Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Berning Through $28T

Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Increase Federal Spending By At Least $28 Trillion - Forbes:

I look at something like this and the fact we are still here and at least assured by BO and the MSM that we are  "doing  OK" after seven years of BO disaster makes me realize we may drop off this cliff as well. $14T in new taxes and or deficit spending, and these are the ROSY projections -- that include cuts in pay for everyone in medicine and "some rationing".

Sure our workforce participation is at historic lows, sure we are most likely actually in a recession but we have fudged the numbers, high school educated middle-aged white Americans are dying in droves and the general view forward for Americans is dismal, but really, who cares? Oh yes, I could go on a lot longer litany, but does it really matter?  It isn't like the vast majority of Americans have any thoughts about doing anything but pulling more dollars out os someone else's pockets for some "free stuff".

We used to hear about "debt and deficit" all the time. Gone. Military deaths -- even those of the 12 missing Marines after the loss of the helicopter in Hawaii would have caused some soul searching about "sacrifice, loss, and the incompetence of the W military" 8 years ago. That kind of reporting would actually be REFRESHING now!

The IA governor wanting to defeat Ted Cruz, Glenn Frey dying, and Dolly Parton's 70th B-day are on top of CNN right now.

Yes, there is a really angry set of people dedicated to Trump, but as I look around, it looks to me like we have settled in to the concept that "there is PLENTY of money around"! We can print it, borrow it, take if from the "1%" or certainly SOMEBODY.

Can you REALLY see anybody that doesn't have a "D" next to their name winning this next election? The nation has "gone for the stuff" twice now, but thrown R's in the Congress and a lot of state seats in hopes that they can find SOME way to at least pay for a little of it and pass it all out with some tiny level of competence.

We have killed any idea of consistency or reason. Liberty and Equality OF RESULT are TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE!!!! Is that not obvious to all?

The idea was EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW -- as in you could not have a "progressive" income tax because it treated people differently! **LAW** was to be applied equally. There was NO CONCEPT of "equality of result". What the hell would "equality of result" even BE? We all make the same amount of money? We all live in the same cinder block USSR style flat? We all drive the same socialist "Dumb Car"?

Out nation was NOT a nation of ethnicity nor territory, it was a nation of IDEAS.

We don't even have a CLUE as to the ideas that created the once great nation  we see falling apart all around us!

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