Saturday, January 02, 2016

15 Lefty Narrative Killing Pieces of Reality

15 Stats That Destroy Liberal Narratives - John Hawkins - Page full:

This is the synapsis, more detail in the article as well as links even MORE detail!

  1. Muslims are five thousand times more likely to commit a terrorist act than non-Muslims. 
  2. It's very hard to support charges that America is "racist" with statistics. 
  3. BOcare is expensive and it reduces quality of care
  4. BOcare only increased coverage by 2.7%
  5. Sanders thinks you can fund $18B in new programs from "the rich" -- you can't 
  6. In '10 38K died from drug overdoses while 30K died in car accidents, 13K were murdered and 700 died in gun accidents. 
  7. Since '79 our cost on poverty programs has gone of 6x, but the poverty numbers have barely budged
  8. In the last 4 years, 121 illegals released by ICE have committed murder. 
  9. Since 2000, SNAP (food stamps) has grown from $20B to $80B ... 46.5 million are on it. 
  10. Drug offenders make up 16% of state prison population and only 7% of Federal ... Let them ALL out and 84% of state offenders stay and 93% of Federal. 
  11. Undocumented Democrats paid $39B in taxes in 2011and used $94B in services. 
  12. WaPO thinks there have been 355 "mass shootings" this year. Mother Jones (supposedly FAR left) thinks 4 this year, 73 since '82. 
  13. We didn't really bring in Muslims until after 1965
  14. Homosexuality is not genetic, and that is WAY more "settled" than Global Warming! 
  15. only 4 in 10 of the young entering the workforce last year found jobs

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