Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blacks Killing Whites, TP Consistency

The Lie That Turned Moms Into ‘Murderers’ - The Daily Beast:

"Robert Barnes" will not get the kind of media attention that "Trayvon Martin", "Michael Brown", or even "Jamar Clark" (Jamar is the guy shot by police in N Minneapolis a month ago, for some reason there seems to be less focus on his name).

Robert Barnes was a homeless alcoholic. A 10 year old black boy decided to tell his mother that "Barnes had hit him" (he hadn't ), so the woman got two of her friends and some kids and went down and beat the guy to death with a broken leg from some furniture and a hammer.

Why not? Barnes was certainly a LOT less innocent than a 25 week gestation baby! The NY Times talks about the terrible restriction in woman's rights imposed by 26 states on 190 million people that don't allow such babies to be murdered. 9 wonderful states allow the murder of babies as long as they are still in the womb. What basis is it again that people with little ability are supposed to use as a way to measure things like the value of a life? The ladies didn't try to sell Barnes' body parts, so in some respects they actually were quite "moral" in modern cultural terms.

So we are a nation that has decided that some human lives do not matter at all. The State even uses our tax dollars to subsidize the murder of some, so their blood is on all our hands. If anyone in the US thinks they have no sins to confess before they take communion, they can reflect on that for a bit. How exactly DOES one make a distinction as to which lives matter and which do not?

So why doesn't Robert Barnes life matter? It may be because he appears white,  but I don't think that is the reason -- although we know TP is unconcerned about an epidemic of white deaths.

Like the lives of thousands of young black men who kill each other every year, Robert Barnes death simply DOES NOT FIT THE THE PARTY NARRATIVE. There is no easy way for The Party (TP-D) to gain political power by talking about this death, in the same way as the deaths of roughly 6K young black men who murder each other each year don't fit the narrative needed to in increase TP power.

To understand The Party, **ALL** that needs to be understood is their thirst for POWER. Once you realize that they are 100% dedicated to the amassing of political power to a centralized "elite" by ANY AND ALL MEANS, they are very easy to understand, and they in fact ARE consistent!


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