Monday, January 11, 2016

Go With The Fun!

The Fun Indicator | Power Line:

If you follow the link, you can read about a fun little anecdote about Nancy Reagan rolling an orange down the aisle on the Reagan campaign plane, and also realize that Trump is BY FAR having the most fun this campaign season. No matter how we might feel about it, at least somewhat often, the campaign having the most fun WINS! (can you imagine life (or their facsimile of such) on the Hillary or Bernie campaign? ... eek!)

I think that is often true for football teams as well. Seattle tends to have a lot of fun playing -- it doesn't mean they ALWAYS win (see Superbowl), but as the Vikings and Green Bay can testify, it means they pull some big games out where things just "go their way".

Green Bay decided to go into "avoiding losing" last year ... which led to them managing to NOT WIN! The 2nd half of the NFC championship OUGHT to have been FUN for the Packers and Packer Fans -- and I think it WOULD have been, had they only kept playing like it was a FUN GAME!

Miracle of miracles, the fun magically returned to the Packer offense after an 11 yard output 1st quarter that included a SAFETY. If it stays, I think we have a "punchers chance" in AZ -- they CAN be beaten, see their last game against Seahawks! (36-6, Seattle)

There is a lot of truth to this in life as well, with the important caveat that it won't ALWAYS be fun! The best projects / teams in my career always had some solid fun aspects involved. Yes, yes ... there are hard slogs involved, stuff that NOBODY wants to do, etc ... but when it is working, there is also some fun!

There is a lot of "big picture wisdom" in this little observation. The things we often believe (or are told) OUGHT to be FUN, rarely are. Partying, "laying on the beach", throwing away the "rules", etc ... they can be fun at times, but they tend to get stale pretty quickly as overindulgence, disorder, disarray, etc take their inevitable toll.

Is there really any group in America or Europe that is "having fun" right now? Maybe Islamists I guess ... they have a goal (world domination), and a reason to live (Allah and expanding his domination). Putin? The current whack job version of the "Kim Jong" inbreeding?

While "liberalism" is very dominant, it never seems "fun" no matter how much it "wins" -- the environment is too polluted, things are never equal enough, some group or another is "disadvantaged",  too much evil around -- corporations, the Koch brothers, Christians, white people, police, etc. Huge requirements for more government, more regulation, more laws, more taxes, more CONTROL! They may eventually FORCE us to have fun!

Maybe the "1%"?  ... they are busy at least, but as we see over and over in hollywood, sports, etc, that version of MORE, MORE, MORE! tends to be very self defeating. We are TOLD they have it "really good", but I'm not all that certain that many really believe it.

We do see that in the modern value free world, many still fervently hope for money to make them happy, thus the craze over the lottery that nobody seems to be able to win, now over $1 BILLION dollars!

I do think that we have more than ample examples that "building / doing stuff" has a lot more going for it than "taking / regulating stuff". My biggest opposition to us becoming a nation of takers vs makers outside of the fact that it doesn't work is that it is NO FUN to be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is MUCH more fun to BUILD IT!!!!

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