Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Al Sharpton's $4.5 Million Tax Debt

Eric Holder Defends Al Sharpton's Ties To White House, Despite Tax Debts - Forbes:

I was questioned in a discussion last night if Al Sharpton REALLY owed $4.5 M in back taxes ... and that if he did, "it was old news". This is Forbes, Feb of 2015
With about $4.5 million in tax liens, most taxpayers know they would be pushed and prodded to pay. Mr. Sharpton, however, seems graced by a kind of Teflon liturgical outfit.
The latest I could find online was something from Snopes last Sept ATTEMPTING to debunk a rumor that BO had forgiven the Sharpton tax bill ... they said "it is likely Sharpton is working with the IRS".

The bottom line here is that he has at least had MILLIONS of back taxes on the books for a LONG time, and it involves a lot of questionable things like "my tax records burned in a fire".

We have seen a goodly number of Democrats pop up from time to time with many 10's, 100's of thousands and millions of dollars of back taxes, but they are still walking around, where most of us know somebody that has owed a few thousand and ended up with their wages garnished, heavy fines, etc

It APPEARS that we have a situation where the IRS is now an arm of "The Party" (D), where people of the "wrong" political persuasion (eg. Tea Party, Lois Lerner) can get in trouble, while "members in good standing" can walk around with millions of taxes outstanding.

That DOES tend to be how things work when one party takes over the entire government as TP has all the bureaucracy of our Federal government -- with 99% of them both D and Union!

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