Friday, January 01, 2016

Governed By Idealistic Idiots

The Reason I’m Anti-Anti-Trump:

The entire column is worth a read -- the bottom line is that the "Empty Chair" that is BO has begat Trump. A sample paragraph ...

"Our government may choose to do many things, such as giving poor children Head Starts, but the much smaller list of things any government must do includes defending the nation’s borders and sovereignty, protecting its citizens, and intimidating its enemies. That 21st-century American government seems neither particularly good at these tasks, nor particularly abashed by its failures, bolsters the Trump campaign’s central message, as distilled by the Atlantic’s David Frum: “We are governed by idiots.” "
I also like his conclusion. The entire column contains a lot of the particular BO follies of the past year that I've covered elsewhere in the blog.

Demagoguery flourishes when democracy falters. A disreputable, irresponsible figure like Donald Trump gets a hearing when the reputable, responsible people in charge of things turn out to be self-satisfied and self-deluded. The best way to fortify Trump’s presidential campaign is to insist his followers’ grievances are simply illegitimate, bigoted, and ignorant. The best way to defeat it is to argue that their justified demands for competent, serious governance deserve a statesman, not a showman.
Hear hear!

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