Monday, December 21, 2015

Trump Truthful Compared to Hildebeast! ISIS "Slick" Recruitment

Hillary Clinton camp to Donald Trump: 'Hell no' apology -

Hildebeast sets a VERY low bar for truthfulness! No wonder, lying is a Clinton family tradition, and we have already had a LOT of experience with that!

So she says that Trump is being used in ISIS recruitment. Well, unsurprisingly, no evidence of that, but there IS someone she might know on an ISIS recruitment video -- her bimbo chasing hubby Slick! Talk about a "Slick recruiting video!".

The ISIS video is worth watching, they may be evil, but they actually DO believe in something as opposed to this sorry area of N America. How about these slogans for Amerika?
  • One nation, 51 genders, and too many sexual preferences to count
  • Land of convenience and home of dead babies
  • We USED to be America -- won WWII, went to the moon, decided to get drunk and stoned and call ourselves history. 
  • Exceptional Like Greece! -- Without the cool thinkers 
  • Following the has-been tradition of England Since 1932!
  • Killing our culture, our babies and ourselves because we deserve it! 
  • We're so moral we destroyed ourselves to avoid God's judgement. 
  • Our people aren't responsible enough to have guns. Can we send you home from Gitmo with some?
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