Wednesday, January 27, 2016

AL-Mageddon Has Arrived! We're Cooked!

Michelle Malkin | » Al-mageddon hath arrived: A decade ago today, Gore issued his 10-year doomsday warning:

Ten years ago today Nobel Prize winner Al Gore predicted that unless "drastic measures" were taken by this date on CO2, it would be "past the point of no return".

Whew! It's OVER! We can party like it is the end of the world because it IS the end of the world!

I'm not in a mood to re-hash any climate stuff this week other than to say that I'm really not in any doubt at all about 2016 being, "The Warmest Year EVER"! ... where "ever" is REALLY hard to pin down. Maybe since 1860 .. but likely even more recently "ever" than that ... for a little background, I covered 2014 being the warmest EVER here ...

But hey, no more need to worry -- Al Gore says it is too late to fix it now anyway!

Party on!
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