, more more must be sacrificed on the altar of government, and the tentacles of the state must be extended to the very language we use!

For those still able to think independently. The 2nd amendment is not new, nor is broad gun ownership in the US. Our murder rate per 100K is also middling in the world, even very low if one factors out our lawless heavily gun controlled major cities. What has changed? Well, as the article happily points out we have become WAY more Pagan. We also have WAY more broken homes than we had prior to becoming way more Pagan, and the Pagan god of government has grown in intruded with ever more increasing vigor into every aspect of our lives. Naturally, to the government believer, government is ONLY good, and EVERYTHING can ONLY be solved by more government. Let those that can still think pay attention!

Controlling language is as close to thought control as the government can get, so it is completely unsurprising that government and its acolytes seek to control the words we use. Many of our most rational thoughts are in terms of words -- make the word "prayer" into a word that elicits "mental care" relative to its use, and a major beachhead in the installation of government as the "one true god" has been accomplished.

Our pagan nation is in severe need of fervent prayer!

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