Saturday, December 26, 2015

Trump Already In Office !?

I'm thinking that this article will go away soon, but I was floored when I saw a big picture of Trump out on CNN with the headline "Democrats Rip Deportation Plan".

Who is in office again? Who runs the DHS?

CNN and the Democrats can rail against a plan and BLAME TRUMP? Are they just mixed up? Perhaps they should blame W? It may be that he started such things before he left and BO has just been too busy golfing to do any direction changes?

Things that make one wonder what the heck goes through a lot of peoples minds, and the relation it might have to even an imagined reality! It certainly appears that the country is very much "read for Trump!".  TRUMP certainly believes that the actions of the DHS are because of HIM -- as he believes that EVERYTHING is because of **HIM**!!!

So does BO in fact ... just listen to him. It is beginning to look like BO may be analogous to an evil version of John the Baptist, only BO "prepareth the way" for Trump!

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