Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tough Questions In Palm Beach

There was a period in my career when I flew in and out of Palm Beach quite regularly -- often for full week business meetings. We would pull in Sunday night and leave on Friday afternoon. Even earlty PM there were 50+ BIG private jets on the ground, and coming in steadiy. Not little ones -- full sized ones like Trump's. Often they would land, go over to the private terminal, and a nice helicopter would shortly lift off taking them to their estate or their yacht.

But those poor folks have a HUGE problem!

The question of whether to use Trump’s estate during the charity season has rattled Palm Beach society. But the consensus seems to be that, whatever they may think of Trump, Mar-a-Lago is a great place to party and raise money.
To Mar-a-Lago or to not Mar-a-Lago, what a quandry. When I was travelling down there, one of the planes that was well known and pointed out when it was on the ground was Ted Kennedy's. The Kennedy's have a big compound down there where Joe used to drink and womanize to his hearts content. In 1991, Ted, Patrick and "William Kennedy Smith" were out drinking and carousing and Smith ended up accused of rape.

The clan circled the wagons like they always do -- but in their case with the entire MSM to help them. Apparently now dead "John John" needed a little blackmail to get him onboard, but hey, it's a crime family founded on bootlegging, what do you expect?

Isn't it lovely how Teddy could drown his secretary and walk away, but "locker room talk" is supposed to be disqualifying for attending charity events at a venue where they have been going for 20 years?  Good old JFK kept a whole harem, including two staffers pretty much entirely for his sexual pleasure nicknamed "Fiddle and Faddle". He was BOTH a Democarat and a Kennedy, nuff said, whatever a guy wants sexually is A - OK for guys that can check those two boxes. Slick Willie? No less than Arianna Huffington of lefty Huffpo fame said she knew 20 women in DC who would be happy to give Slick a BJ -- he had such "high regaurd for women", including a very creditable rape accusation.

How WILL the mega-rich be able to sort it all out? Oh the morality! Oh the humanity!

Aleppo, American Alpo

The old programming saw about running on your own software is "eating your own dogfood" -- the actual execution of imagined great software, if you are lucky, hopefully just the early versions, can be some poor puppy chow!

The media and BO have brayed for 8 years about how bad a hole W left us in. It has become far clearer the last couple years that BO has left not just BOistan, but the world in a real crater.

The fall of Aleppo just weeks before Barack Obama leaves office is a fitting stamp on his Middle East policy of retreat and withdrawal. The pitiable pictures from the devastated city showed the true cost of Obama’s abdication. For which he seems to have few regrets, however. In his end-of-year news conference, Obama defended U.S. inaction with his familiar false choice: It was either stand aside or order a massive Iraq-style ground invasion.
BO was the master of the false choice and the straw-man argument. He was more fake than any news -- and a lot of the news the last 8 years has been VERY fake!

Sir Charles points out the obvious ... there are always lots of choices between doing nothing, ground troops or launching the nukes.

The U.S. could easily have destroyed the regime’s planes and helicopters on the ground and so cratered its airfields as to make them unusable. That would have altered the strategic equation for the rest of the war. 
And would have deterred the Russians from injecting their own air force — they would have had to challenge ours for air superiority. 
Facing no U.S. deterrent, Russia stepped in and decisively altered the balance, pounding the rebels in Aleppo to oblivion. The Russians were particularly adept at hitting hospitals and other civilian targets, leaving the rebels with the choice between annihilation and surrender. 
They surrendered.

BO's only competence was the same finger wagging pseudo arguments that the lapdog press lapped up like some rotting gelatinous once upon a time sea life polluting the air on the beach of reality. That millions have died due to his incompetence is of no concern to the left -- few of them were BOistanis, so that is "win". BOistan has no honor to defend -- only the pursuit of "pleasure", ideal if it is a pleasure that would turn the stomach of the carrion munching canine.

The 20th of January really can't get here fast enough!

Democracy Of The Dead

So little of life, so many great thinkers to understand. Our biases are many, with a great many of them so fundamental that it is very difficult for mere mortals to realize we have them. Along with a profound bias for our own pwersonal POV, the general bias for the small set of people that happen to be alive now is similarly entrenched.

“Tradition means giving a vote to most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead.” Chesterton goes on to say: “Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our father.”

In our perverted age, "The Party" ( TP-D) tends to be all in favor of giving the dead the vote, ncompletely secure in their knowledge that they vote 100% TP. They also find that little things like ciicizenship, not being a felon, being able to prove who you are, or essentially any restriction is too onerous to prevent the sacred vote.

Freedom Of Association ala Trump

Freedom of association isn’t just for the Rockettes - The Boston Globe:\

Trump has reminded the left of this wondrous and recently important right known as Freedom of Association. As always, when the left identifies a "right", it is a "right" as long as you agree with them.

The right to discriminate — to choose with whom we will and won’t associate — is vital to human liberty. A dressmaker who can’t say no to a commission to design a gown isn’t free, and it doesn’t matter whether the gown is for a first lady or for the brides in a lesbian wedding. A liberal baker who declines to create a lavish cake decorated with the words “Congratulations, President Trump” is entitled to as much deference as a black baker who declines to decorate a cake with the Confederate flag, or a Muslim baker who declines to decorate a cake with the message “No Muslim Immigrants.” 
Freedom of association, like all freedoms, isn’t absolute. Common carriers, innkeepers, and vendors open to the public are barred by law from refusing to serve customers because of their race, religion, or sex, for example. But when it comes to providing personal services to others — whether the service is cleaning homes or singing the national anthem or taking photos — coercion is anathema. It would be ludicrous for the Trump committee to sue Andrea Bocelli or Phoebe Pearl to compel their involvement in the inaugural. It is just as ludicrous, or ought to be, to sue florists and bakers to compel their involvement in weddings they prefer to avoid.
So Associational Freedom is now important. As I wrote in 2015 however, it was NOT important in 2015 and whole states were put in the sites of the powerful for failing to bow to celebrate the bold new order of gay "marriage".

In my universe, Assosicational Feedom would in fact approach "absolute". You may well go out of busniness if you push the boundaries, but the state would not be breating down your neck. 

Also in my world, when the "popular culture" decides that they will define new norms and beat down the minority that disagrees with them, turnabout is absolutely fair play. What the left wanted was a society WITHOUT Associationa Freedom when they assumed they were always going to win and be in the majority.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander in the relativistic world that the left thought they had created. In EXACTLY the same way as fining a baker for not baking a cake, fining a dancer for not dancing is perfect turnabout. The left wanted the civil servant in Kentucky JAILED for not giving out a license for a gay "marriage" -- putting EPA employees in jail who fail to comply with the edicts of President Trump is exactly the same. 

EITHER we return to rule of law and transcendent principles, or we MUST make sure that those out of power are punished for being out of power. Without riule of law, raw application of power is the only way to get the point across that doing what the left has been doing since Roe V Wade and longer MUST have consequences when they lose! 

My belief is that a return to rule of law is STILL the right thing to do, but treating Rockettes differentlyt than Bakers is acceptible withut a FIRM agreement with the left people that we really don't trust because they have proven themselves untrustworhty over and over. 

It's a dilema -- somebody has to take the moral high ground and defer to law EVEN when they are in power! The left has shown us it isn't going to be them -- can the right do so and manage to make it stick again?

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

High Kicks, Anthems and Cake

So some of the Rockettes want to boycott performing at the Trump inauguration.

And Pearl is exactly right; the shameful decision was made for the woman, not with their input. Their union — the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) — firmly ruled out the possibility of a boycott by any of the performers either, handcuffing at least the dozen full-time dancers to the presidential obligation.
Got that? See, if it was a gay "marriage" celebration of some sort and some of the Rockettes wanted to boycott for say, religious reasons, it is THEIR action that would be "shameful", and they ought to be fired, ostracized, and maybe fined  or imprisoned. Religious freedom is not something BOistan honors.

Say one of the Rockettes wanted to sit down during the National Anthem? THAT would be "protected speech" -- within her "First Amendment rights", and the same can be said here. She wants to make a political statement against Trump, so they want her protected.

How about if someone had said that they did not want to perform for BO because he had said in his book that he wanted to destroy the colonial powers which included the US and Britain? I think we know the answer to that -- obvious racism! Nobody would opppose the great BO for any other reason!

Who You May Harass, Ivanka

The biggest piece of this story for me is that Ivanka Trump was flying COACH on Jet Blue! So much for lavish lifestyle!

The second part is trying to even imagine Obama's daughters being harassed. The level of media outcry would be horrific, and I'd argue it ought to be. Politics is politics and selling used cars is selling used cars. Our founders worked very hard to keep both of them as something we dealt with nationally every few years and the bulk of the population cared little about the rest of the time.

An actual father holding their child while going after a mother with their children would not happen. Possibly a woman would do this, but unlikely. Such behavior must be explainable somehow in the scope of gay "marriage", but I know I don't care to hear the explanation! What part of the psyche has to be broken to be holding a child -- even a child that is obviously not "yours" in any natural human sense, and to somehow see it has reasonable to verbally attack an actjual mother with her children.

Back when BO ascended to power, any criticism of "The One" was racist. The fact that the Team Party was against his policies meant they were, ...., yes, this gets boring, RACIST!

You verbally accosted a woman with her children, tough guys. Here is the issue for now, and just for now it is words, but what will we see next? People throwing stuff at her? Is that okay, libs? Would a smack be okay, if it were done by a woman? I just want to know where you draw the line, because I want to know what the line is when a Trump supporter or a Trump himself again gets accosted and then kicks the living crap out of his accoster from here to kingdom come.

So where is the line? The MSM doesn't seem to think this is even a problem at all. So what WOULD be a problem? Anything? Or is the entire Trump family open for "whatever" since they have been suitably labled by the left?

Naturally, if Ivanka baked cakes, she would be legally obligated to bake a cake for these "men", since they are a protected class!

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Walker, Wisconsin Not Washington

I wanted Scott Walker to be president, I think he would have been great, but he would never have had a chance against Hillary. If Trump can take Walkers advice on States Rights as given  here, as well as breaking up government workers unions, maybe Walker can win in 2024.

The separation of state and federal authority is one of the most essential principles of our Constitution. It explains the Constitution’s structural allocation of powers as much as the division between legislative, executive, and judicial functions. If we lose the separate and independent existence of state governments, we will lose our Constitution. 
Hence the potentially historic importance of the initiative just announced by Governor Scott Walker, under the heading “Wisconsin, Not Washington.” This morning Governor Walker sent a letter to President-elect Trump, asking for Trump’s help in restoring the federal structure of the Constitution.
The natural order for human society is intended for power to flow from God ->Family (people) -> Church/Community -> State -> Federal.

As a nation shifts to the Satanic, we naturally see another inversion -- all power  moves to the Federal level , and it seeks to destroy all authority "below" it, especially God.

The question is not what functions the federal government should give back to the states, but what functions should the federal government have in the first place. The federal government was originally created to be a small, central government of limited powers, with everything else left to the states. Through years of federal overreach, this model has been turned on its head, and now is the time to right the ship. Power flows from the people to the government, not the other way around.
It is a great time to do this because Democrats in their typically inconsistent fashion have weirdly started it already with "sanctuary cities" that thumb their noses at existing immigration laws and marijuana havens that invalidate federal drug laws. At the same time, a state trying to declare that men and women should use bathrooms and locker rooms for their actual rather than imagined sex is declared a national pariah!

What an optimistic Christmas surprise to see this like of positive thinking arise from the wreckage of BOistan!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Hillary Most Faithless In History

It's official: Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote -

The media will continue to bray about Hillary "swamping" Trump in the popular vote. The figure is completely useless, we don't do presidential elections by popular vote and never have. They will naturally also say that Trump has "no evidence" of millions of illegal votes. Later they will no doubt scream even louder that there is "no such thing as voter fraud" and that all attempts at voter ID "suppress the vote" -- well, what they "suppress" is voter fraud and the ability to hide it!

What we DO know is that Hillary takes her place in history as the loser with the most faithless electors in over 100 years. In fact, with 5, she is one less than the TOTAL faithless vote in over 100 years! Nobody can compete with God on irony -- Crooked Hillary is the hands down faithless winner!

 In Between 1900 and 2012, the count is six faithless electors abandoning a losing presidential candidate—though one perhaps by accident—and three abandoning a winner.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

If I Were Putin

One of my standard mental devices in understanding the world is to attempt to put myself into the minds of other people and think what I might try to do if I was sitting where they are. There is nothing "factual" about this, it is a pure thought exercise.

Given the BO / CIA opening to question the integrity of our election POST election, why would Putin NOT come forward in any manner he desires with "irrefutable evidence"  that Trump worked with the Russians to tilt the election to himself? Why not help his adversary throw itself into a complete rat hole, possibly even something approaching civil war?

My strong suspicion is that the actual Russian "involvement" in the US election was none to minimal. There are hackers acting for their own purposes around the world for as many reasons as there are hackers. In many cases it is a pure profit motive, in others it is loosely "political", but often only in the sense of being anti-political ... anarchist. Breaking "the system" -- both the technical one of networks and computers, but certainly the corporate, political and financial system as well. But that is all moot now.

My sense is that Putin is a ruthless power player that WELL knows the real world as a result of both his old KGB role and current and past leadership roles. He knows that both his own and the US governments are morasses of bureaucratic  intransigence impossible to "control" in the sense that common people believe and media organizations like to imagine. A brontosaurus with Einstein's brain is still going to look and act much like a brontosaurus -- even Einstein can't make it's vocal apparatus speak, nor it's giant appendages type.

Who leads the US, especially Trump vs Hillary, is nearly meaningless for Putin. Hillary attempted the odd "Russian Reset" in '08 for unknown reasons beyond an idiots attempt to put down "W" ( when our ham handed state department translated "reset" into Russian, they translated it as "overload"). The Clinton foundation accepted payments approaching at least $50million to transfer 20% of US uranium assets to Russia ... so it isn't like Putin didn't know how cheaply she was willing to sell out the US.

One would imagine that Putin assumes that as a businessman, Trump will be someone easier to deal with -- or who knows, maybe just "cheaper" in the sense that decent dealings won't always require transferring millions of dollars into the "Clinton Fund". Putin can talk to Trump as a fellow multi-billionaire as opposed to a grasping mere 100 millionaire. It may just be the desire to talk to a fellow NFL QB vs a junior college QB like Hillary (really more like a junior college water girl, but let's be generous).

If I were Putin, I would make sure that the CIA "found irrefutable evidence" that Trump made promises to the Russians for dropping sanctions, allowing them to annex territory and possibly even allowing them free reign in Europe. I see the left and the BO administration as willing to treat ANYTHING as complete gospel if it reflects negatively on Trump at this point, and it is completely obvious that the left wing of the Democrat party is more than ready to riot in the streets over Trump cutting a fart.

So I for one will be completely UNsurprised if prior to the inauguration, "definitive proof" of Trump negotiating with the Russians for "whatever" doesn't come to light. In fact, I will be somewhat surprised if it does not. If it does not, my guess is that Putin feels that his personal and business interests would be too negatively impacted by throwing the US into THAT much disarray -- which is also not that surprising.  BO has handled him the largest opportunity to sow discontent in BOistan that I can recall on the proverbial silver platter.

I consider BO to be intelligent. I simply can't imagine that he would come out with the "investigate the Trump / Russia connection" ploy AFTER the election if he did not see finding "evidence" of  Trump working with the Russians as "something he could benefit from".  He HAS to realize it it is a HUGE opening for a foreign power to have devastating short and  long term negative impact on the US, and this was one of the very few times he was willing to "lead from in front", even after declaring in October that what he just did is essentially treason of the worst kind.

BO made it clear long ago in "Dreams" that destruction of the US and it's conversion into BOistan was his goal. He succeeded at his goal, but Trump is certainly something that NOBODY expected -- he has a giant opportunity to turn us back toward someday becoming America again -- maybe even being "great" in a few decades.

I think BO has now shown us exactly how far he will go to maintain his legacy of destruction -- the only question remaining is if Putin finds an even more crippled BOistan to be in his best interests.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lame Duck Totalitarianism

NEVER trust anyone on the left -- they declare they have no morals, and that is the single thing they tend to follow through on. Democracy? Well, the US was never a "democracy", but rather a Constitutional Republic. Naturally, while braying about how much they love "democracy", the left has shredded the Constitution and used executive power to bypass congress at every opportunity.

And now, they honor the people speaking by ...

President Barack Obama will use his executive authority to permanently block offshore drilling in large swaths of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, the White House announced Tuesday.
The move to protect the planet in the face of climate change ― just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump, who appears set on sidelining America’s climate fight, takes office ― is among Obama’s most noteworthy.
How is that for paying attention to "the will of the people"? BO nor "The Party" has NEVER been concerned with "people" -- only sheep that bleat whatever they decree. POWER is what they love.

Hopefully Trump will kick some ass here. We just had an election, it DAMNED well better have consequences this time! "Permanent protections"? You can sure be permanently dead, otherwise, things change.

We are nice guys. Make sure the UN is empty before we blast it to rubble, and then do the same with the "World Court" -- wherever it is. Perhaps Putin will help us -- he was never going to listen to it either. Saves us a bunch of dues, ambassadors, and people not paying parking tickets with immunity in NYC. Build the sucker in Venezuela -- but take your own toilet paper!

Then who is going to tell us we can't drill baby drill? Lucky Pierre?

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The Trump Card

Powerline does the "week in pictures" every week, it is always good, but this week was especially good. A couple really fit here. 

Over at the Washington Examiner, it was summed up as follows with a Baseball analogy that I really like.

Yes Hillary Clinton got more votes than Trump, the bulk of which are located in two states, but that is not how you win. In the 1960 World Series the New York Yankees scored 55 runs to the Pittsburgh Pirates 27; out-hit them as well .328 verses .256, but the Pirates won when it counted and all those superior numbers meant nothing.
In short, you win by the rules of the game, not by the rules of your bias. 
The media miss the things that matter to voters like how Trump thanks his voters verses Clinton's thank you; he holds rallies in the very regions that provided him with a win, while Hillary thanks the big dollar donors in Manhattan.

The end of the Constitution, the Separation of Powers and the Rule of Law all fit in that highlighted line. The left wants to create a world based on their biases by total destruction of what was once America -- they are at least well on their way, if not already successful, but they hit a solid bump int he road named Trump.

This analogy for rules vs "something we just thought would be a good way to call a loss a win" is good as well. In general, I think Trump played this election with 3 dimensional chess strategy while Hillary played it with Tic-Tac-Toe level strategy.

Tolerance, Moral Responsibility, Refugees

. First, disconnect rights from responsibility (obligation).

The idea that every right has a corresponding duty or obligation was essential to the social compact understanding of the American founding. Thus whatever was destructive of the public good or public happiness, however much it might have contributed to an individual’s private pleasures or imagined pleasures, was not a part of the “pursuit of happiness” and could be proscribed by society. Liberty was understood to be rational liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was understood to be the rational pursuit of happiness—that is to say, not only a natural right but a moral obligation as well.

When there are no morals, "tolerance" -- allowing relativism becomes the only "moral".

Over the past century and more, this morality grounded in the American founding has been successfully eroded by Progressivism. This erosion is manifested today in the morality of value-free relativism. According to this new morality, all value judgments are equal. Reason cannot prove that one value is superior to or more beneficial than another, because values are not capable of rational analysis; they are merely idiosyncratic preferences. In this value-free universe, the only value that is “objectively” of higher rank is tolerance. Equal toleration of all values—what is called today a commitment to diversity—is the only “reasonable” position. And note that it is always called a commitment to diversity. It is a commitment because it cannot be rational in any strict sense—it exists in a value-free world from which reason has been expelled. The only support it can garner under such circumstances is the simple fact that it is preferred.

Values precede reason. They either exist in the fabric of an ordered universe,  or they do not. If they exist, they transcend existence. If they do not exist, then might is right.

The article proceeds to argue that it is obvious that the admission of Syrian refugees is neither a moral or a Constitutional issue in a world with values. I agree -- self defense is a basic human right. Unless refugees, especially Islamic refugees can be properly vetted, there is not obligation to accept them.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

October BO vs December BO On Election Meddling

Here is BO on Thursday October 20th, just over 2 weeks before the elction, lecturing about the danger of not having faith in elections.

“I want everybody to pay attention here. That is dangerous,” Obama continued, as supporters in the crowd cried out. “Because when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people's minds about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. Then you’re doing the work of our adversaries for them. Because our democracy depends on people knowing that their vote matters, that those who occupy the seats of power were chosen by the people.”
You got that? BO wagging his finger and pontificating on the seriousness of questioning elections as being essentially treason ("undermines our democracy").

But wait!!!!  TP lost, so NOW we have BO talking "investigations" into "Russian election interference"and "retaliation" ... is that like a "red line"??? !!! The danger here is HUGE, if I were Putin, I would make CERTAIN that BO finds his "evidence" -- because it is harder to imagine a cheaper more deadly weapon to launch into the soul of the US. Talking to the bride about some concerns over the groom PRIOR to the wedding is dangerous, but could be required -- AFTER? Hello?

This is a great summary of how "The Party" (TP-D) operates.
"The role of elector has intensified this year, in the wake of a bitter election in which Trump lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton by a margin of nearly 3 million votes and the revelation of a secret CIA assessment that Russia interfered to help Trump get elected."

First  we have the fake news ... Hillary won the "popular vote", which is meaningless because we have the Electoal College (EC). Always have, that is how we run elections, and that is how we ran this one. Change the rules, (smart) people campaign differently! Change pro-football so you win or lose on time of possession vs score, and teams play different! Duh!

But TP lost. So although they claim to want a popular vote election with no EC, they are perfectly willing, demanding even,  to try to use the EC to subvert the will of over 60 million people that took part in the election under the rules specified in the Constituion and in force for over 200 years.

In fact, TP, the party famous for using the Constitution to wipe their soiled asses, is now a YUGE fan of Alexander Hamilton! A Federalist that was far from keen on there being any sort of popular vote at all!

He looked to see Federalist No. 68, written by Hamilton to describe the need for the electoral college. 
“We have been getting a civic lesson we weren’t prepared to get,” Koller said. “They gave us the fail-safe emergency brake, in case the people got it wrong. And here we are, 200 years later. It’s the last shot we have.”
My God,! Trump is enough to get lefties to read Federalist 68! He is a total miracle worker! The next thing you know they will be reading Plato, or even the Bible! Holy crap, the American mind might be trying to open!

But it may well be shut HARD if Putin plays his cards smartly!

Public Union Bubble to Burst?

Excellent article worth reading all of. A sample.
Many people have jobs for life and performance measures are rare. The result is a paradox: the typical public worker is better off than the people he is supposed to serve, and the gap has widened significantly over the past decade. In America, pay and benefits have grown twice as fast in the public sector as they have in the private sector.
 How much does all this cost us? Hard to calculate, but consider ...

It is impossible to calculate the cost of the unions' inflexibility. But several recent studies provide some indications. Policy Exchange, a conservative think-tank, calculates that people in the British private sector work 23% more hours than their public-sector counterparts over their lifetimes, thanks to public-sector strikes, sick days and early retirement. Barry Bluestone, a left-wing economist, calculates that the price of America's public services increased by 41% in 2000-08, while that of private services rose by 27%. Eric Hanushek, an economist at Stanford University, argues that replacing the bottom 5-8% of American teachers with merely average performers could move the United States from near the bottom to near the top of the international maths and science rankings.

If  Trump can accomplish a single thing, a huge weakening of public unions would be very high on my priority list!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

How The Russians Did It!

We know that Russia is a technologically superior nation since we hitch rides with them to the Space Station so we can pretend like we are still an advanced nation. This article lays out exactly how they managed to elect Trump president. I think the following was their most brilliant move! 

The men from Moscow hacked into Clinton’s teleprompter last September 9. In a fundraising speech that she delivered to donors at Cipriani restaurant, literally on Wall Street, her original reference to half of Trump’s supporters as “hard-working Americans thirsty for economic growth and tired of being lectured to by condescending, out-of-touch elites in Washington” disappeared. Instead, Clinton was amazed to find herself calling them a “basket of deplorables.” She was as stunned as anyone to find her lips forming the words “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.”
This one is also brilliant ... the whole article is worth reading.

The Russians drilled into the navigation system of Stronger Together, Clinton’s campaign plane, and erased Wisconsin from its map of the USA. This prevented her from landing and stumping even once in that entire state during the fall election campaign.
"Stronger Together" what a lame name for a plane. Why not "Herself"... or just "I'm a woman, Affirmative Action says you HAVE to elect me!"

Since BO openly tried to influence the Brexit vote, the election in Israel, and no doubt a few others that I'm forgetting, I'm surprised he is not pleased to see that BOistan has achieved "not exceptional" -- we are just one more nation whose elections other nations work to influence!

Note, that just because they might have thought that Trump would be easier to influence than Hillary, (who they had already bought and paid for in at least one urainium deal), doesn't mean they are right.

Hillary WANTED to run against Trump -- and look at how well that worked out for her!

Trump To Drain Government Worker Swamp?

This is the best news I've seen yet from the Trump transition! We need a 30-50% reduction in the number of government workers across the board, and even more importantly, their union must be decertified ASAP. Even FDR knew that unionized government workers was pure poison for a nation. The following is a classic modern statement by "The Party" (TP-D)

“Of course we want accountability,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), who will enter the Senate in January, “but we also want to protect against political favoritism. It’s important that we not allow the civil service to be politicized.”
Yeah, sure they do!

To translate -- "Of course we want to avoid any and all kinds of accountability for anyone in good standing with TP, especially our loyal TP workers and campaign contributors in the Federal and State bureaucracies! It would be a tragedy of immense proportion if Republicans were allowed to take government jobs reserved for loyal dues paying members of TP!"

Chaffetz said he plans to push through wholesale changes to the generous retirement benefits that federal workers receive, by shifting to a market-driven, 401(k)-style plan for new employees. 
He said the model would be his home state, which six years ago replaced the defined benefit pensions that have disappeared at most private companies with a defined contribution plan for new state and municipal workers.

Golly, it has been well over a decade since IBM dropped the defined benefit plan and pushed everyone to 401K -- welcome to the new millenium government workers!

I think everyone understands the truth about government -- it is just that half the country or better is sucking on the government teat to some extent or another, and the fatted calves of unionized government employees have just been assumed to be part of the ride on the gravy train.

“The civil service system fails at almost everything it was designed to do,” said Paul Light, a civil service expert at New York University. “It’s very slow at hiring, negligent in disciplining, permissive in promoting.”

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209 to 6 Against Trump Racism

The best left wing narratives are often the least fact based. For the left, they are ESPECIALLY good if they are mere assertions that are impossible to prove or disprove. For example, "Trump voters are ..... racist, sexist, homophobic, uneducated, stupid, angry, deploreable, etc". For all the lefts supposed love of being "fact based", it is very hard to put a meter on any of those lables and prove their truth. Thus, we are expected to take them as asserted to be true by "The Party" and it's dominant media.

So why did 209 counties that voted for a black president TWICE flip over to Trump?

Perhaps no detail illustrates this more than the number 209. That’s the number of counties that voted to send Barack Obama to the White House (and not just once, but twice), that flipped to support Trump — and overwhelmingly so.
Again, those are counties that voted for Trump after they overwhelmingly supported a black president for two election cycles. If this election was indeed a cover for empowering white supremacists, how does Palmieri explain this statistic?

The answer is that she doesn't and doesn't have to because she is spewing the TP narrative, and the TP narrative needs no supporting facts -- it is taken to be true by definition!

How many counties that voted against BO did Hillary flip by comparison. Six!

Aside from how impressive that number is, there are equally unimpressive numbers for Hillary Clinton. In fact, Palmieri might do well to heed the number six. That’s the number of counties that never supported Obama, but voted for Clinton. Yes, just six.

Logical lefty explanation for that? The Russians did it!!!!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

A Hopeless Mooch

Mooch Obama is feeling like it is "a time of hopelessness". Damn! It seems strange that 8 years of unremitting "Hope and Change" would leave a nation in such a state. Are we out of change too? ... gee, I checked my pocket, and we ARE. Picked clean!

Fortune lists Oprah as being worth $2.9 Billion , so at least she has some "change" left.

Perhaps it is time for "the other 60 million" to have a little hope Mooch!

Solving The BOcare, Medical Care Crisis

By the time you get to the end of this post, you will know how to fix the healthcare system.

This post is important -- we need a little background Friedman that PJ O'Rourke has enhanced to stick in our brains first relative to how money is spent. This is taken from his book "Don't Vote, It Just Encourages the Bastards!"

I think we all intrinsically understand the preceding -- it makes a REAL difference whose money any person is spending and it makes a real difference who it is being spent on!

Now on to Milton Friedman on healthcare (I recommend you read the whole linked column, but I'm doing cliff notes here in case you are not going to). Milton has astutely observed that as technology has advanced in medicine, people in the developed world have paid more and more for health care, yet are generally less satisfied. Advances in technology in other areas (cars, tv, cell phones, the internet) have produced LOWER costs and GREATER satisfaction!

Rapid technological advances have occurred repeatedly since the Industrial Revolution—in agriculture, steam engines, railroads, telephones, electricity, automobiles, radio, television, and, most recently, computers and telecommunication. The other two features seem unique to medicine. It is true that spending initially increased after non-medical technical advances, but the fraction of national income spent did not increase dramatically after the initial phase of widespread acceptance. On the contrary, technological development lowered cost, so that the fraction of national income spent on food, transportation, communication, and much more has gone down, releasing resources to produce new products or services. Similarly, there seems no counterpart in these other areas to the rising dissatisfaction with the delivery of medical care.
So apparently, having 3rd parties -- employers, insurance companies and government buy our healthcare has provided us with a very expensive off color Yugo healthcare -- and we are surprised? But it's worse than that -- because government is involved.

Some years ago, the British physician Max Gammon, after an extensive study of the British system of socialized medicine, formulated what he called "the theory of bureaucratic displacement." He observed that in "a bureaucratic system . . . increase in expenditure will be matched by fall in production. . . . Such systems will act rather like ‘black holes,’ in the economic universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of ‘emitted production.’" Gammon’s observations for the British system have their exact parallel in the partly socialized U.S. medical system. Here, too, input has been going up sharply relative to output.
Why is government different? It combines typical human hubris and incompetence with monopoly power -- in fact,  potentially total coercive power.  How to escape from this morass, now made much worse by BOcare? Well, the "perfect solution" would be:

The ideal way to do that would be to reverse past actions: repeal the tax exemption of employer-provided medical care; terminate Medicare and Medicaid; deregulate most insurance; and restrict the role of the government, preferably state and local rather than federal, to financing care for the hard cases. However, the vested interests that have grown up around the existing system, and the tyranny of the status quo, clearly make that solution not feasible politically. Yet it is worth stating the ideal as a guide to judging whether proposed incremental changes are in the right direction.
 So what does this all mean in simple easy to understand terms?

  1. Like all goods, medical care WILL (and always has been) be "rationed" -- supply and demand are a form of rationing, as are long waits. The government decides on the waits, like having less MRI machines for the country than Mayo has with waits of 12 - 18 months. My wife would likely be a quad in Canada, but their healthy people LOVE their system! (the number of healthy people exceeds the number of sick people -- so socialized medicine is politically astute ...  note "insane evil pig" above )
  2. 80/20 rule, 80%+ of medical care can be "WalMart, Target, Bloomies" levels of care -- basic physicals, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, diabetes, throat cultures, standard pregnancy/delivery -- People need to pay for 80% of their health care out of pocket, just like their groceries and gasoline.

    You buy the level you can afford when you are hurting -- and it is cheap because there is competition, and very limited liability. It is like buying normal groceries -- not steak, certainly not caviar. Just like when your car breaks or house needs a new roof, you either have savings to handle those "unexpected expenses", or you are forced to use credit. If you are really poor, you go seek state assistance, or to to the "medical shelf" (like the food shelf).
  3. When really bad things happen -- cancer, trauma, heart attack, stroke, etc, "Cirrus Vision Medicine" kicks in -- note, I didn't say "Gulf Stream, Trump's plane, or Air Force One" level of medicine. The Cirrus Vision is a very advanced JET plane ... but it isn't "snotty". You can't afford the Cirrus level either, but just like fire insurance, you pay a premium for a policy so you are not RUINED ... it costs more than your fire insurance because the odds of you eventually getting bad sick are higher, and the care is going to cost more than replacing your house.

    You DO "notice it" -- Some number, say "20% of your net income" is yours to pay. Serious illness ought to be financially like having your home burn down -- a really bad thing (which it WILL be anyway, because serious health issues are MUCH more than just financial). 
A lot of this unfortunately assumes that we re-educate people on some of the basic facts of life that our political and educational system have hidden from us so they can shear us. 

  1. "Single Payer" means that if you are a person that uses only public housing, public transportation, public health, etc today, you will likely LOVE it! If not -- like if you have your own home, car, etc, then you will also find that you need to have your own healthcare. You will pay dearly for the "public option", and THEN  unless you are REALLY wealthy, you will pay hyper-dearly for the "private option" that you actually use -- if you can afford it at all. Increasingly, many of us that bought into the old "American Dream" will finally fall into a frayed, stinking, 10-20 people to a ward slum of healthcare like the VA (the "public option" poster child), and find that we are dying in BOistan. 
  2. Single Payer" isn't ... it is "paid by all taxpayers present and future". It is one stop lobbyist stop for those getting the money. They know who to pay off, take on junkets, provide good stuff for, etc. No need to deal with slimy "customers" (patients) anymore ... they are not paying anyway! If DC is happy, it's all good. If your business ever had a "large users group", imagine a "ONE users group"! How well did your business treat the customers that were not "large" compared to the big spenders? Imagine only a single real customer that determined your entire financial picture as a healthcare provider and you will start to get the idea. 
  3. There is NO free lunch! Somebody is paying -- maybe not you, but somebody. Your neighbor, your kids, your grandkids, SOMEBODY (and likely not the "really rich guy" -- he has lawyers and tax accountants that he pays instead). When you don't understand that, most likely you AND everyone else is paying WAY more than you realize for your "free lunch", which is exactly the case for healthcare. "Free goods" are insanely expensive!
  4. NEVER insure against losses that you can self-insure for! Yes, this means NEVER purchase the "extended warranty"! Assuming that the warranty is actually going to cover things that actually might happen (a BIG assumption!), someone is betting that they will make money by you purchasing the warranty, and they have LOTS more information than you have about the transaction and odds! Just like Vegas, they are "the house", and rule #1 is that the house wins! They have to, otherwise they would not be in business!

  5. Note, this applies DOUBLE to "don't have the (federal) government pay for people's food, car repairs, or basic medicine". The government is REALLY "the house", and they will take A LOT of pounds of your taxpaying flesh as they seek to pad their pockets and buy votes to stay in power! If government MUST be involved in chairity (it ought to be neighbors and churches), then it starts LOCALLY and as failure happens, the funding needs to take longer and longer expensive trips to the state and federal capitols so that 20-30-40 cents can return to do good deeds.
  6. "The Government" is not "magic", and certainly not "god". Yes, it can promise to rob from your neighbor to give you things like healthcare, but it will also certainly charge a hefty fee for it's larceny "service". Since it is robbing though,  it WILL also rob from you, your children and your grandchildren as well. You asked it to be a robber, do you REALLY think it is going to be an "honest robber"?
  7. Robbing for a "really good reason" is still robbery. If the reason is THAT good, reasonable people will want to invest in it, or even gift the money. The corruption engendered by deciding that it is morally OK to take money from others by force fits well with the "morality" that it is OK to take the life of another person for your own convenience. When you are willing to kill for convenience, or even allow such killing,  morality is over. (killing for convenience is another name for abortion -- as in the abortion of all moral standing, meaning that if you trust any person or organization (eg US Government) that supports abortion, you are insane and deserve whatever happens to you)
  8. Once institutions are robbing people, there is no such thing as "reasonable", or "limited" because "institutions" ARE people  -- real imperfect standard issue people. Not "public servants", or some other sainted term. When your day to day job is robbing a set of people to hand the money to another set of people so they will keep you in power, you are going to want to keep some loot for yourself, and you will find a "legitimate" way ... or your union will.

    Since you have already convinced yourself that charging people vastly different rates based on income for redistribution is "moral", "progressive" even, it is much easier to see how you absolutely "deserve" a higher salary, cushy benefits like super health care yourself, full salary retirement at a young age "indexed for inflation", shorter work hours, more vacation, total job security, etc, etc) ... all of these are either "in" or "in sight" for unionized government workers see (AFSCME

The whole Friedman article is WELL worth reading. We COULD solve our healthcare issues in the next year or two -- I only hope that Trump and his advisors are looking at this sort of information! 

The Perfect Liberal Political Project

As Wisconsin Recount Finishes Up, $7M Finds 25 Votes for Hillary (Update: 131 Votes for Trump) | PJ Media:

For liberal efforts, $3.9 million is dirt cheap, and at least some good came out of it -- 131 extra votes for Trump!

Yes, on the downside, faith in elections and the bar for challenging them has been reset to where even electoral landslides now have precedent for challenge. From the "liberal" view however, this is a very small thing as they are making extremely clear by asserting as well that the election was "hacked by the Russians"!  Establishing elections as unreliable is an important step on the "liberal" agenda of totalitarian rule.

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BO Needs To Shut Up And Leave, Will He?

It started in from the left with W --  the idea he would create a fake crisis at the end of his term and hold on to power. During the W adminstration, something like 20% of Democrats believed that 9-11 was an "inside job" -- they were the "Truthers".  I actually ran into more than one of them, and the idea that W was a "Fascist" and would never allow elections again was common with them.

Unsurprisingly, this same sort of conspiracy theory about BO leaving office has arisen on the right, and I'm starting to wonder.

As I wrote about previously, why in the hell would any agency or ANYONE that wasn't thinking of nullifying a US election bring up theoretical Russian hacking AFTER the election? Especially if they made a big deal out of there being NO ISSUE prior to the election.

So now we have BO braying AFTER an election:

Obama said his goal is for a definitive White House report on the matter to be issued before President-elect Donald Trump takes office on Jan. 20.
Say what? Were anyone to have ANY remaining confidence in the crony state of BOistan they would have EITHER investigated and dealt with this PRIOR to the election, or they would have kept it under wraps until AFTER January 20th!

I can't even imagine if at the end of the W administration BO had won in a similar electoral landslide, but W was "investigating China, Russia, Cuba, or ???" potentially having "hacked the election", with the "definitive report" due prior to inauguration no less!  The MSM would have gone TOTALLY crazy!! If such a thing had happened, they should have! The coronation of BO was a major league cause for MSM and left US celebration -- it was like Princess Di getting married!

This rotten stench has been around WAY too long!!!! Time for strong cleansing of the swamp with a REALLY good air freshner  -- and I'm starting to wonder if we don't actually need a little "authoritarianism"!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's All Racism and Reparations

My President Was Black - The Atlantic:

The linked article is VERY long, rambling, and not worth the time to read. It was the impetus for the much shorter and to the point article that I covered here -- the seem is the same, racism and the need for reapartations.

Obama is unfailingly optimistic about the empathy and capabilities of the American people. His job necessitates this: “At some level what the people want to feel is that the person leading them sees the best in them,” he told me. But I found it interesting that that optimism does not extend to the possibility of the public’s accepting wisdoms—such as the moral logic of reparations—that the president, by his own account, has accepted for himself and is willing to teach his children.
For the "truly black", the ONLY possible answer is "reparations" -- the form of which is always unclear, but essentially the idea that the roles will be reversed. Blacks will be given "black privilige" in the same way they see the world as run today -- blacks will live in bigger houses, have more wealth, hold more prestigious positions, and whites will pay for it -- not as slaves, but at the point of the government gun as opposed to the slave masters whip.

It was hard to find a single paragraph to try to distill the rambling "evidence" of racism. I'd recommened reading my coverage og "Dog Whistle Politcs" -- the bottom line is that if you accept the racist label, you are a racist. If you do not, you are a worse racist!

That movement came into full bloom in the summer of 2015, with the candidacy of Donald Trump, a man who’d risen to political prominence by peddling the racist myth that the president was not American. It was birtherism—not trade, not jobs, not isolationism—that launched Trump’s foray into electoral politics. Having risen unexpectedly on this basis into the stratosphere of Republican politics, Trump spent the campaign freely and liberally trafficking in misogyny, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. And on November 8, 2016, he won election to the presidency. Historians will spend the next century analyzing how a country with such allegedly grand democratic traditions was, so swiftly and so easily, brought to the brink of fascism. But one needn’t stretch too far to conclude that an eight-year campaign of consistent and open racism aimed at the leader of the free world helped clear the way.
 I wasted my time on it -- no reason for anyone else to bother -- go look at "Know Your Whites" if you have time to waste.,

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Little More Stadium Graft

U.S. Bank suite guests included longtime DFL activists, friends -

Let the little people watch it on TV -- while "The Party" elites sit in the luxury box.

There are a lot of swamps that need draining in this country -- and blue state MN is a mighty swampy swamp.

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The Election Challenge Bar

In 1960, Richard Nixon could have challenged the elction results and most likely have won -- he did not, he felt that people losing faith in the election process would be "bad for the country".

In 2K, Al Gore challenged away -- and surprise, it lowered the faith of the public in elections and the presidency itself.

Fast forward to 2016. This election is an electoral landslide, but it is being challenged as no election of close to this level of win ever has been before. The new bar for the level at which an election is challengeable has been raised to basically "all elections can be legitimately challenged" -- AND, the the entire system is suspect due to "Russian Hacking".

I'm not sure anyone actually cares what is "good for BOistan", but if they did, the following paragraph would tell them that in some quarters, any sort of "good of the nation" is toally out of fashion!

There is no time like the present for liberal lawyers to start arguing creatively. If President Obama left us anything at all that’s currently irrevocable, it’s a federal bench that might be sympathetic to some of these claims. So at this point I am all for the Hail Marys and the tilting at windmills and whatever else progressives can do to gum up the machinery of normalization. Progressives have been known to argue among themselves about whether every last lawsuit is pragmatic or effective or counterproductive and crazy. This time, let’s litigate first and ask questions later. When in doubt, file it.

Knowing Your Whites

President Obama's Faith in White America is Misguided - The Atlantic:

A good article to understand the view of at least a significant number of blacks in BOistan.

In this milieu we, as a friend once described it, know our whites. To know our whites is to understand the psychology of white people and the elasticity of whiteness. It is to be intimate with some white persons but to critically withhold faith in white people categorically. It is to anticipate white people’s emotions and fears and grievances because their issues are singularly our problem. To know our whites is to survive without letting bitterness rot your soul.
No racism or stereotyping there! Or in the following -- turns out that whites got to BO.

White people’s attitudes, the contradictions of their racial identities and class consciousness, made Obama. Obama did not make them.

I think we get down to brass tacks in the following. "reparations" -- the sine qua non (essential condition, the required part) of "ending racism" in the US. "Somehow" giving the deserved upper hand to blacks because they "earned it" because of slavery.

My first black president seems to think that he can raise his daughters to believe in systemic racism without legitimizing the idea of systemic reparations.
My first black president seems to think he can have black cool without black burden. For all his intimacies with his white mother and white grandparents, my first black president doesn’t appear to know his whites.
Knowing your whites is knowing that they are dishonest, out for themselves, priviliged. Blacks on the other hand only want JUSTICE -- everything whites ever got was through corruption and privilege, so the only way for there to be justice is for the roles to essentially be reversed -- blacks have been earning whites living forever, while whites do nothing. It is time to for the reverse -- "reparations", which is synonymous with "justice".

So we come to the following assessment of "whiteness":
Those of us who know our whites know one thing above all else: whiteness defends itself. Against change, against progress, against hope, against black dignity, against black lives, against reason, against truth, against facts, against native claims, against its own laws and customs.
Whiteness can't be changed -- and the only change that matters is REPARATIONS! That is what is embedded in the litany above -- reparations are reasonable, the truth is that that they are required, that is also the FACT ... they are a "native claim" (in an odd way).

My answer to this is to look at Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, or even Barack Obama. It **IS** actually possible for blacks to make it in a "white man's world" -- but waiting for reparations isn't the way to do it. The WORST thing for blacks would be reparations -- it would be the black inner city X 1000. The more money that was showered on them, the worse their lives would become.

The sad part of all this is that Western Christian values -- personal responsibility, delayed gratification, stable families, belief in transcendent principles (and almost always God), classical education, etc, ACTUALLY WORK! Those values are fully colorblind -- both Abraham and Jesus were more black than white. Money and poverty are symptoms of ideas, ideas are the causal element.

Lots of luck spreading that message to the author of the linked column.

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NY Times Truth, Trump Lost The Election

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans -

This was the ad on FB today to purchase the NY Times. "Built on Paper, Based in Fact".

The NY Times was once at least real vs "fake" news. Extremely biased news, yes, but providing a view that had a connection with reality through the bias of the left. No more.

On Monday, members of the Electoral College will vote in Donald J. Trump as president. Though he lost the election by nearly three million votes and almost daily generates headlines about new scandals, the Democratic Party is doing little to stop him. If you’ve been asking yourself “Where are the Democrats?” you’re not alone.
The US, nor BOistan as of yet, has NEVER elected the president by nationwide popular vote. If we had, every election save maybe  1964, 1972, 1980, and 1984 would have been in nationwide recounts for months if not years.

Elections in the US have ALWAYS been run with the Electoral College (EC) system, and the candidates manage the campaign to win in the EC, not in the popular vote. Hillary's popular vote "win" and EC loss is proof that she mismanaged her campaign as she has everything else she ever touched.

In the NFL, the team with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins. The NY Times claim above is the same as a team that lost on points but had a greater time of possession for the game, claiming "they won".  The game would be played vastly differently if the rule was time of possession vs points scored for deciding victory. Elections would be run VERY differently if the popular vote was used to decide victory. Claiming that the popular vote is anything but meaningless is Fake News.

However, the insanity of the paragraph and column goes beyond that not so subtle point and points to the very heart of total liberal inconsistency. The claim of Hillary having "won" due to the popular vote is false BECAUSE we have an Electoral College, but that doesn't stop the liberal mind from saying -- so on one hand, we decry and refuse to accept the EC system, but on the other, we want to use that very system to overturn the election! The only thing consistent about liberal "thought" is the same as that of a two year olds "thinking" -- I want my way! End of story, period, full stop!

So the column continues with this fine paragraph

There’s no shortage of legal theories that could challenge Mr. Trump’s anointment, but they come from outsiders rather than the Democratic Party. Impassioned citizens have been pleading with electors to vote against Mr. Trump; law professors have argued that winner-take-all laws for electoral votes are unconstitutional; a small group, the Hamilton Electors, is attempting to free electors to vote their consciences; and a new theory has arisen that there is legal precedent for courts to give the election to Mrs. Clinton based on Russian interference. All of these efforts, along with the grass-roots protests, boycotts and petitions, have been happening without the Democratic Party. The most we’ve seen is a response to the C.I.A. revelations, but only with Republicans onboard to give Democrats bipartisan cover.

And we could look elsewhere in the MSM and likely the Times itself on the same day and see articles decrying "fake news", or the "post truth world". In fact, I entered the above, got into my car and headed for my workout with NPR on. They were in a full hour segment on "Fake News". Their advice? Listen to NPR and read the NY Times -- irony comes quick and thick in BOistan.

There is no longer a "paper of record". Yes, this is the "opinion page", but the editors of the NY Times think this is worthy of appearing in their paper. They don't see this as utter madness, but rather a "reasonable opinion".

If this "opinion" is taken seriously by a significant number of BOistanis, then violence will be the only way to transfer power away from the dominant party -- and make no mistake, "The Party" (TP-D) is STILL the dominant party. They own the bulk of the media, the vast federal bureaucracy, education, entertainment, and the bulk of the legal system.

Are we there yet? We are certainly close to that point for sure.

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Star Whats?

Rogue One review: this is the first Star Wars movie to acknowledge the whole franchise is about war - Vox:

The headline says it all. Vox is a brilliant left wing intellectual site.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Welcome To Post Truth WaPo

If Nothing Is True, Then Everything Can Be False | RealClearPolitics:

The election of Donald Trump has seen the flowering of the post-truth landscape. Emotion outranks fact; believing makes it so. We are all Tinker Bell now. Clap if you believe in voter fraud. Clap if you doubt a human role in climate change.
The leftist  myths of no such thing as voter fraud (except in Detroit)  and doctrine of HUMAN CAUSED climate change are the gold standard in lefty "truth"?  It seems obvious that the left needs to stick with the doctrine that all truth is relative until they get enough power to make it absolute.

How about barking as opposed to clapping? I like that better.

In the WaPo universe, whatever they say is "true", and it really MUST be believed -- because to them, it IS "truth" ... which is synonymous with power in their dogma.

With facts passe, the next, inexorable move is to reduce all news to the same level of distrust and disbelief. If nothing is true, then everything can be false. So #pizzagate, the dangerously false accusation of a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton operatives, occupies the same diminished rung as a news report that fails to toe the official line.
Inside "The Party" (TP-D) bubble, "facts" have been passe for a very long time. "Narratives" have been king, and narratives have elements of truth and fiction interwoven to create a story that is highly plausible if you hear it enough. "The vast right wing conspiracy" of Hillary in the early 90's was one such narrative. I'll list a few here, but it the list is SO long and so deep that I'm likely missing some of the best examples.

"Bush Lied, People Died"? The fact that the  CIA said that WMD was a "Slam Dunk" was W's fault rather than the CIAs ... believing the CIA was a "lie" then, now what they say is gospel -- thus saith TP.

Forged documents to "prove" that W's boss when he was in the guard didn't like him? Well, Dan Rather lost his job -- nuff said. W was STILL not a good guardsman  according the the MSM -- not that it matters, but it did to them. The whole W guard thing was complete fake news.

Benghazi was caused by a movie? "What difference, at this point, does it make"? The media just reports that straight up -- no reason to claim that Hillary is somehow "post truth". Same thing with her long list of lies on the email. Nobody PROVED they were lies -- er, well, the FBI said they were lies, but not indictable, so really the same thing as truth if you are TP - in the old "pre-Trump post-truth" world.

"If you like your health insurance you can keep it"? Nothing untruthful there!

Ask the Rolling Stone about the veracity of the Virginia rapes that they and the entire MSM went bonkers on.

I could keep writing forever -- "truth" has been dead in the MSM and the US government for a good long while --  they just hate seeing it come home to roost. This is not new in any sense to readers of this blog -- that WaPo now sees it, but only sees one of the hands clapping, is somewhat new, but completely unsurprising.

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Trump vs Fidel, False Left and Right Personified

I find that contrast is a great way to understand the vast differences in world view -- Trump vs Fidel is a great opportunity. The top linked article is an  example of those contrasts.

Here, Roger Cohen, a NY Times columnist who has savaged Trump sings the praises of Fidel.

Fidel. A single word suffices to evoke the man who descended from the Sierra Maestra with his ragtag army to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959, purge Cuba of American domination, proclaim the empowerment of the poor, and embody Latin America’s thirst for an end to government by the pampered coteries of imperialism.

Here Cohen talks of the joys of "the left".

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “The Sympathizer,” Viet Thanh Nguyen describes how, as Communist forces loyal to Ho Chi Minh advanced towards victory in Vietnam in 1975, his protagonist “longed to tell someone that I was one of them, a sympathizer with the Left, a revolutionary fighting for peace, equality, democracy, freedom, and independence, all the noble things my people had died for and I had hid for.”
One of Castro's many "achievements" accorting to the US press was lowering heart disease through famine and fuel shortages, causing his island prisoners to eat less and excercise more!

The food shortage was severe enough that per-person calorie consumption dropped to about 2,400 calories a day in the 1990s, and typical adults lost about 10 pounds. At the same time, they had to exercise more by walking or riding bikes instead of taking buses. The number of Cubans meeting exercise guidelines climbed to an impressive 80 percent.

Even a famine is cause for admiration when the dictator is Fidel!

Fidel was responsible for at least 10's of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees -- some of the people that fled Cuba no doubt helped Trump take Florida.

The key differences between "left and right" jump out here, and (as always) the confusion created by the wartime propaganda making Hitler and Nazi Germany "right", when in fact they were LEFT as all dictatorial and totalitarian regimes are -- the spectrum would better be called "Control vs Chaos" vs "Left and Right" (covered in detail here).

While the MSM in the US has been unremittingly disparaging of Trump, they at best can mount tepid criticism of Fidel. The closing paragraph of the Cohen article is an example.

Fidel was a flawed giant. By the end the only idea of his still standing was the anti-American nationalism taken on by the late Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. However, this is certainly not the moment to say his stand for the disinherited of the earth was unimportant. Nor, at a time when the United States has elected a charlatan as president, is it the moment to overlook the fact that Fidel was a serious and uncorrupt politician. Nor to leave unsaid the suffering he inflicted.
 For contrast, here is his article claiming Trump a sociopath. No explanation required on why Fido was a "serious and uncorrupt politician". From the left, mass murder does not corrupt you ... but surprisingly, living a hidden luxury lifestyle and being worth $900 million doesn't either! As we have discovered many times, being left means being incorruptible!

The themes that come out through a lot of the writing are:

  1. The evil of historical America. Fidel thumbed his nose at America the capitalist/imperialist unjust nation. Putting America in "it's place" made Castro a hero to the left -- no matter the cost to his people. BO established relations between BOistan and Cuba at the end -- a victory for Fido.
  2. The vision of the masses as "children" -- unable to care for themselves, they need a "strong man" to guide them -- "properly". But if that strong man is not a doctrinaire leftist, he becomes "dangerous", like Trump.

    It is here where the left/right dichotomy has some complexity. The ORIGINAL left / right of the French Revolution had "Church / monarchy" on the RIGHT, with "revolution" on the left. As I make clear in the "Left/Right" blog post linked above, my choice of the terms "Control vs Chaos" is obviously imperfect -- as any selection of a single axis to describe the complexities of ideology is bound to be.

    Religion is part of "natural" (in my world view). We are created with a spiritual hole to be properly filled by God -- on the left, that hole is filled by the state and leftist ideology. At the time of the French Revolution, the understanding of the "Natural Order" included God, The Church, and The Crown, "natural" was equal to "right" and thus included the church and state.

    Our founders separated church and state and allowed freedom of religion in what they saw as a "center-right" nation ... enough control to prevent chaos, but with the "divine right of kings" severed. The people gained power in the form of a democratic Constitutional Republic with a strict Constitution, separation of powers, and a number of anti-democratic measures to prevent shifting to toward democracy and the tyranny of the masses.
The MSM sees no danger in moving left continuously, and ideally by force -- you WILL bake a cake, you WILL let this man in the woman's locker room!, you WILL only contribute politically as we decree!.  Even slowing the slide to totalitarianism is seen as "fascist", thus the hatred of Trump. It is an article of faith for the left that "the masses" lack the intelligence and maturity to "make correct choices" without largely state controlled media, massive educational indoctrination, and  demagogic leaders like BO or Fidel -- thus, Trump must be destroyed at all costs. 

Republicans Win Secret Senate Race

Louisiana Runoff: Republican Wins Final Senate Race Of 2016 In Louisiana Runoff : NPR:

John Kennedy returns to the Senate -- as a Republican. I was trying to find this on my news this AM and had to just google it -- perhaps the Russians hacked the media reporting on this one.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

30, 60, 90

My father is little over a month short of 30 years older than me and we had his birthday celebration on his birthday, the 21st. He was in fine fettle, even though it really looked like we were going to lose him due to prostate cancer / urinary tract blockages, surgeries, etc this last spring. He bounced back and was able to eat an amazing amount of pizza and homemade ice cream at his party. Based on my data and my mom's roommate at the nursing home that lived to 102, I'm pretty sure that pizza is essentially the fountain of youth.

Readers of this blog know that I am blessed and cursed with a pretty decent memory. I remember well the 30-60 party back in '86 when I turned 30 and dad was about to turn 60. I was 8 years into my IBM career, married a little over a year and still childless, that would not change until March of '88.  The Challenger had exploded in January. It was the year that Iran Contra showed up and the media was certain they could finally get Reagan.

At IBM, business was good -- the IBM PC was still king, although the seeds of demise were visible. The Intel 386 processor started shipping that year, but IBM did not create a machine using it as it had hung it's hat and OS/2, the ill fated OS originally developed "in partnership" with Microsoft, on the 286. OS/2 was "a big deal" at IBM in '86 -- and would never really be a big deal anywhere else.

My Dad seemed pretty old at 60 from the perspective of 30 -- but he was still vigorous and running his farm. His two brothers and their wives were doing well, now all gone including my mom, his sister in Rockford lives on. We joked that I had been 1/30th his age when I was born, but then I was 1/2 his age -- I'd "gained" to being 2/3rds his age at this point. Fractions had been hard for him in school, and they remained so throughout his life (unless he has an epiphany in his 90's !).

Lived fractions show a reality however -- it is BOTH a relative and absolute world. Thirty years remains 30 years, as the length of both lives extend, the relative difference shrinks. If we were blessed or cursed with 300 year lifespans, I could attain 90% of my fathers age. A 30 year old has a hard time imagining long life to be a curse, a 60 year old sees that potential, a 90 year old is well aware of that reality.

Thirty, sixty, ninety are just numbers, and in our modern world, quite small numbers. "70" was a big number in biblical times -- 70x7 was a stand-in for infinity. It doesn't seem so big from 60, neither does 90, and that is impossible to understand from 30. At 30, the amount of time to 60 seemed INFINITE! It was twice my age, and the last time my age had doubled, from 15-30 seemed like FOREVER. From 60, I'd say that in "perceived time", 30-60 seems somewhat shorter than from 15-30 seemed from 30. Thirty to 90 seems shorter still.

I came close to losing my wife in my 60th year, and although her recovery is miraculous, her injury has been life changing for both of us and shows both the fragility of life, and the need to always be grateful for what you have! It only takes a second to be paralyzed ... or gone, and a second is still short at 30, 60,  or 90!

Thanksgiving was spent with family in West Bend, and at our lake place. I've come to love the "home away from home". It is familiar and "home" now, yet very different, in a way that "just going away for a few days" can't be -- it continues to become a place of solitude and reflection as well as a source of new memories with family and friends. It is easy to understand why presidents have their "retreats".

Age is both a blessing and a curse, but only the living of the years really allows that to sink in. It is one of the pieces of wisdom that can't be attained from books. We inherently understand the blessing, although the wonderful blessing of grandchildren takes living to understand. The curse is also obvious by 60 -- loved ones have passed from this vale of tears by this point, and the rate of passing in those you know starts to accelerate. You see heaven filling with loved and familiar faces, and your prayers for those who ignore or reject the infinite become more fervent.

Then there is the infirmity -- sometimes arriving suddenly as in a fall that injures your spine or a stroke. Sometimes in a diagnosis -- cancer, Alzheimers, etc. Sometimes it is in the growing circle of the younger that you love. When you were a child, mom, dad and siblings were "your world". You may have lost a childhood friend, but probably not. Sure, losing a grandparent, aunt or uncle was hard, but "normal" too -- the "natural way of things".

As you age in the "old style family", you have in-laws, the in-laws have parents, children, grandchildren, close friends. Your "risk set" is expanding with children / grandchildren for you and others as well. When you were young, visits to hospital or funeral home tended to be rare -- for me, my maternal grandfathers funeral at age 9 is my earliest recollection. My paternal grandfather passed away before such things registered.

Now, increasingly, there is nearly always someone in your family or acquaintance in hospital or nursing home. Visitations and funerals for co-workers, church friends etc become increasingly frequent. You need to be retired to go to all the funerals and to visit those shut-in even if you are blessed with good health yourself!

As time passes, each lived age "is what it is". When we are young we have plans, dreams ... demands and "rights" even -- at least the we believe so when young. Stand next to (or in) enough hospital beds, next to enough graves, and the message of lived reality becomes ever stronger. We are dust, and to dust we shall return -- as you breath your last, Grace is your only hope -- and neither it, nor anything else are your "right".

We are not in charge of our own next breath -- nor that of any we love. Science is also not in charge, nor government, nor anything in this earthly coil.  We live for a moment in the infinite, and we all have some belief as to the ultimate meaning or lack of meaning in that.

By Grace, I believe in a continuation of the eternal kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. In your belief, maybe a cold cruel random universe and annihilation. Some ignore it, but we are all really all truly and eternally equal in the fact of death!

30, 60, 90 -- all infinitesimal next to eternity. Lord Jesus, thank you for this measure of life, and thank you infinitely more for the gift of eternity, offered so beautifully as the original Christmas gift!

The Media, Democrat, Union Monolith In MN

This gets a little long, but the bottom line is pretty simple:

Yet he failed to mention that SEIU was taking a full 3 percent of gross wages in union dues, up to $948 dollars a year, from PCAs who signed a union card (or had one signed for them). Wouldn’t a reporter concerned about PCAs ask the SEIU why their union dues were so high?
The Star Trib, Democrats, and union leadership are "in cahoots" in MN to gather funds from "Personal Care Attendants" (PCAs) who they managed to get unionized -- and which many of them would like to get out of!

So if that interests you, then it is a worthy read of cronyism between the Star Trib, Democrats and union organizers -- but what else is new?

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

BO, Ellison, Nation of Islam

Power Line has been bringing back some of the long buried past of potential head of the DNC, Keith Ellison. For those not in the know, the Nation of Islam is unabashedly and often violently  anti Semitic and anti-white.

This is Ellison’s big lie. Ellison agitated on behalf of the Nation of Islam for at least 10 years. He peddled the requisite hate and conspiracy theories that are essential elements of its attraction. As Ellison himself wrote in his 2014 memoir: “In the NOI, if you’re not angry in opposition to some group of people (whites, Jews, so-called ‘sellout’ blacks), you don’t have religion.” 
Ellison was in the NOI. He had the religion, big time. Ellison’s involvement with the NOI extended from his days as a student at the University of Minnesota Law School until some time before his first successful run for public office in 2002. Ellison’s involvement with the Nation of Islam was long and intense.
Louis Farrakhan, Malcom X, Elijah Muhammad ... and at least in spirit and sometimes, as in the Million Man March, body as well -- BO.
What Makes Obama Run? | Feature | Chicago Reader: "Obama took time off from attending campaign coffees to attend October's Million Man March in Washington, D.C. His experiences there only reinforced his reasons for jumping into politics."
What we have seen during the election and will no doubt see during the Trump administration is a constant effort to link "Trumpism" with white supremacist movements.

On the flip side, even direct association with much larger extremist movements like NOI by blacks is soft pedaled and excused.

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