Friday, January 29, 2016

Humboldt IA Destroyed by Hillary Supporters, Algona Next!

Retreating Clinton Campaign Torches Iowa Town To Slow Advance Of Sanders Volunteers:

OK, It's the ONION, but it **IS** funny. Especially because I know these towns pretty well, but not NEARLY as well was my wife or family members in the area know them.

It's short ... just go read it. My guess is that a small set of Hillary supporters would be lying in expanding blood stains and the rest would be whimpering in puddles of their own urine begging for their sniveling toady lives to be spared -- but that might make the piece less humorous.

But this probably seems plausible if you have never been to Humboldt!

On a serious note, if Slick Willie is with them, the women, children and farm animals need to be hidden.

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